this is a World where all our memories will be frozen into the art of photography, to make it possible reliving them forever~

here will be posted photos of everything, please enjoy!!
ah, please don't steal our pictures. ask if you would like to use them! ^^
(if anyone wants to join, just Pm me! ^^)

current posters
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Cute Spider Eyes

so, while reading outside today... I nothice a little thing moving and jumping around. I take a closer look and.. ONE OF THE CUTEST SPIDER I'VE EVER SEEN LOOK AT ME! WITH THOSE CREEPY BLACK EYES! *w* I just had to take a picture~...

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Birthday cake made by my friend~

take a look at this awesomeness!! I'm sorry it was already cut, but it looked so tasty (and it was! XD) I thought about taking the picture just minutes afte...

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Amsterdam, for you to see! (3)

(sorry for the spam!! worlds really need to have a higher limit to images =_= ) look at this woman: she's so BEAUTIFUL. I mean- just look! ...

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Amsterdam, for you to see! (2)

(I had to cut it, too many pictures!) now, going back to the start, with some pretty sunsets~ ...

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Amsterdam, for you to see!

Sorry for the wait~ I am back, and with pictures!! let me say something first: Amsterdam is AWESOME. awesome ok?! beautiful, original, not even expensive, and everyone is so open-minded!! amazing~ :D anyway! I'll show you some of the picture...

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