Am I Really a Jerk? - also: looking for cosplay advice!

NO. I was making fun of myself earlier, and I thought, you know, as much hypocrisy and jerk-ish-ness that comes out of my mouth, I bet there are people out there who think that I really am just the most over-inflated, self-centered, arrogant, narcissistic, overall ludicrous person ever. Particularly if they happened to meet me at Anime Weekend Atlanta, where I happily stop thinking about what other people think of me for three or four days.

Just thought I'd lay down the facts for ya here and now: It's a bluff. No, I don't actually believe these things about myself. I know perfectly well I spew reams of BS. I have a well-established history of not thinking too highly of myself at all. I speak bull, and I know it's bull, and more often than not I am amusing myself by saying such ridiculous things. I am also fully aware of my issues - and even play off of them when cosplaying.

I am easily made envious of people. I am very excitable and prone to taking off after squirrels, so to speak. I am a freaking spaz when I'm hungry. I tend very much not to notice the people around me and to walk through the world blissfully oblivious. I am super opinionated and prone to changing my points of view if offered sufficient reason to do so. I think out loud because it helps me think. I have horrible hearing - oh, I can hear, but that doesn't mean that I know what was said. Furthermore, even if I do pick up the words, there is still the matter of whether they made any sense to me. I think slowly sometimes. Some would say quite often. Also, I have mood swings. It comes with the squirrel condition.

So there you have it. I am already thinking of taking this down, but we'll see. My last post was written in the heat of a moment and needed to go, so I thought I'd replace it with something.


In the meantime, I am redoing the Wufei cosplay. If you know anyone who can do a professional job (that is, make it look right and not like a costume), I am open to suggestions, but will most likely be either doing the whole thing over myself or wearing the same thing again (which would be terrible, since we are submitting an application to do a panel). Also, we are not planning to do Preventer outfits, so my need is doubly great.

I am thinking of using stiff martial arts fabric on the pants, since they actually have a bit more flexibility to them in the art and various manga.

I am not sure how I want to do the belt, though I am thinking of sewing some kind of hook closure or hidden button in the back.

The shoes . . . we will see about the shoes. My current shoes are cheap leather ballet flats and they blister and bruise. Badly. And quickly.

Hair is not an issue. My group dislikes me for it. :)

Arm bands have been taken care of unless I find something I like better.

I have a shirt, but I would like one more accurate to the show. I have the color, I just wish it had some folds in it.

The jacket is the biggest issue. Wufei is often portrayed with a jacket that only has so many buttons, and never opens all the way, yet he is also portrayed as having a jacket that opens all the way (and doesn't have the same number of buttons - I promise. It does not.). I don't see the closed-jacket look as much, so I am wanting to go with that one.

Fabric: My current getup is cotton with silk lining. The silk is okay, I guess, but the cotton is aweful. It wrinkles, and the then wrinkles never come out. I don't want the fabric to fall with too many folds (silk), but I don't want it to be too stiff. I know nothing about fabric. Last time I walked into a fabric store, I settled on bridal fabric (have not bought it yet), because it appealed to me and was very not prone to wrinkling, but I am thinking that is too heavy. I am also very fond of the look of Thai silk, which I also think would be inappropriate, not to mention costly for the purpose.

The biggest thing, other than absolute accuracy, is not having it look like a big frumpy gown that brings out my waistline in the most unsightly way.


Well, that's all for now!