desperate for money = might quit college [edited]


Yes, I'm desperate for money right now.
Copy paste from Tumblr:

I’m aware that my college course (Fine Arts - Advertising) has a huge tuition fee and the cost of the materials I use make it even worse for my parents. I have 3 older brothers and I’m the youngest. My brother (3rd) is now on his final year but he also has academical expenses especially since he’s now focusing on his thesis to graduate. If you add the amount of expenses with mine, it’s definitely huge. That’s the reason why our tuition fees are paid in a down payment/installment method. My grandparents are letting their cash out just for my materials even if they really don’t have to.

My parents has a lot of debt and if the need of money comes in, the odds are not in our favor. If things get even worse, I might be forced to quit this semester, or worse, quit this whole school year. I don’t want that. While I know I’d be on Tumblr and just surfing all day, nothing will happen to me and I’m just gonna waste a year when I should be studying. I want to graduate as soon as possible so I can get a job and help my parents this time.

I decided to put ads to get money. It won’t be that much but the money would be a big help to accommodate the recurring materials I need like paint refill, master board, canvass, lead pencil refill, printing fees, etc… It may even be the money for my food during lunch break. It will be a lot of help.

Here are my 5 blogs: this personal blog, my art blog, my shit music dump, my J. Hutch appreciation blog and my derpy Hunger Games blog. I’m asking just a little favor for those who are interested to help.

I'm being the biggest asshole here in theO and I'm begging for your help. Just a simple clicking on the ads once a day or every two days or once a week or whenever you feel like visiting my blogs. You can focus on one blog but it would be grateful for me if you guys click the ads on the remaining four left. DON'T CLICK MORE THAN ONCE because I'm gonna have to start from scratch again.

Please help me guys! I really need money. If you can spread the word here it will be also appreciated.

I think I might let you guys have a card request from me. I'll do it when I have time.