Well I'm not sure how you use a World but
I thought of making one because It looked like fun and it's cute to use I guess ^^;
So you guys wonder how I look Right?
So here is a Pic of me ^_^ ♥

So here is a lil about me like some info
My name is Iris and I’m 17 years old. I’m in love with pikachus Ever since Pokemon came out.
My favorite colors is Rainbow since it’s the meaning of my name. I’m also a Coca Cola addict, I can’t stand a day without it. I’m a in Relationship since 12/09/10.
I’m totally in love with My guy so Don’t think of getting this Girl ^.~
I’m a young artist, My dream is to be a comic Artist like the Amazing Stan Lee and The Famous Mangaka Tibe Kubo (bleach)
If you like to see my drawing go to my Portfolio at TheOtaku
Or Check me out at deviant art http://louis-wannabe.deviantart.com/
If you like Socialize with me just go to my Facebook/Twitter/Myspace
You must sent me a lil message telling me your from Theotaku and your user name
Face book http://www.facebook.com/IAmPikamama
Twitter http://twitter.com/#!/IAmPikamama/
Remember don’t be scare to talk to me, I love meeting new people

Where have I been ?

Hiya everyone :D
No long time no see people from theotaku >.< so sorry for not being around :( So here are somethings that are new in my life ♥ I am now 17 and I've been getting some freedom to go to places :) I've also gotten some new stuff too. I got a new pikachu ♥ yay :D I have a question too Should I post my drawings of my OC's ?
I'm not sure if anyone would like to see my my own characters here ^^; I would like to put one of my drawings put to theotaku logo badly I'll even draw them with theotaku beanie
& no worries ! I'll post up some more wallpapers and the IPhone wallies too :D

~Pikamama ♥

.: Long Time :.

Hey hey hey !! So it’s been awhile since I wrote anything here huh?? Well there is somethings I want to show you guys c:
So on july I went to the Anime Expo with my BFF Marissa and we took lots of pics of cosplayers.
It was also the first time to go to the anime expo ♥ It was so fun I swear it was a dream come true to me ♥
I meant the first ever Power Rangers !! But I couldn’t take pics with them cuz it costed 10 bucks to take pic and I wanted to use the money for the anime stuff. Here is the link of some pics I took from the anime expo


Enjoy ! ~^.^~

~.:My Kawaii Mouse DVD Case:.~

When I went to the store I saw this really cute mouse DVD case and I just have to have it ♥
So far I only put 1 dvd in there XD
But there’ll be some more in there
I’ll update you guys some more of my lil adventure of plushie and other things

~.:Pink Domo:.~

This is a pink domo I brought with my older Sis ^_^
I just love it and there are some other thinsg I got but I'll show you guys later
until than see this pink Domo pic 8D

~.:Pikachu Notebook:.~

My Other Pikachu thing I have ^_^
It’s my Pikachu notebook given by My friend ♥
And no I don’t write it because I want it to last long too