Yes, my name is spelled Pein, not Pain.

I'm was forced by the members of my organization to stay in a hotel.
But I have to stay with a *ahem* woman.

Me: gaaragirl911
Itachi: DeidaraNarutoClan
Sasori: Mad Hatter Belia
Deidara: cheriblosomchibi
Tobi: gaara is cool135
Hidan: cheetahgirlz9
Konan: AnimeArchAngel
Orochimaru: AkatsukiZumi

Entry 15

My my. Isn't this just wonderful?
Both Itachi and Deidara are lost and are in need of my assistance.
Hidan and Kakazu will be back in a matter of hours....But I won't help them so soon....No, I'll wait until they beg me and when they promise me something...I'm not sure what yet.
But when they promise to give or do something for me, then I will help them.

I wonder how long it will take them to realize I won't help them so easily?


Entry 14

I stared blankly out the window of my room for quiet some time now.

I look back and forth at the two competing hotels.

"This is stupid." I thought. Why would anyone want to stay at those places when ours' is the best.

As I thought about that problem, I saw a Orochimaru walking down the other side of the street. He was about to walk into the Uzimaki hotel, when he spotted the Falcon hotel.

"Of course he'd go to the hotel Sasuke owns..." I muttered.

But then a brilliant idea struck me. I smiled to myself, working out the bargain.

Orochimaru may want Sasuke...but there's always another Uchiha he'd do anything for...


Entry 13

It's amazing how quickly things turned out.

Deidara's in the hospital, because of Itachi. But really, the planned still worked. Itachi and Deidara are (sorta) friends now. Deidara has a girlfriend. Itachi can have his room back, (but I get the flat screen that's in it) and Konan and I are back together.

Seriously, things are going great here now....

[real life]

Konan: Pein, what are you typing?

Me: Just an entry to my blog.

Konan: Can I see?

Me: I don't see why not...*shows her site*

Konan: I might want one of these....

Me: Of course darling. *kisses her cheek*

(to those wishing to join this blog Deidara....we kinda need a Konan if you haven't figured it out yet)

Entry 12

OK! This has gone on long enough!

Most of my staff is now calling in sick, and I think we're losing visitors because of it! I need a vacation.

I tried to google why we're all throwing up without reason, but all I found was stuff about if you swallow too much snot you'll throw up.
So, I'm guessing we're either sick...or someone has poisoned us. Both are VERY unlikely, but I remember what the one woman said about us being tracked. I doubt any ninja is more skilled than we are at slipping poison into our food...

I'm feeling better, but I still throw up sometimes, usually I see or smell something that upsets my stomach and WHOOPTY DOO! I run around looking for a trash can.

This morning I decided to be somewhat nice and go around all the rooms giving the Akatsuki members some ginger ale. It does help, A LOT.

Well, I g2g...I think I can hear something coming from someone's room. Sound like Itachi's yelling at someone for something....

I might go and check it out.

Entry 11 *oh dear gawd*

Ughhhh....I just threw up.

I was sitting watching TV when all of a sudden I ran into the bathroom and puked.

Ughhhhhhh......My throat burns. The thing is, I didn't eat a lot today...There's probably a bug going around, I heard moans from someone else room too....

Now, I feel like I have a flu, my body aches, and I'm weak. Everthings spinging sdaffd and dfsa i cant dasvdal feel fdasvdsavdoasnvodsa;ne nsaoirfn