this is a World where all our memories will be frozen into the art of photography, to make it possible reliving them forever~

here will be posted photos of everything, please enjoy!!
ah, please don't steal our pictures. ask if you would like to use them! ^^
(if anyone wants to join, just Pm me! ^^)

current posters
-DeathSeraph (me)

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Pictures: Cortina and Borca di Cadore

a few pictures from my last trip~ I'm sorry they're not a lot,(as I've made lot more) but these were the best in my opinion! after all it was still winter there, and snow was everywhere! I hope you'll like! leave a comment if you can~...

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Pictures: Monte Cornetto

..and other random things XD but first, the mountains! ^^ (Monte Cornetto is the one on the right) ...

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Pictures: Palon

these are pictures of Palòn Mountain (2090m), that me and Thor (my best friend it's just a nickname, Thor is not the real name XD) "climbed" :3 pretty cool views, small paths next ...

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Pictures: Monte Bondone

here are the pictures I took during my last vacation! I hope you'll enjoy them, because it will be quite a spam in your backroom >8D sorry I'm not sorry XD First, are pictures of "Monte Bondone" (it's the name of the res...

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Lake Garda photoset 3 (finally the lake! XD)

first of all, another CASTLE XD and now look at this! I swear, I wanted to bath in ther...

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