happy bday

it's 50 years of Lupin. that means 50 years of Goemon,Jigen, and Fujiko, and do not forget inspector Zenigata who hunts Lupin like a cat to a rat. so plz show your love for are favorite thieves & cop some fan art !!!!!

Don't do it!

in Texas you can not put beans in home made or restaurant chili!!!! it's like puting mayo on frys ...

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don't do that to sailor moon!

this info oh i can't say it , it would have ruin sailor moon!!, go to youtube type 107 facts sailor moon!

she's cute

in this weeks ep turns out peridot is short well you need to see the ep to know!

he's a warlord !

this just in buggy the clown is now one of the 7 warlords