What are you doing here? You should not be here. Fine. I guess you could stay here. But not too long. The Phantom knows you're here.

OH NO!!!!

I don't know if this is good know if this is good or bad. I am tearing between Wicked and Phantom of the Opera!! Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! I'm scared. lol. Just kiddin about I'm scared. I'm gonna read the book. Wicked seems like a very interesting story. So, anyways,, for you fanclub members, you can post whenever you want. And the post has to be about The Phantom of the Opera or a musical you just discovered. And those of you nonmembers, please join our fanclub. Just PM me or comment me sayin u want to join.

Here is a song from WICKED. It's called Defying Gravity:

Pass the Point of NO RETURN

If you are reading this, you have no choice, but too join this fanclub! Haha! Join if you want. Tell me on the comment box or PM saying you want to join. So you better join. lol. This is the Point of No Return!