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My Perfect Enemy Sesshomaru!

This is to Sesshomaru (My fav character from INUYASHA)

Fool! You think it would go unoticed?! You are a freak man. Thinking you are "high and mighty" just because you are a full demon. You are a dog too, you realize. A nasty, dirty, runt of a dog. If you are so stong why do you need a pathetic imp at your side? You don't care for humans. You dispise them because you think you are stonger. But you have a worthless, petite, little brat at your side. Why are you so weak? It disgusts me how dorky you are. When you smile it is so cheesy. Demons don't smile. They are evil and dark. But you are stupid, not realizing how cheesy you are. You got mental problems too dude! I mean, who in the heck gets the adrenaline rush and turns into a actual dog? A rabid dog I say. Look at the way you drool in that form. It is pretty sad...and pathetic. Gosh, go to anger management man. Before you have to get medication....Issues Issues you look girl to (kinda homo)....with that long silver hair..and EYE MAKEUP WTF!!! Seriously I think you are not straight because you as if you know someone is going to show up behind you. Always alert and the real meaning behind being alert is THAT ITS LIKE YOU KNOW.....what is behind you if you get my drift....sick dude....that explains why you keep the retarded imp around.....the girl? well I say you need some serious counseling man....

Later Hater,

You Are So Weird Sesshomaru

NOTE: This is for a challenge in the word challanges called "My Perfect Enemy" By Sangome
Hope you like ^_^

Lookin' 4 Kool Avatars

anyone know of a kool site where i can get Anime animated avatars besides

or of a program i can make one with
or a website where i can make my own anime animated avatar

greatly appreciated,


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Got a question.....OC?

What is OC?
What does it mean....

i kno it sounds dumb to ask...but i really don't know...