Will miss you 😭😭😭😭

😭😭😭😭Dreadful news the world has announced the death of grumpy cat AKA tartar sauce who can forget the classic words such as my brother's an idiot or I had fun once but I hated it and of course the lifetime Christmas movie a grumpy cat Christmas godspeed grumpy 😭😭😭😭

Daddy's little monster

It was a late night in the kingdom of mewni in the castle of eclipsa and globgor the two were sleep in their bed when baby meteora woke up globgor he knew he shouldn't wake up eclipsa since she had a hard day so he quietly got out the room and went to meteora's she was in her crib crying for some reason so globgor being a good daddy so he shrinked himself to the size of a teddy bear to see what was wrong with her

Globgor: hey what's wrong did you have a bad dream

Meteora stop crying when she saw her daddy that size so she grabbed him like a teddy bear he couldn't escape for he was now her prisoner, when morning came eclipsa woke up and looked at her clock at the time normally at this hour she would be already awake because of meteora's crying
And she saw that globgor wasn't in bed so eclipsa had to go to meteora's room to see if she's all right when she got there there was meteora in her crib asleep hugging her sleeping Daddy since meteora has her daddy's grip an eclipsa thought how adorable it would be a shame to wake them then she remembered she had a camera phone she took the picture she called the picture daddy's little monster. The end

The loss of a monkey πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’

Terrible news fans monkey Punch has passed away for those who do not know him he gave us Lupin the third, Jigon, Goyemon, Fujiko, and we must not forget inspector Zenigata, we will never forget you oh great monkey punch 😭😭😭😭

The villainsπŸ‘ΉπŸ‘ΉπŸ‘ΉπŸ‘Ή

It was another day in the internet vanellope decided visit the Disney princesses since slaughter race's server need a update so while it was updating she decided to visit the princesses when she got to their dressing room each princess was asking the other what type of quiz that they will be putting on next month then Ariel saw vanellope and the other princesses were asking her what next month quiz would beall that vanellope knew about the princesses or that they were characters from a cartoon movies then see remembered every movie has a villain so she asked each princess they're villain was? Snow White went first.

Snow White: mine was my stepmother because if I ever married a prince are kingdoms would be United and she would lose her title as Queen and She was very vain and she tried to kill me with a poison apple too!!!!

Cinderella:mine was my step mother and also my step sisters and my stepmother's pet cat Lucifer!

Aurora: mine was an evil fairy who wasn't invited to my christening!

Ariel: mine was a sea witch who was only helping me help her try to take over my father's kingdom and the sea!

Belle: mine was a guy who wanted me to marry him but I said no then he tried to throw my father into an insane asylum and he tried to kill beast!!!

Jasmine: mine was the royal advisor and his pet parrot he wanted to get possession of a magic lamp so that way he could take over my father's kingdom!!

Pocahontas: mine was a social climber who wanted to get in good with his King!

Mulan: when was trying to invade the country that I live in!!

Tiana: mine was a voodoo witch doctor who wanted to kill my friend's father so that way he would be rich!!!

Merida: when was a demon bear who have been terrorizing my kingdom for years

Rapunzel: mine was a woman who I thought was my mother but had kidnap me as a baby because of my magic hair was that the power to heal or cure or make one young forever!

Anna and Elsa: ours was a prince who wanted to take over our kingdom!!

Moana: mine was a variety of villains first I had to fight coconut pirates then a giant crab who had gold on his back then finally a lava monster!

Then Mulan asked vanellope who was her villain was?

Vanellope: well this is what Ralph told me you see back in the 1980s there was this racing game the character of the game his name was turbohe was one of those types of winners you know the type that would rub it in losers faces then one day a new video game took turbo's thunder so he decided to abandon his game and try to take over the new game but the tech in the new game and the tech from his game cause it to crash the new game and also taking out his game as well so for years he went into hiding in game Central station waiting for new racing game to be plugged then he tryed to take over Sugar Rush the game that I'm from, one of the things that he did was call himself King Candy then he tried to delete my code when that didn't work he locked away the citizens memories of me he might have gotten away with it if Ralph hadn't been monkeying around with the game hero's duty and in the end King Candy/turbo was defeated and I was given back my rightful place in Sugar Rush!!!

Then the Disney princesses said you just givin us an idea way better than a quiz game instead they'll be doing a race car game it will be one of the princesses racing against their villain. The end πŸ‘ΈπŸ‘ΈπŸ‘ΈπŸ‘Έ

Fit to fat

Our story begins in the city of CakeBerg for a girl named Bree she was from a very rich family (if you're wondering how rich her family invested in the blender when her family was on the Mayflower) she was going to her gym and there was a sign on the door saying sorry we're closed for a certain number of months in the meantime you can exercise at home well she was heading home when she accidentally stepped on a flyer it was for a new gym called The running pig so she decided to check it out when is she got there it was a one-story building way bigger then her usual gym when she got in it was a mixture of thin people and fat people then someone who works there greeted her and asked what she like the weight loss program or the weight gain program, Bree was a little confused on the weight gain program and ask what's that? Bree said, the gym representative said that some people would like to gain weight instead of losing it would you like to try the weight gain program or would you like to weight loss program instead? Bree being from a very rich family decided on the weight gain program so she was taken to the area were people would like to put on pounds instead
So it began for Bree's weight gain program first was the Burger eating table where people would eat as many burgers and fries they would like to eatthen there was the soft serve ice cream machine you have three choices cones 1 gallon bowl or using your mouth instead eat as much as you can then she drank a gallon of weight gain shake she was almost done when someone else said she can do this at home just remember eat twice as much as you did the day before once when she returned homeshe ordered the staff that she is on a new diet saying that instead of weight loss I will be gaining weight instead so the kitchen staff had to be always open so they can feed their Young mistress, Bree also had the Mansion redone for a very plus-size person, the months passed bree's slim figure was only a memory because now she was a food eating champion of champions, she was sitting on her bed one day and she received a voice message from her friend Margo saying that her old gym was now open again, Bree looked at herself and said Bruno (the butler) bring out the scale Bruno brought the scale Bree weighted herself saw the number it said 650 pounds then she said bring me five dozen hamburgers and fries five dozen chocolate chip cookies 5 gallons of chocolate weight gain shake anything else that's fattening for I am grossly underweight. I'll just let your imagination do the rest of the story. The end πŸŸπŸ”πŸŸπŸ”