Hello, hello, hello, HELLO!!!

My name is PinkKitty1, and I am just a crazy MANGA LOVING nerd! :B I can't get enough of the stuff! Suuure I try to act normal, but the "cat's outta the bag"- or more like "the proof is in the closet"! *AHEM* My closet is FULL of the stuff and IDK why, but, I practically worship the stuff! ^__^;

I'm also trying to figure out WHAT THE HECK I'm going to do with an ASSOCIATES OF ARTS degree! X3

If you want to have just a good ol' time, just PM me! ;)


I'm just telling you all right now, if you love to multi-task your anime and manga, I totally recommend myanimelist.net. It's been really cool listing and seeing everything all organized when life gets busy and you have to put off watching anime and manga for a long while.

A Mini Review: Finally Watched Gravitation

& The OVA. (Gravitation: Lyrics of Love)

I still think Yuki's a jerk-face. *hmph* He uses his "I have a dark past" as a reason to be a cold prick- and he barely changes in the anime; in the manga it's a bit more noticeable that he DOES love Shuichi. Eventually.

I read the manga around the end of last year- after all these years of wanting to collect them- and watching the anime has been another "otaku dream" of mine since 2006ish. :O *gasp* I did something I've always wanted to since I first learned where these random characters were from- lots of screen shots had been "hovering" around on the internet.

I'm SO happy! (Now to try to find the OTHER novel TokyoPop published for this series that I don't have- I do own one, but not the other.) DX

I won't lie, I'm not completely satisfied with the way the anime did the story. The manga had more gags, and Shuichi looked more like an actual dude until later on when realizing he was hot/"in love" for Yuki.
I feel they RUSHED to get to the- "Yuki emotionally abuses Shuichi"- relationship parts. (Totally a "hot then cold" relationship the whole way through; and since the anime version is so short, it really kills the impact of Yuki being cold working on making you feel anything. In the manga, you feel it- but only the first two times or so. Sheesh- make up your mind- damn!)

Also, I didn't really get excited while watching this series as much as I thought I would. White Album 2 did A LOT better at making one's heart race anxiously. I COMPLETELY RECOMMEND WATCHING IT- IF YOU HAVEN'T GO GIVE IT A SHOT!

Awesome Website For The Otakus!


If you like to keep up with what manga you are reading and what anime you are watching- this is a great website to use!

Also, popcorn is an awesome snack to replace snacking on chips. X3

(^^^Two more things that have become habit for me since 2014!)

Small Outfit

So I bought a pair of size 8 pants, and a size S shirt. (It's actually XS, but it's SUPER stretchy, so, I just count it as a S.) I got them because I could put them on, but, I look bad in them; and I look pictures of my front, back, side, and side with arm down, in the outfit so I could- at the end of the year or so- take new pictures in the same outfit to see if I made my goals. Yeah! *nervous* I really hope I keep working my butt off. I still do a lot of the stuff I've been doing, and I can tell. :D *sohappy* Especially in how "wide" I am- the width of my body. ^^;

Also, just as an extra note, Pandora Radio and Crunchy Roll are big parts of my "TV" watching now. XD


2014: Some Plans I'm Hopeful About

I just wanted to do a new post before the new year, because, I am too lazy to pick up a pen and write in my journal. Not like anyone reads these, I just like having little things about myself floating around to go look back on and see if I actually managed to change and grow up a bit; also, if I actually accomplished more with college... ^^;

*cough* So,
I am getting smaller and smaller. I don't really loose a lot of pounds as much as inches making my pants size go down a little bit every other month, but no complaining there. I do weight lifting and can pretty much lift 50 lbs. ^_^ ...These things are always good to remember when I have a binge attack with some kind of junk food or candy. And the binging is now half as often as it used to be- heck yeah! I have only lost a little more than half the weight I want to, so, I'm telling myself that I just have to keep on keepin' on with that whole mini form of hell. *cry* DX

With college, I'm going to list what I have left according to what's listed in the college catalog to get my Associates Degree with a major in Art: English 2, Gov. 1, Gov. 2, Art History 1, Art History 2, & a Science class. (I took Chem. 1 and passed it because the professor gave everyone a B; so, I actually should of failed it, and now I need a second class to be done with Science... *cry*) It's been since 2010- 3 semesters into being at college- since I've been a full time student, and remembering that makes me feel a tad bit better about not having transferred to get my four year degree yet... But I always end up having to repeat classes no matter how many hours I take, so, then I still feel bad 'cause it's already about to be 2014 and no 2 year degree. Sh*t.

With doing artwork, it comes and goes. Seriously, I have no passion anymore. I think I will again when I'm not in my parents' place, but at this point, I'm just too frustrated about more important stuff to worry about art. It's a shame too, I use to improve pretty noticeably through out a single year, but, I just think I'm in a long funk because of stress...

SO YEAH: loose the rest of the weight, keep it off, and get a very toned body- a little more muscular than most would care for on a chick, but IDGAF; and finish Jr. College with a Degree by the end of Summer Semester 2 in 2014. ...Pretty much a continuation of 2013's goals... I don't have a job like I did then though, and the parentals' don't expect me to get another one until I'm out of their house. I'll make my time much more productive once on the class' schedule; and won't have restrictions because of shifts... I always pray to God, "Please help me, help myself; be more forgiving, calm, nice, and less anything negative. Protect us from all that is harmful, and keep me running full speed towards my many, many goals- no matter how frustrated I get. I pray for more self-discipline, and self-love. Amen." (Or something along those lines when I'm stressed or not feeling too good.)