Pakonitan's Dream

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Welcome to my world where I post my random thoughts or ideas. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the moment.

I also will post some videos I find interesting for the most part. :3

Saga of Tanya the evil.

New anime that caught my interest.

Kashimashi Girl Meets Girl.

Recently started watching this anime. I heard about it a long time ago, during the time I had started to have trouble with my transgender dysphoria. Back then I couldn't bring myself to watch it, as it pretty much shows a fictional world where people instantly accepted the main character's sex change from boy to girl. .. seeing that and knowing how it works in reality was too much for me to bare.

Nowadays, since I'm transitioning, I felt I should come back to it and watch it. Really interesting anime... wish people could be that accepting of transgender people, but I know that will never happen in my lifetime. Honestly, I wish an alien spaceship could land on me and kill me to then transport me into a female clone. XD But yeah, unlikely story... sometimes I just wish I could kill myself and be done with this world... it's still too painful knowing all the stuff I'll need to do just to transition and be myself in this world. I honestly don't know how I'm managing to hold on.

Sparkly wayfinder necklace. :3

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Someday, I would love to get this if I had the money.

Best Parody Ever!

Omg, so funny. Unfortunately, ish a one timer kinda funny.

Thimble rejection...

Darn jerks voted out the thimble piece in Monopoly... it was my favorite piece.