I'm Brittney.
I'm 14.
A lady.
I like(Mangas):
Death Note
Fullmetal Alchemist.
I don't actually like TV.
I like to draw.
I have 180 prisma colored pencils, 15 copic markers, 22 oil paints, 101 brushes of all sorts, 10 ayrilc paints, 2 BIG sketch books, 3 canvas's, 78 sheets of water color paper, 103 water color paints, 1 blue bamboo fun 9x5" tablet from Wacom, Photoshop Elements 5, Corel Painter IX, MS paint, and a deivant art.

My deivant art?
Pinkchii009, o' course.


Someone help me figure this out. ...

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Will it work?



I'm very unsure if my HTML code will work.
I stand home today. I simply slept in and couldn't find my school stuff to go.

Snow day and Art

Well, I'm still trying to figure out this whole "World" thing.. Anyone wanna help me?

And remember, I DO have a myotaku.

I got the 72 pack of prisma colored pencils.
I also got three new copic makers.
$85.59... and that was with the colored pencils being 30% off.
So expect a crap load of art from me.

In other news.
It's snowing! IN TEXAS!
It's gonna get to three inches.
I also got to get out of school early since my mom got to come pick me up.

I'm play in the snow with my art supplies.

Have a goodday.

Hur Hur

Ok. I'm trying to figure this out, so, this will be fun.
I finally found the post button lol.
I should tag this is my myotaku.