Pakonitan's Dream

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Welcome to my world where I post my random thoughts or ideas. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the moment.

I also will post some videos I find interesting for the most part. :3

Latest kh 3 trailer freaked me out, lol.

Man, I should've recorded my reaction to this trailer... lol, I actually had a reaction this time. XD I've been talking to Cinder and Sarasface about these weird visions and dreams of other worlds, and telling them they couldn't be real... then Nomu-nomu first thing says, " don't assume your dreams are just fantasy." XD That really freaked me out, but I'm sure people are just normally this way, lol... nothing special.

Anyways, really nice gameplay, looking forward to it. :3

Omg, finally back!

Omg, after two days of not being able to go into my profile. Finally back!! Not that anyone cares or anything...

Share a Coke with Kairi.

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Dad got me this custom Coke online, and got it in the mail today. So simple and clean.

New York's transgender bathroom ad acceptance.

Wish my state had the same wits about it as New York does... oh well, I never really liked my state much anyways... someday I'll move away to a better place. It's funny, people actually say this ad isn't necessary despite all the stupid bathroom law issues going around... it's obvious New York is just reaffirming their stance on the issue so transgender people don't feel like everyone is out to get them. Sigh... I wonder if things will ever get better, my heart always tells me to look towards the future... that there's a light at the end of the tunnel, but I can't see it.

Saga of Tanya the evil.

New anime that caught my interest.