Here's me introducing abit about meself!!XD

Name: Pauline (my real name is pretty long so i wont put it up but if you want me to then just ask me^-^)
Nicknames: pooriin-chan,popo-chan,p-gel,grace...
Location: I live in Canada but I came from Philippines!!Mabuhay Pilipinas!!!lol
Language: i speak tagalog fluently (because like i said came from Philippines), english(duh me!XD),spanish(kind of...tagalog has a mix of spanish in it so i dont really know when i'm speaking a spanish word lol)and french(still learning^-^) and also some other language but i only hi's and goodbye's lol like in korean, japanese, punjabi,chinese and yea XD
Likes: GOD!!(yes, im a Christian!^-^ and i'm proud of it),family,friends,drawing!!,eating lolXD,watching tv,internet,singing,dancing,my prismacolor lol and all of my art stuff XD and lots more
Dislikes: hmmm idk nothing i guess...i can't think of any=/
Favorite color: purple!!!!
Favorite season: winter!!!!X3 snowy!!!

well i'll be adding more soon right now i dont know what to right hehe!XD

Merry Chrsitmas and Happy Holidays!!! =D

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!! ^^ I really miss this place =D I know I haven't been on that much and haven't been updating, replying to any messages and commenting on peeps' stuff as well... SO SORRY!!! >.< But I'll defeinitely try to catch up with things hahaha xD okiezzz well Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays again guys! Mwuah <3 love ya all!!


OMGSH!!! Watch this vid right now!!! You are gonna laugh your head off!!! xD

Yet another update! xD

WAZUUUPP!! xD AHA! Alright! Well, first of all, I would like to apologize for not being able to comment on your guys' posts! >.< I've been kinda busy with preparing for school and we had meetings since I'm part of the student council,,,OH MY DEAR!!! School's about to start in 2 days *faints* but I guess I am a little excited O.o''' LOL but not really looking forward with the stress that's gonna bombard my sexy butt (yea I know disturbing >.< I suggest that you not imagine it BWUAHAHAHA) Might as well share you guys my timetable! HERE YOU GO!!

1st Sem
Chem 11
Physics 11
Bio 11
French 11

2nd Sem
English 11
Socials 11
Math 12
Art 11

It'll definitely be a one hectic year =_=!! Well enough about school hehe it's downing my vibes LOL xD Alsooooooo, still have to finish some entries for contests and art requests! >.< eep! I really need to prioritize stuffzz *sighs* Well to end this AWESOME post of minezz xD I would like to share you guys a picture haha I was searching some pictures in zerochan and I saw this BWUAHAHAH it's freaking HILARIOUS!!! xD CIRCLE LENSES LOLZZ!! YESH!! big eyes are sinful alright xD!!!!

Alrighty that's all for now! =D peace out guys!!

Tis a happy day!! =D

OMG!!!!! This is a major news for me coz I've never had any of my work featured yet until now!! T^T

I just opened my laptop right now and I didn't really noticed that my work was today's featured fandom because I wanna check my messages and other comments first >3< Then I saw all the congratulations and I was like "What?!" I quickly scrolled down and I was so shocked when I found my wallpaper, "Bloodied Innocence", being featured!!! T^T

I was so shocked, I almost fainted xD!! I showed it to my mom and she was like "OMG!!! Good job!! so proud of you!!"
I also had a blood test today which is surprisingly related to my bloody wallpaper O.o weirdddd....

*squeals* theOtaku really knows how to make a girl like me happy!! * insert goofy smile* haha!! Anyways, thanx theO! and all of you guys for all the support and the greetings =] LOVE YOU ALL!!


It's driving me nutzzz!

I wrote this last night on a piece of paper coz well I already shut down my laptop and I couldn't sleep with random thoughts swirling in my head. Seriously if there's a festival for ppl who think too ...

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