Senior Otaku

I am now a Senior Otaku! Yay! It must must have been that Rebecca Hawkins practice sketch I submitted (thank you, Greg). This site needs to see that we`re willing to put initiative in what we do.

Well, I`m trying to draw her main monster, Luster Dragon #3 (Wind attribute Dragon, Level 8, 3400/2000), yet I have come up with nothing good enough to be of use for the final wallpaper. I doubt I`ll have it done anytime this year.

I have thought about using a challenge to get just the dragon without a background (I forgot what that`s called), seeing I still haven`t done any challenges yet. Then the thought came to mind that it would take all the fun out of making my first wallpaper from scratch.

So, I`ve decide to ask my subscribers for help. I`m trying to stay in the style of Luster Dragon & Luster Dragon #2. I can`t get face right because of the smallish red eyes. I want this Dragon to dwarf the first 2 dragon is size and intelect.

The desciption on the card itself says "A dragon of great luster and strength, it has made a sacred pact not to abuse its power. It is distinguished from other dragons by it`s massive topaz forehorn and claws."

If any who reads this has experience drawing dragons, I would like to read your input. Comments are more than welcome, yet I will be replying via private message.