If you are here it's most likely because you have a craving to solve mysteries: the weird and unexplained. In this world, you can be whomever you like, but you are a paranormal researcher of some sort: ghost hunter, spiritualist, exorcist, medium, a priestess, etc. Use your imagination. The sky is the limit.

You were called to a certain town (along with a bunch of others) to get rid of ghosts that are plaguing a school. From there, you all join up and end up going around together to solve the paranormal mysteries of the world.

I'm getting this off of Ghost Hunt if you haven't guessed.

So, if you would like to join, please PM me the profile of your character. And yes, you can have more than one.

Me-Emiko and Elle
Kyouyarenge- Zoey and Sephira and Edaniel
Kratos Cruxis-Nino and Matsu and Aiba
Clueless101-Ryuu and Asa and Kuro
Inufluffy12-Mari and Kaki and Orion
Moonsailor-Hazel and Charleston and Noah
Artgrrl-Aisling and Puck and Brant
Tifalockheart15- Yuna
Chiyoko Yamamoto- Ayame and Midori and Carmon
DarkSong-Ariana Roseanne and Christian Everleigh
Liveeversecond- Rina
Mangageek- Midnight Rose

Elle and Emiko (colored) and Emiko
Emiko and Ryuu
Asa (uncolored) and Asa (colored) and Ryuu
Matsu and Nino and Nino (colored) and Nino and Matsu (Colored) and Nino and Matsu (uncolored) and Aiba
Mari and Kaki
Aisling, Brant, and Puck
Cameron and Midori
Edaniel and Sephira

Emiko and Elle's Interview
Ryuu's Interview1 and Ryuu's Interview
Aisling, Brant, and Puck's Interview1 and Aisling, Brant, and Puck's Interview2
Nino and Matsu's Interview1 and Nino and Matsu's Interview2
Mari and Kaki's Interview
Zoey's Interview

Important Links
Story So Far
Story So Far II
Story so Far III

Out of the Frying Pan (I)

Thanks to everyone who included my characters in posts so I have something to go off of. I’ve been busy with college aps and school; but I have some free time now! *}*Ariana and Christian*{* “I can’t believe...

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What's your greatest fear?

-Kuro- How long has it been…how long has it been since I entered this hell…I can’t remember any more…how many times have I died…I thought not being able to get my wings back was my worst fear… ...

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People, you need to post!

You guys, this place was doing so well for awhile, put it can't just be me and Clue and Art posting. There are more than 3 people in this RP.

If you're stuck and don't know how to continue, just shoot me a message, and I can help you. But, I really want to get this going again!

New Designs

Here are Aisling's design and I also added Aine's design :)

Kuro starting his training

-Kuro- ‘I hate that women.’ I thought to myself as she started yelling at Puck. I glared at the back of her head as I gripped my sleeve as I clenched my fist. Aine had no right to yell at Puck the way she does. A...

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