I started this account in honor of my second year cosplaying as Chang Wufei. I've been with myOtaku.com since 2003 (which, for a little perspective, was my junior year of high school), but only recently have really begun to explore the no-longer-quite-as-new theOtaku.com.

The title came out of our group's Duo and another Heero calling me Wuffles. Which was a little annoying, but at the same time it was very cute. So I poke and jest at the title that annoyed me and make it the title of this world. It is fun to say and it makes me laugh.

Some of the images in my collection came from the general Internet (Google searches), most of them came from Anime Galleries dot Net and a lot of them came from AboutGundamWing.com. The video came from YouTube, and you can click it to visit the actual page. I didn't make it myself. The song is one of Wufei's theme songs, "Knocking on the Door Towards Tomorrow."

The script on my avatar reads:

自由という 風に心さらして
Jiyuu to iu kaze ni kokoro sarashite
光より 遠く
Hikari yori hayaku

It is from the same song, and the best translation that I have is:

My heart is struck by the wind called freedom
Faster than light

Almost Back From AWA

Wrecked the rental, today. Turned on a yellow and they ran a red. :p

I have my report of the weekend, which was AWESOME, and I'll have to come back later. Borrowing a friend's computer.


My group is doing a panel! Gundam Wing: Fanfiction or Fact? Just us, being ourselves, and interacting as the heroes Gundam Wing, as they are in the show, as opposed to how fanfiction has chosen to portray them. For anyone who wants to see my photos: http://www.cosplay.com/member/189351/photos/ :) and this is my tumblr account: http://critterpilot05.tumblr.com/ ... which I should probably log into. :p

Some Anime I'd Like to See in My Collection

These would be shows that I have actually wished to have the money to invest in owning in their entirety. I like a lot of shows, but few of them I like well enough to want to own the whole thing. 1. Wolf's Rain This is a ...

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Favorite Aspects of The Lost World: JP - the BOOK

I have ranted quite a lot on the matter of how the movie is a complete insult to the book, but I think I will hit some key points. I will try not to give much away. The movie hints at the book a lot, but rather than including anything from ...

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Am I Really a Jerk? - also: looking for cosplay advice!

NO. I was making fun of myself earlier, and I thought, you know, as much hypocrisy and jerk-ish-ness that comes out of my mouth, I bet there are people out there who think that I really am just the most over-inflated, self-centered, arrogant, narc...

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