Suffering Alone

This is for the Emotional Writing Challege Hope you like it. This poem is to help me cope with a loss it's hard so this helps a little so I send it on because I feel it's thereputic. Anyway here it is.

Suffering Alone

I suffer in silence
Wrapping my arms
Around myself
This day is so hard
Without you here
I suffer with tears
To flood the oceans

With darkness
As my companion
The trouble with the heart
Is that
It is so weak
By Nature
As a Human I am so fragile
I ask

I suffer from being alive
It is the difficult part
When existing isn't enough
I try only because
You would want me to

I travel the road
Where winter has been
This symbol of peace beyond
Brings real Pain Here to me
I am Hurt and I Scream!
I am on my knees
Unable to breathe!
Again I ask

I suffer in pieces
Broken by reality
Only smiling in dreams
Touching a secret Fantasy
Reliving the Pain
Frame by Frame
Stuck in this way
Unable to move
Feeling like the sky
With no moon

Darkness is pure
It's the only time
That I see you
And follow your path home
But in this time
For now
I sit silently...still
Suffering Alone