Okay Guys!!! Something To Do!

After watching the episode where the Zanpakutos and their masters came back to help save Ichigo I was so happy!!!!!!


Possibly one of the sweetest episodes I'd seen in a long time.

What I want is a nice pic of Ichigo traveling through the dreams of the zanpakutos being in charge of their masters. Ichigo is just a bystander wading through the dreams. You can pick any soulreaper and their zanpakuto even Muramasa and Koga What an arogant sun of a &*#@% Show me what the dreams would be if they were truly in charge of their masters

1. I want it to be cute and tasteful. So stick with the O rules please guys. Yaoi is allowed but please make it subtle.

2. I don't want Ichigo to interact with them. He's just their to watch *OOh so pervy!! *

3. You may use up to five characters in one dream (this includes Ichigo) But if you want to use Ichi-chan be careful at how he's drawn looking at himself in a dream!!

4. You guys have three months to get this done so I know you can give me something good!!

5. Prizes will be those cute little gifts! I know you love getting gifts so get to work and give me some bleach-tastic drawings guys!!!

Have fun with this and get creative please I want to see just how far you can stretch your IMAGINATION!!

Whoo! Now *General voice* GET TO WORK MAGGOTS!!!