my contract signing

I woke up to a note on my table it read “go to the library” I left it until after school.
I was there for a while looking for a book when I found one “spirits of Pandora”
I read it for a while when there was a piece of paper it read:

So I signed it because I had nothing better to do.
A little, red cat appeared, he had wings “so you signed it?” he said
“well yeah, are you that spirit?” I answered
“yes, do you like this spirit or do you want a new one?” he replied
“I like cats, a flying one is better!” I replied
“then close your eyes for 5 seconds” he said
“ok…” I said closing my eyes
I opened them to see a blue door, I thought this would be something that someone placed
there conveniently but the whole area I was in was different so I knew this was definitely
“follow me through the door or you will be eternally lost” said the cat
“ok, can I call you kai?” I replied following him
“sure!” he shouted