Pretty Poison

A female gardener digs up a flower and then stands to watch a crowd some distance away. Mayor Hamilton Hill, Harvey Dent, Bruce Wayne, and Commissioner Gordan have gathered before the press out in a field, where they are planning to build the new Gotham Penitentiary facility. The facility is naturally funded by Wayne Enterprises, and is the brain child of Harvey Dent, Gothams new District Attorney. As Dent breaks ground over the building site, he promises that this institution will build a better, safer Gotham. That night, the gardener rips the article out of the newspaper and posts it above the flower she rescued from the field.
Five years pass, and while the facility has been built, we quickly see Dents promise of a better, safer Gotham hasnt arrived yet. A helicopter swoops into the prison yard as alarms sound. A convict leaps into the helicopter and it soars away. Gordon receives the call and scrambles his police force into action. Even though the police are after him, the prisoner believes that hes home free. However, theres one thing he hasnt taken into account: Batman. The Dark Knight watches the helicopter pass by him, and then latches his grappling hoot onto the wheel strut.
While the frantic chase takes place high above them, Harvey Dent is dining with his new acquaintance, the gorgeous Pamela Isley, at the Rose Cafe. Theyve been waiting for Bruce, but Harvey says they should go ahead and eat. After all, Bruce probably got held up on business. Meanwhile, Batman manages to loop his grappling hook wire around a radio antenna and brings the helicopter crashing down onto a rooftop. Dent informs Isley that Bruce runs around with a high-class crowd as Batman chases the escaped convict across the rooftop. While Dent is confident that theres nothing we dont know about each other, Batman snags the convict and turns him over to the police. Bruce finally arrives at the Rose Cafe to conclude the evening with Dent and Isley. Pamela suddenly realizes that she has to leave and gives Dent a passionate kiss before taking off. Once she leaves, Dent confides to Bruce that hes asked Pamela to marry him. Bruce is stunned, since Dent only met Pamela last week. Harvey tries to explain to Bruce how much he loves Isley, but he seems a little flustered. Suddenly, he collapses face down into a plate of chocolate mousse.
Dent is rushed to the hospital and taken to intensive care. Gordon receives the call and once again scrambles his police force to meet at the hospital. The doctor finishes his diagnoses and tells Gordon that Dent has been poisoned. Gordon sends Bullock down to the Rose Caf to get some answers. Bruce meets with the doctor, who is studying a blood sample from Dent, and finds out that its not a case of simple food poisoning, but rather a virulent strain that is racing through Harveys system. If Harvey doesnt receive an antidote soon, he could die. When the doctor leaves the room, Bruce swipes the blood culture.
Back at the Batcave, Batman has isolated the toxin. Its a lethal poison derived from the plant Rosaceae vularis, the wild thorny rose which has been extinct for nearly five years. Batman believes that this means theres no antidote. Bruce returns to the hospital, just as Pamela arrives. She tries to get in to see Dent, but Commissioner Gordon has ordered that he can't receive any visitors. Isley is distraught, so Bruce offers to walk her out to her car. At the car, Isley thanks Bruce for being such a good friend to Harvey and tries to kiss him, but Bruce just hugs her. As he does, he recalls the passionate kiss Isley gave to Harvey shortly before he fainted. Batman finally has a lead.
When he arrives back at the Batcave, Alfred has managed to dig up some information on Pamela Isley. Apparently, she is a research chemist who works at developing new fragrances, the newest of which is called Nightshade. She also conducts lectures on endangered and extinct plant species. Batman rides out to Chez Gerard to confront Isley. Gazing inside the greenhouse, he spots Pamela tending to the wild thorny rose. Once she leaves the room, Batman leaps down and races towards the plant. However, he steps through a trapdoor and almost falls to his doom, this time of the spiky plant variety. He grabs hold of a rope-like object and clambers back to the main floor. However, the rope is a tendril from a massive flytrap, and Batman is quickly wrapped up and dragged towards the creatures mouth. While Batman tries to fend off the flytrap, a new villainess approaches from behind: Poison Ivy. Ivy explains to Batman that Dent had to pay for his crime, namely killing all the wild thorny rose bushes to build the penitentiary. She then kisses Batman, giving him a healthy dosage of her rose poison. She then has him smell the antidote. Taking advantage of her closeness, Batman knocks her backward and then cuts himself free of the flytrap. Batman is still disoriented, and barely manages to dodge a dart from Ivys wrist crossbow. The dart rips through his cape and through the flytrap. The flytrap begins to scream out its death wails, and Batman has to run as Ivy launches more darts at him. Batman ducks into the foliage and then tries to launch himself up into the ceiling. Instead, he wraps his grappling hook around a flood lamp, and his weight pulls it from its ceiling mount. The light falls into a pool of water and starts a fire. Ivy tries to save the rose, but is surrounded by falling debris. Batman knocks her out of the way as a flaming tree drops towards her, and winds up dangling over the trapdoor. Ivy prepares to kill him, but Batman reveals that hes holding the rose bush. He exchanges the rose for the antidote, and then helps Ivy escape the greenhouse.
Dent recovers from the poisoning, and Bruce tells him that he should rethink his engagement to Pamela. At Arkham Asylum, Pamela swears vengeance on Batman. They can bury me in the ground as deep as they like, she tells the wild thorny rose, but Ill grow back. We always grow back.


At her latest trial, Poison Ivy is sentenced to be returned to Arkham Asylum yet again. Gotham City's newest District Attorney, Janet Van Dorn, presses for life imprisonment, but the court's hands are tied by the fact that Ivy was apprehended by Batman instead of a regular police officer. As she leaves the courtroom, Janet is quoted on television as saying (again) that Batman is a disgrace; he is responsible for creating all the "supervillains" in his rogues’ gallery, and acts outside the law. She feels that Batman has made the city dependent on his myth, instead of facing the reality of what needs to be done to suppress crime. When Ivy is returned to Arkham, Harley greets her enthusiastically, confiding that the inmates will be throwing a party soon – courtesy of The Mad Hatter, who has planted his mind control chips on the guards. Ironically, Janet is also Bruce Wayne's latest girlfriend. He arrives at a restaurant to keep a dinner date with her, but she is called away by a phone call. A short time later, the Bat-Signal appears, and Batman receives a note from Gordon informing him that the kidnappers have Janet. He goes to the rendezvous, but is ambushed and knocked out. Batman awakens in a straitjacket in a cell in Arkham. Two-Face informs Janet that, true to her words on television, Batman is going to be put on trial – by them. And she will be his attorney. If she succeeds in defending him, they both go free; fail, and they both die. An impromptu courtroom is set up in the operating theater:
The Accused: Batman
Baliff: Ventriloquist & Scarface;
Prosecutor: Two-Face
Defense Attorney: Janet Van Dorn
Jury: Mad Hatter, Poison Ivy, Killer Croc, Scarecrow, Riddler, and Harley Quinn
Judge: Joker
The crime of which Batman is accused is "creating" each and every one of them: driving them to become criminals, freaks, and monsters. But Janet has studied the histories of the rogues thoroughly, and her defense is brilliant:
Mad Hatter claims he was a harmless scientist, but admits that he was driven mad with love for his young assistant, Alice; (

Janet: I suppose you, like your friends, claim that Batman drove you to be a criminal?
Mad Hatter: He did.
Janet: And yet, as I recall your case, you brainwashed and kidnaped a woman who rejected you?
Mad Hatter: Batman forced me to do it. He was going to take her away from me. I had no choice.
Janet: You could have respected her wishes and left her alone...
Mad Hatter: I'd have killed her first!... Oop. I'd like that last statement stricken from the record, please.
Joker: Record? Is someone supposed to be writing this down? )
Harley thanks Batman for creating her loyal "puddin'," which Janet undermines by revealing that the last time she escaped from Arkham, Joker ratted her out in hopes of reducing his own sentence; ( joker was trying to tell miss van dorn not to tell harley about him ratting her out when harley heard this she attack him croc had to remove her from the court room till she cooled down)
Ivy says it is Batman's fault she is a criminal, since her only crime would have been trying to kill Harvey Dent (now Two-Face); but Janet goads her into admitting the depth and violence of her botano-phile sentiments; (

Janet: And so it's Batman's fault you lead a life of crime?
Poison Ivy: He should have let me bump off Harvey Dent. We'd all have been better off. Wouldn't we, Harv?
Two-Face: (Muttering while flipping his coin) Why you rotten little...
janet: lets say the judge , janet takes joker's flower from his lapelle & she starts to pluck the petals from the flower which starting make ivy very mad attacks janet, croc had to remove her from the court room till she cooled down)
Batman urges her to keep the farce going, while elsewhere the police follow the clues he has left. In her closing argument, Janet admits she was wrong: without Batman, the rogues would have turned out exactly the same way; in truth, they created him, not vice-versa. To her own astonishment, the jury feels it has no choice but to find Batman not guilty. Joker congratulates Janet, then merrily declares that they're going to execute them both anyway, being the rotten scum they are. Batman is dragged into one of the treatment rooms and strapped to the electroshock couch. Before the switch is thrown, Joker, who has swapped his judge's robes for a priest's cassock & said in a (bad Irish accent) And now the final confession, the secret you've kept hidden for so many years
, begins to unmask Batman. Just then, Janet remembers a batarang Batman left from an earlier encounter with the Dark Knight , and throws it at the ceiling light, plunging the room into darkness. The moment's confusion is all Batman needs to break them out. (

Two-Face: Everyone spread out! Don't let him get away!
Batman: (from darkness) Who says I'm leaving?

Two-Face: Nobody panic!
(Everyone turns to find Harley Quinn dangling from the ceiling, strapped in Batman's straitjacket)
Joker: OK... start panicking! )

As they make their way to the exit, the police storm in and hold the mob at bay. Joker pursues them outside, but is subdued after a brief fight.
As the new day dawns, Janet makes her peace with Batman, as they agree that what they both want most is a city that doesn't need him.

Almost got 'im

While hiding out from the police, the Joker, the Penguin, Two-Face, Poison Ivy and Killer Croc gather at the criminals-only Stacked Deck to play cards and swap stories about their mutual nemesis. Each one has an "Almost Got 'Im" story when it comes to trying to do in Batman.
Ivy's tail
Poison Ivy placed poison ivy gas inside pumpkins on Halloween, which went off when lit. When most of Gotham City started to feel the effects of the gas, Batman went to the city pumpkin patch to investigate. There, Ivy attacked Batman with the gas, successfully weakened him, and almost unmasked him. However, Batman programmed the Batmobile to run down Ivy, and later pulled a breath mask from the vehicle. He subsequently captured Ivy.
two-face's tail
Two-Face staged a robbery of the Gotham Mint for "$2,000,000 in two dollar bills." Batman, in an attempt to stop the heist, was overpowered by Two-Face's henchmen, the "Two-Ton Gang." Staying true to his personality disorder, Two-Face flipped his coin to see whether he would kill Batman or let him live, with a negative "bad-heads" result. Batman lunged at him ineffectively, but was restrained by his henchmen, and Two-Face took Batman's utility belt, strapped him to a giant penny and placed it on a catapult: "The coin lands face down, you'll be squashed flat. It lands face up... it'll just break every bone in your body." In midair, Batman cut himself free of the ropes using Two-Face's own coin, which he had managed to steal, and apprehended the crooks. In return for apprehending Two-Face, and much to Two-Face's irritation, the Gotham Mint let Batman keep the giant penny.
killer croc's
Killer Croc threw a rock at Batman in a quarry. The other villains stare at him for a moment and continue telling their stories, while Croc mutters, "It was a big rock."
Penguin's tail
The Penguin turned a zoo aviary into a home for dangerous birds in a plot to kill Batman. Pretending to attempt a break-in to the aviary caught Batman's attention; the Penguin sprayed Batman with a red gas out of his infamous "Umbrella Gun". Acting as though the spray were harmless, Penguin ran into the aviary, but then announced over a loudspeaker that in fact the red gas was a nectar eaten by poison-beaked hummingbirds, which were released to attack the Dark Knight. After being bitten several times, Batman threw a batarang at a sprinkler, where the water slowed down the small birds. Before he could inject himself with an antidote, he was attacked and viciously gashed by a cassowary. In desperation, Batman stabbed the flightless bird with one of the hummingbirds, incapacitating it. Batman chased after the Penguin outside, but the villain escaped, flying away via his umbrella.
joker's tail

The Joker and his gang took over and blocked off the set of a Gotham City late-night talk show, his gang holding the audience hostage. Batman went to save the people in the set but was overpowered and strapped to a "laugh-powered electric chair" which would fry him with electricity that rose in voltage the more the audience laughed. The Joker then took over the show as host. With the audience being forced to laugh at gunpoint, the Joker wanted more 'honest' laughter, and pumped the studio with laughing gas until "these people would laugh at the phonebook." He then had his assistant Harley Quinn read names out of the phonebook to elicit more laughter from the crowd. During this time, the Joker got so confident that he took out a sausage and began cooking it with the chair's steadily-increasing electricity until Catwoman broke into the studio and attacked him. While being thrown back, he dropped the metal rod he was using to hold the sausage right on Batman's lap. Too distracted at this point with Catwoman, nobody saw Batman use the rod to escape from the chair — too late, as the Joker was already fleeing the studio. Catwoman, starting to gain on him, was knocked out from behind by Harley Quinn. Then, in order to prove there is more than one way to 'get' Batman, he instructed Harley to take Catwoman to a catfood factory and strap her to a meat chopper. The Joker himself decided to hide out at the "Stacked Deck" for a while to lose Batman. He explains to the other villains that he is getting ready to go meet Harley at the factory, and "turn Catwoman into cat food."
At this point, Killer Croc stands up saying "I don't think so" with Batman's voice, and proceeds to throw the Joker across the room, revealing himself to be Batman in a Killer Croc suit. However, it would seem Batman sacrificed everything to get this information, as he finds himself alone in a bar confronted by his deadliest foes, all itching to get him and in a perfect position to do so. Unfortunately for the villains, they in turn are confronted with multiple loaded guns as it is revealed that every other patron of the bar is a police officer, among them Renee Montoya , Harvey Bullock and Police Commissioner James Gordon — the whole thing was a sting operation. As the villains are arrested, Batman goes to the cat food factory to find Catwoman, bound, gagged, and strapped to a conveyor belt. He saves Catwoman from Harley Quinn.
The episode ends on a humorous note, as Catwoman makes a pass at Batman and implores him to reveal his identity to her, only to turn and find he has pulled one of his trademark disappearing acts. She then smiles, shakes her head and mutters to herself, "Huh. Almost got 'im."

Harley and Ivy

It's another night in Gotham City, and once again the Joker is fleeing the Batmobile in his own car, with Harley Quinn in the driver's seat. When Joker orders her to turn, she protests, but he orders again, and she does so – causing the car to careen down a construction hill. Irritably, he snaps at her to hand him his gun, which she does after rummaging through her bag. He takes gleeful aim at the Batmobile's tires, but the gun turns out to be a dud. Batman gets close enough to snag Joker's rear bumper with a tow cable. As he reverses, Harley presses a button and jettisons the boot, leaving the Batmobile behind.

Back at the hideout, Joker rants about Harley's screw-up with the gun. When Harley timidly mentions that she did get them away from Batman, Joker sarcastically asks if she thinks she's a better crook than him. She dares to say, "maybe," and he tosses her out of the hideout in a rage.

Defiantly, she decides to pull the original heist she planned herself. She goes to the Gotham Museum of Natural History to steal the Harlequin Diamond. She evades the security system with ease, but then the alarms are tripped by Poison Ivy, stealing specimens from the museum's lab. The two women are cornered by the police. Harley grabs one of the specimen bottles and shoots it with her popgun, creating a cloud of gas that disables the police and lets them get away. As they speed away in Ivy's car, she says, "This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship." Ivy takes Harley to her latest hideout, a house in an abandoned housing development begun over a toxic waste dump. As they bond, Ivy is disgusted at Harley passive acceptance of Joker's abusiveness, and declares that Harley needs to buck up her self-esteem.

For their first official caper, they invade the men's-only Peregrinators Club, tie them up with dropped vine creepers, and then loot the trophy room. Before long, they are committing a spree of crimes all over town, enough to draw Batman's attention. They also become best friends, though Ivy is exasperated at Harley's undying affection for "that psychotic creep."

Elsewhere, Joker is missing Harley in his own fashion: without her, the hideout has become a mess. When he demands why she hasn't come back yet, one of his henchmen nervously shows him the latest headline: "New Queens of Crime." Joker is enraged that Harley is out-doing him as a crook. But he gets his chance when Harley secretly phones him from Ivy's house, allowing him to trace the call. At the same time, Batman analyzes a soil trace from one of their tire tracks, and realizes where they are hiding out. Batman gets there first, but is subdued by one of Ivy's creeper plants. The girls chain him to an old table and dump him into a chemical waste pit. But they re-enter the house to find Joker and his goons, eagerly scooping up their stolen gains. When Ivy protests, Joker gasses her with his boutonnière, but it doesn't work on her. She knocks Joker and his goons to the ground, then drags Harley along with her to make their getaway.

As his goons give chase, they are subdued by Batman, who has managed to escape the trap. Joker picks up a tommy gun and opens fire, despite Batman's warnings about the cocktail of flammable and explosive chemicals they're sitting on. Sure enough, a stray shot ignites a chemical drum, and soon the whole waste dump goes up in flames. Joker's goons flee, while Batman knocks Joker out and then saves them both in the Batmobile.

Speeding away in their car, Ivy exults, "no man can take us prisoner!" Then their car is disabled by a well-aimed shot from Renee Montoya. They are arrested, and sent to Arkham Asylum along with Joker. In Arkham, Joker swears that this is the last time he ever starts a gang with any women in it, while Ivy has some rather resentful feelings towards Harley.

House & Garden

A giant creature climbs his way up a building and enters an apartment through the window. It seems to know the territory well as it moves towards an abstract painting, tearing it away. A safe is revealed and the strange being wastes no time disposing of the door and gathering its contents. The creature is interrupted by the owner, but is quick to knock him out-cold and continue its way. The man loses consciousness while the creature's shadow recedes, exiting the apartment. At the Police Department, Commissioner Gordon and a police scientist analyze a strange green substance that turns out to be a poison. The same poison was used four different times during the past month. The scientist admits to not identifying it and manifests his worry that he might not be able to keep the victims of the poison alive for much longer. The doctor's statement determines Batman to reveal himself from behind the shadows. He proceeds in pointing out his suspicion of Poison Ivy in the matter, but the Commissioner insists that she is not a valid suspect and admits his belief that Poison Ivy has turned a new leaf. He reveals that she had been released from Arkham Asylum after apparently completing her therapy successfully. She also had married her psychiatrist, Steven Carlyle, becoming the step-mother of his two children, Chris and Kelly.

The next day, Batman and Commissioner Gordon pay a visit at the Carlyle residence and express their suspicion regarding the mysterious robberies and poisoning attacks. Ivy sustains her innocence and the veracity of her redemption, explaining her attachment to her new family and to her new life. She mentions her inability to have children of her own as a result of her hyper-immune system. She insists on convincing the men that she is happy with her husband and children accepting her for who she is, that she would never commit crimes after finding their affection, claiming that Poison Ivy "is dead".

At Gotham University's dorms, Dick Grayson is flirting with a girl named Cindy. He is interrupted by a call from Batman, requesting him to find information on Steven Carlyle. The girl leaves and Dick is left alone in the room. He notices a shadow near the door and moves towards it, hoping it would be Cindy, but instead he is greeted by the strange creature of the previous days. It smashes through the door, knocking off a nearby lamp. Unable to see his attacker, Dick receives a direct blow. Police investigate the crime scene; some searching for clues, others comforting Cindy, apparently the only witness. Bruce and Commissioner Gordon are also there questioning Cindy. The Commissioner tells Bruce about his theory that Dick had been kidnapped in order to blackmail him. Bruce considers and decides to leave the crime scene. He gets in his car and leaves the area. While driving, he is ambushed from behind by the strange clawed creature. Struggling to keep the car on the road, Bruce asks the creature what it is after. It demands 55 million dollars be sent to him at the docks, at midnight, in exchange for Dick's life. Bruce returns to his manor, prepares the money and decides to check on Poison Ivy. He follows her throughout the day, but does not find any incriminating evidence. Bruce shows up at the docks with the suitcase containing the 5 million dollar ransom and waits for a sign from the kidnapper. Shortly after, his name is called out by a voice hidden behind a row of crates. The creature demands for the suitcase, but Bruce remains unfazed and requests to see his ward. The creature extends his arm and shows a tied-up and blindfolded Dick struggling to release himself, then hides again, its voice growing angrier while asking again for the money. Bruce kicks the suitcase towards the crates and asks that the boy be sent out. Instead, the creature attacks him head on and we finally see its body — a giant green monster. Bruce only dodges the creature's blows, but in the end falls over, into the water. The monster turns and grabs a hold of Dick, preparing to throw him into the water as well. Before he can proceed, Batman rises from the water and cuts the monster's claws with his Batarang. The creature panics and Batman takes that opportunity to strike him frontally. The monster manages to escape by throwing Batman into a row of crates and running away, abandoning the docks. Afterwards, Batman and Robin check notes in the Batmobile. Bruce tells Robin that Ivy is no longer his suspect because "all she wants is to be left alone with her husband and sons". Robin shows his surprise when hearing about Steven Carlyle's 'sons' and tells Batman that in truth, Carlyle doesn't have custody of his kids and that Chris and Kelly are in fact girls. And with that, Batman and Robin return to investigate the Carlyle house. Robin checks the house and notices everyone is inside, asleep, except Ivy. Batman takes note and tinkers with the garden's pipelines before perusing it. The two look around and discover a hidden laboratory. After closer inspection, they find Dr. Carlyle in a testing tub. Shortly after freeing him, Batman notices a pack of plants moving. Closing in on them he is shocked to see babies emerging from the thicket. Caught off guard, Batman, Robin and Dr. Carlyle are captured by Poison Ivy's vines. While Ivy confesses her real intentions and explains her experiments, she feeds the babies a growth formula, turning them into monsters and demanding that they kill the three men.

Meanwhile, Batman manages to cut himself and Robin free and fight the creatures. Batman stuns them by plucking nearby cables and electrocuting them. They then take Carlyle and try to run away only to find more mutants waiting for them. Although outnumbered, the Dynamic Duo manages to come through it all. Slowly, Batman draws them into his trap. When the creatures were in appropriate position, he turned on the herbicide and finished off his attackers.

Seeing her plan fail, Ivy shows herself and questions Batman about where her plan had flawed. Batman answers while closing in on her; Ivy maintains her position and reveals her escape plan before collapsing and decaying. She was only an artificial copy, just like her experiments. The police arrive soon after to wrap up the case and use the laboratory's contents to form an antidote for Ivy's poison.

Soon afterwards, the real Poison Ivy flies away from Gotham. Inside the plane, she skims through her photo album, fixating her gaze over her wedding photo, shedding tears upon it.