love-a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person. a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection.

oh love....its the most wonderful experience of ones life. and yet at the same time it can cause you so much hell and so much grief, sadness and straight up SHIT.
oh love...many people get the chance to truly feel it and its the most desired thing in the world below money -___-". but thats not what this is about.

loves a way of feeling less alone. yet without it it can make you feel more alone than anything. makes you feel like you arent important and that you dont really matter to anyone. it can drive you crazy being alone. love can change you as a person. when you have it you can be so passionate and caring but without it, it feels as if the world is an evil and ruthless place that if you fall down youre getting run over and left behind.

love is the paradox of needing. it makes you feel like you need somebody to give you purpose and reason. it makes you feel like its pointless without someone to share everything with. when you lose a lover, you tend to miss what you used to have even if you dont have feelings for them anymore. love is a way to torture us if used incorrectly.

mannn... love is so fucked up. it will either keep you alive and give you meaning, or kill you. its quite sad really.

if you have love feel fortunate because seriously, it feels like it only comes around once in a blue moon. if you arent a slut or a whore then youre undesireable. or at least thats how it seems. guys wont date a beautiful girl sometimes just cuz they know she isnt easy. FUCKING STUPID. i love love but i hate love. they say theres someone for everyone... but if youre like me and have bad luck, arent a slut, and feel like karma's out to get you everytime something good starts to happen, it seems to feel like theres nobody out there for you:/ or maybe im just a huge fuckin loser. i dont know.