Another World

So much in life can bring a person down when those things in life aren't the best things to come by. But life is definitely what you make it. Make it your own world. Find a deeper place to connect yourself to. Be Alice seek that Wonderland that you are searching for. I know I am. I like to close my eyes sometimes and just imagine...anything that could possibly bring me peace. I like peace; I like happiness; I like smiles. I enjoy people that make me smile and in return I am able to bring a smile to their faces. I find a world where everything is whole and pure and there are no black spots that ruin that for me. I am Alice because I leave reality for just awhile and I escape to a new place with new wonders and a creative atmosphere all around. As I write for all to see I hope that you to are--At Peace.

This is what I'd like to call "My Life Piece". Enjoy and feel free to speak about it. Tell me what you feel; what ways help you to achieve that peaceful atmosphere you seek in bad or hard times?

As of now I escape down the Rabbit Hole so...

Until Next Time Chums!