Can you envision me
Sitting there
On the other side
There's a wall that separates
You from me
Me from you
Can you feel and hear me

I am calling out for you
(Can you hear me cry)
Trying to break down this wall
(I will try forever)
I wish I had the tools
Can you still hear my calls
(Is this a way of keeping me out)
Misery has kept me from you
Trying to break down this wall
To get to you

I know that there's trepidation
In your heart
You're just so unsure
But know that I am always here
From the light of day
Till the dusk of black skies
Though we're nothing more
Than this wall you built up

We stand so close
Yet so far away
You smile
Your empty smile
To keep me from knowing
What's inside
If I break down this fortress
I can finally find
From you
What is real

Can you hear me cry
I will try forever...

Wanting to know
Is this your way
Of keeping me out