100 Years of cookies

😁 this is a list of popular cookies of that decade you might find your favorite on the list.

1910s: mallomars

1920s: sugar cookies

1930s: chocolate chips

1940s: animal crackers

1950s: Milanos

1960s: nutter butters

1970s: fortune cookies

1980s: biscottis

1990s: Black and Whites

2000s: macaroons

2010s: cookie cake

That is the list if you have questions leave a comment thank you 😀

The cast and who's in it!

The new faces of Wreck-It Ralph 2 their names are know-it-all and yesss, know-it-alls job is to help the user know about the the subject that they're looking for example the national dish of America is hamburger then there's yesss she's a algorithm her style is the latest in fashion law know it all is a nerdy looking dude who is hated by Ralph for being well a know it all, when Ralph and Vanellope come to the internet Ralph does not know what the internet is while Vanellope on the other hand does since she was made in this century while Ralph was made in the 1980s a decade when computer screens were black and the text was Green and cell phones were bricks with antennas, for those who are going to see familiar faces the Disney Princesses revising the roles Ariel to Moana except for Snow White Cinderella Aurora will be played by the ladies who did the voices in Kingdom Hearts, also Mario of the Mario Brothers who's going to be in it too wow that's all for now just go see a film and see it for yourself 😀😀😀😀

Dark way

there is another way to get this power of the Cursed fruit and that is cannibalism this was learned recently thanks to linlin aka Big mom it was her sixth birthday now she was living in an orphanage do you see because her parents couldn't find a way to feed her properly so they left her there: at her party you see she was so hungry for these tasty desserts that she ate the other orphans including mother caramel who had this Cursed power

What really happened!!

Okay for those of you who didn't see this week's episode of Steven . It turns out that pink diamond and rose quartz are one and the same she faked her own smashing with the help of her servant our very own Pearl that's why she never told Steven because she was under orders a pink diamond to never tell the others or Stephen about it now that Stephen knows of it he accidentally tells Garnet & Amethyst of it

How they met

This is how Harley Quinn first met bud and Lou (for those who do not know who are bud and Lou are ?? ) They are Harley Quinn's hyena Pals . You see long before she met the Joker!! She was a Gotham University college senior who had a roommate named Gabriella now you see they had gotten jobs at Gotham's Star Labs their jobs where to take care of the animals there from lizards to ferrets and two hyena Cubs . Well one night Harley never left something in the lab where the animals are being taken care of there see discovered that Gabrielle was doing not very nice things to them she was going to call security and the head doctor about what Gabriella was doing to them Gabriella did not want her experiments be spoiled they fought Gabriella had the upper hand but during the fight scene October the case where the Cubs were and it's open the caves for them since harleen was nice of the Cubs they helped her deal with Gabriella Harley won the fight Gabriella was kicked out of Gotham u for her cruelty to the animals years later she became the villain known as the grison a ferret like baddie!!! Who still has a score to deal with harleen and bud and Lou!!!🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔