I made this world to post things I like, or simply tell you about myself. For litterature and/or other artistic vents, please visit "Sparkle's Hideout". For a more personal look at my life, I will be posting things in another world called "Master of the Guard". I will be linking these here later, yet for now anyone can just go to my profile and click.

My favourite Movie/Book series and one of my childhood favourite singers.


The Otaku Toast Club is HERE!

Everyone, vote for your favourite Toasts. Ask Koobaxion for more details.

I can't believe I'm actually advertising this!

Get your pins NOW!

My Neopets

How the heck does this thing know about Neopets? I decided it put pics of my pets up this time.

Top left: Pisarsquared; Top right: kakesarownd;
Bottom left: Thunderberry_Blitz; Bottom right: Electroberry

In case any of you are wondering, I'm Pipipipipipipie.


I must be REALLY bored. I'm just posting random match-ups now. Wonder which one I'll do next...

I thought these two were just SO CUTE! I love her deck. Guardian Angel Joan is AWESOME!!!!

Random Post

I got bored, so I decided to search for random things. I found this.

I'm a fan of this match up. I've always found Renji very protective over Rukia from the little I've read and watched. I thought that you might like to see it.

Image by Pika.

Duelist Terminal

I made this world so that I could see what others have to say about Yugi-oh! and it's card game Duel Monsters as well as anything related to these things. If anyone knows how to invite people, please pm me. I don't plan on making any of the posts myself. Just monitoring them. I'll be able to chat soon, so just be patient. I carry a deck on my person everywhere I go. Tag-teams are acceptable if you can get a partner (and I can find one of my own) in a few months, I think I'll be able to put up a room for tag teaming. I still haven't figured out how to make sure that only duelists and fans can enter a room. Oh, well. I'll see you in the duelist's terminal.