Hey! Most of the other people I know Have done this, so I will!
Name:Carolyn (no harm in telling, right?)
Hair colour:Dark brown
Eye colour:Dark Brown
Likes: Anime, Manga, Good friends, Family, Food (mostly sweets and strawberries) Shiny things, Ribbons, Making people happy, Gothic Lolita fashion, people with cool hair, Cosplay,Cats and other things
Dislikes: Bullies, 4Kids, Musicals like the Sound of Music, Chitty-Chitty Bang-bang etc. People who hurt others, Spicy food, Disney Channel, Bugs, and other things
Childhood dream: To be king...really!
Dream right now:WORLD DOMINATION!!!! MWAHAHAHAHA!!...Jokin'!
Speed or strength?-Strength
Weak points: Spelling, maths skills, friends and family
Words said most: Rawr, Meh, Yeah, no, Sorry, hahaha, Meow, ah!
Thats most of me!

Is it a bird?! Is it a plane!? NO! IT'S....

Gemnote7!!! Taaaaaaaa-dahhhhhhhhh!
I have been away for sooo long, right?! I left due my studying problems ¬.¬
But I'm back now, with a vengence! I feel bad for leaving all the wonderful friends I made here, but now I hope to make it up to you all!!!
While my jounery of self-discovery didn't uncover much, I have improved in my drawing, and made a bunch of adorable OCs ^^ I hope to introduce them to you!
I think this is the only way I can announce that I'm back...I mean I'm not gonna go around everybody's pages and write that I'M BACK! (actually, I might..)
Well, thats all for now folks! cya around!^^

Attention Everyone! <PLEASE READ>

Okay, a time comes in our life when we must leave behind something we love and for me, that time is coming.
On the 27th of August, I will officaly be leaving The Otaku. I'm going to miss all the wonderful friends I made here and there will be a big hole in my laptop time where The Otaku was.
I will miss my worlds as well, I put alot of love into them
I didn't even finish my fan-fic!
Chara Castle is my favorite!^^
......And now I've run out of things to say....well, the main point of it is~
I'm leaving and I will miss you all!


Heya...I have been on for a while, huh? Well, I've been on but not doing much...And that is because I've actually had things to do! (cue *gasps* from the CB) And now that summers rolling around, I'm gonna have more things to do. Like playing the new game we got, BlazBlue! it's awesome and I already have a favorite character, Noel Vermillion (below) No one can stop me when I play her! Muhahahahaha!
Also We'll have to finish of all the DVDs my big brother order, like Rozen Maiden and D-grey man and Soul Eater, well you get the idea! So, sadly I might not get much time on theO anymore, so I'll say sorry in advance *bows*

Wow, it's been a while! Violins!!

Wow! as the title says, it's been a while since I was on theO! I mostly spent my time play Monster Hunter Tri online and my new hobby...I'm learning the Violin!!!
And in the process, I acciedently signed nodokachan up for Viola lessons too! But it's all ok now! (apart from the fact that when I play I should like a cat being strangled!)
But I don't think my violin teacher would be too happy if I told her the real reason I wanted to play violin, since it's because a certain smexy blue-haired neko boy plays it...X3
External Image
He might not be the only reason...maybe :3

Help me, please?

Okay! It's one of my friends Birthdays on the 28th and I'm making her a special card and since she likes Light Yagami from Death Note and Ace from Heart No Kuni No Alice I wanted to put them on it!
The problem?
:I can't find any smexy/cute/cool pictures of them!DX
My request?
:Please Tell me if you find any Smexy/cute/cool Pictures of Light~chan and Ace!
Before the 27th!
(Chocolate Baron: Yeah, as if anyone will read this post! And who would help you? *smirks*)
(Me: *Slap* Shut up, you! Go back to making your Chocolate!XO)