two face bio

Harvey Dent aka twoface, about 20's lates or early 30's , he was Gotham's youngst district attorney at the age of 22 a few weeks later he & his pal Bruce Wayne & Mayor Hill , & this is the tail that happen , A female gardener digs up a flower and then stands to watch a crowd some distance away. Mayor Hamilton Hill, Harvey Dent, Bruce Wayne, and Commissioner Gordan have gathered before the press out in a field, where they are planning to build the new Gotham Penitentiary facility. The facility is naturally funded by Wayne Enterprises, and is the brain child of Harvey Dent, Gothams new District Attorney. As Dent breaks ground over the building site, he promises that this institution will build a better, safer Gotham. That night, the gardener rips the article out of the newspaper and posts it above the flower she rescued from the field.
Five years pass, and while the facility has been built, we quickly see Dents promise of a better, safer Gotham hasnt arrived yet. A helicopter swoops into the prison yard as alarms sound. A convict leaps into the helicopter and it soars away. Gordon receives the call and scrambles his police force into action. Even though the police are after him, the prisoner believes that hes home free. However, theres one thing he hasnt taken into account: Batman. The Dark Knight watches the helicopter pass by him, and then latches his grappling hoot onto the wheel strut.
While the frantic chase takes place high above them, Harvey Dent is dining with his new acquaintance, the gorgeous Pamela Isley, at the Rose Cafe. Theyve been waiting for Bruce, but Harvey says they should go ahead and eat. After all, Bruce probably got held up on business. Meanwhile, Batman manages to loop his grappling hook wire around a radio antenna and brings the helicopter crashing down onto a rooftop. Dent informs Isley that Bruce runs around with a high-class crowd as Batman chases the escaped convict across the rooftop. While Dent is confident that theres nothing we dont know about each other, Batman snags the convict and turns him over to the police. Bruce finally arrives at the Rose Cafe to conclude the evening with Dent and Isley. Pamela suddenly realizes that she has to leave and gives Dent a passionate kiss before taking off. Once she leaves, Dent confides to Bruce that hes asked Pamela to marry him. Bruce is stunned, since Dent only met Pamela last week. Harvey tries to explain to Bruce how much he loves Isley, but he seems a little flustered. Suddenly, he collapses face down into a plate of chocolate mousse.
Dent is rushed to the hospital and taken to intensive care. Gordon receives the call and once again scrambles his police force to meet at the hospital. The doctor finishes his diagnoses and tells Gordon that Dent has been poisoned. Gordon sends Bullock down to the Rose Caf to get some answers. Bruce meets with the doctor, who is studying a blood sample from Dent, and finds out that its not a case of simple food poisoning, but rather a virulent strain that is racing through Harveys system. If Harvey doesnt receive an antidote soon, he could die. When the doctor leaves the room, Bruce swipes the blood culture.
Back at the Batcave, Batman has isolated the toxin. Its a lethal poison derived from the plant Rosaceae vularis, the wild thorny rose which has been extinct for nearly five years. Batman believes that this means theres no antidote. Bruce returns to the hospital, just as Pamela arrives. She tries to get in to see Dent, but Commissioner Gordon has ordered that he can't receive any visitors. Isley is distraught, so Bruce offers to walk her out to her car. At the car, Isley thanks Bruce for being such a good friend to Harvey and tries to kiss him, but Bruce just hugs her. As he does, he recalls the passionate kiss Isley gave to Harvey shortly before he fainted. Batman finally has a lead.
When he arrives back at the Batcave, Alfred has managed to dig up some information on Pamela Isley. Apparently, she is a research chemist who works at developing new fragrances, the newest of which is called Nightshade. She also conducts lectures on endangered and extinct plant species. Batman rides out to Chez Gerard to confront Isley. Gazing inside the greenhouse, he spots Pamela tending to the wild thorny rose. Once she leaves the room, Batman leaps down and races towards the plant. However, he steps through a trapdoor and almost falls to his doom, this time of the spiky plant variety. He grabs hold of a rope-like object and clambers back to the main floor. However, the rope is a tendril from a massive flytrap, and Batman is quickly wrapped up and dragged towards the creatures mouth. While Batman tries to fend off the flytrap, a new villainess approaches from behind: Poison Ivy. Ivy explains to Batman that Dent had to pay for his crime, namely killing all the wild thorny rose bushes to build the penitentiary. She then kisses Batman, giving him a healthy dosage of her rose poison. She then has him smell the antidote. Taking advantage of her closeness, Batman knocks her backward and then cuts himself free of the flytrap. Batman is still disoriented, and barely manages to dodge a dart from Ivys wrist crossbow. The dart rips through his cape and through the flytrap. The flytrap begins to scream out its death wails, and Batman has to run as Ivy launches more darts at him. Batman ducks into the foliage and then tries to launch himself up into the ceiling. Instead, he wraps his grappling hook around a flood lamp, and his weight pulls it from its ceiling mount. The light falls into a pool of water and starts a fire. Ivy tries to save the rose, but is surrounded by falling debris. Batman knocks her out of the way as a flaming tree drops towards her, and winds up dangling over the trapdoor. Ivy prepares to kill him, but Batman reveals that hes holding the rose bush. He exchanges the rose for the antidote, and then helps Ivy escape the greenhouse.
Dent recovers from the poisoning, and Bruce tells him that he should rethink his engagement to Pamela. At Arkham Asylum, Pamela swears vengeance on Batman. They can bury me in the ground as deep as they like, she tells the wild thorny rose, but Ill grow back. We always grow back. you may think that dent is nice guy right worng! the guy had a dark side that called him self "Big Bad Harv", when he was kid he got in to a fight with a bully dent punch the bully in the gut , later that day a pal of the bully told him that the bully was taken to the hospital for appendicitis . Harvey repressed his violent emotions. His rage, however, never truly subsided, and the pent up anger formed an opposing personality to that of the mild-mannered Harvey. The malevolent alternative personality, named "Big Bad Harv", often seized control in stressful situations. & this is the tail of how harvey dent become two face, the story starts with District Attorney Harvey Dent dreaming that he is being confronted by a mysterious doppelganger, frightened by his twin's repetitive coin flipping. The dream ends just as the dark, ominous double assures Harvey: "It's time,'s time!" Dent awakens in his office, aroused by a fellow secretary from the D.A.'s office, and heads to meet with Commissioner Gordon as he assaults a derelict building that has been taken over by members of Rupert Thorne's gang, heavily defended with stolen weapons and supplies from Gotham City's Army depots. Batman intervenes, and their combined efforts ensure the gang's capture. Dent publicly congratulates the police and proudly thanks Gordon just as one of the captured crooks splashes Dent's white suit with mud, taunting him with the assurance that he and his comrades will be free even if they are convicted. In a fit of rage, Dent attacks the crook, eventually having to be restrained. A second later, Dent inexplicably reverts back to his amiable, courteous self, with seemingly no memory of what has just happened.
Meanwhile, Thorne is gritting his teeth, as Dent's actions have crippled his interests in Gotham. He commands his moll, Candice, to find something dirty about Dent's past, despite Dent having a record "so clean that it squeaks." Bruce Wayne, meanwhile, becomes concerned about Dent's mental health when Dent threatens him after learning Thorne's men have been released on "lack of evidence" (thanks to bribes paid by Thorne himself). As one of Dent's oldest friends, Wayne advises him to find psychiatric help. Since Dent is in the middle of a reelection campaign as Gotham's D.A., however, and so has to keep a tight web of secrecy about his recurring assaults to avoid the citizens from learning his secret. He takes Bruce's advice, however, and goes to Dr. Nora Crest for treatment.
Under hypnosis, an alternate personality known as "Big Bad Harv" surfaces, manifesting itself as a violent psychopath. After a violent confrontation in Crest's office, Crest pleads with Dent to remain interned, but he won't have it, instead accepting therapy during the reelection race. Unbeknownst to him, however, Candace has been listening at the door, and recorded the session.
Later, Dent gives a speech with a crowd of his supporters, Bruce Wayne, and his fiancée, Grace Lamont, present. During the ensuing party, however, Harvey receives a call from Thorne in a secluded office, who warns him to board a limousine waiting for him outside the manor - or risk the exposure of "Big Bad Harv".
Dent leaves, bumping into Wayne on his way out. Wayne changes into Batman after noticing his friend's odd demeanor, and follows the limousine to a desolate chemical plant, where Thorne and his gang confront Harvey, threatening to expose his treatment records to the press (who would not inquire as to where Thorne got the private records) unless Harvey complies with his demands. ( Once as a boy, Harvey fought back against a bully, only to learn the bully had been sent to the hospital (albeit for appendicitis, it turned out) and repressed his anger from that point on. Pushed to the brink, Dent assumes his "Big Bad Harv" personality, and attacks Thorne and his accomplices, wiping out the gang with the reluctant aid of Batman. He then sees Thorne seize the therapy records, and chases him through a walkway of the plant. A thug tries to shoot Harv, but Batman slams into him, causing the thug to shoot instead a vital switchboard, the cables of which touch the intensely volatile compounds lying in the vat below Dent. The ensuing explosion nearly kills him, and Batman's reaction to his unseen face implies that he has been severely disfigured.
As Dent awakens and for his bandages to be removed, he demands a mirror, just as Grace walks down the hall to meet him - and sees him screaming and bolting from his room. To her horror, she sees that the left side of his face is hideously disfigured, and faints. Dent mutters a rueful farewell, and flees through the hospital's window.

some weeks later, with a building with the numbers "222", and a limousine parking just outside a seedy-looking building. Inside, a voice tells a man with half his body in darkness it's Rupert Thorne's bookie joint. The man then proceeds to flip a coin and to sentence: "Good heads-we leave 'em alone; bad heads, we hit 'em hard." To this, the joint is assaulted by a set of identical twins wielding tommy guns — and Harvey Dent, now wearing a suit that's half white, half black, and calling himself Two-Face. The twins empty the cashiers, but when they open the joint's safe, Two-Face flips his coin again. As the result is the coin's unscarred face, he decides to leave without the safe's contents. Nevertheless, he destroys the bookie joint and warns everyone he wants to give a message to Thorne: he's going down.
Thorne puts a two million dollar contract on Two-Face's head. That night, Bruce Wayne has a nightmare of his friend Harvey, and his metamorphosis into Two-Face, and how he was powerless to prevent it - and Harvey demands to know why, if he was his friend, he didn't save him. Bruce's parents then appear, asking him why he didn't save them. Bruce awakes in a cold sweat, and vows to save Harvey.
Later, two police officers visit Grace, and leave her a beeper with instructions to activate it just as Harvey contacts or meets her. As the policemen leave, it is shown one of them is actually Candice, who says she's sure Two-Face will return to Grace sooner or later. In Two-Face's hideout, Two-Face starts sharing out the profits of the assault to the joint-but his eyes close in pain when he opens his wallet and sees a happy photo of the old days, with Grace at his side. One of the twins asks him why, if he misses her so much, he doesn't go to see her. Two-Face responds to this by flipping his coin, which lands in bad heads. However, he says he's through with humiliating Thorne - and that he's ready to do to him exactly what he did to him.
In the Batcave, Batman deducts that all the places Two-Face had robbed, aside from making a mention to the number two in some way, were also connected as Thorne's illegitimate businesses. He also deducts that Two-Face no longer wants to embarrass Thorne, but rather destroy him, and guesses his next target. At the office of Thorne's attorney, a man with the surname Doubleday, Two-Face finds a record implicating Thorne in several crimes. Batman tries to stop them by convincing Two-Face to surrender (even mentioning Grace's name), but he's stopped short of making it. Two-Face escapes with the journal, and knocks Batman unconscious.
Later, Two-Face calls Grace, and tells her to meet him, by stepping into a limousine waiting for her outside. Grace does so, and activates the beeper in her way. Thorne, that moment, interrupts his rants as Candice tells him the beeper's been activated. The limousine Grace stepped into stops at a derelict club called "Wild Deuce 2", where she enters a large room — half of it carefully groomed, the other half chaotic. Two-Face stands in the middle of it, half his face covered by a cloth. When Grace tries to reason with him, he tells her that he now believes that life is only a game of chance in which ideas of good and evil don't apply. Grace doesn't believe him, and begs him to regain control of his life. She then removes the cloth covering his' injuries, and says she still loves him. Moved by her declarations of love, he starts to relent.
A moment later, however, Thorne enters the club, and kills Two-Face's twin bodyguards. He then asks for the stolen data-only to receive a flat negative by Two-Face. Thorne taunts Two-Face by revealing it was Grace who led them to him, under the pretense of a police chase. By threatening Grace's life, Thorne convinces Two-Face to tell him where the file is. Revealing it to be under the club's roulette, Two-Face reluctantly gives up the file. Nevertheless, Thorne gives the order to execute both Grace and Two-Face. Batman, however, thwarts the order, and together with Two-Face and Grace, they disable the gang and trap Thorne under a massive chandelier, unable to escape. Two-Face prepares to kill Thorne, but Grace begs him not to; conflicted, Two-Face flips his coin to decide. Batman, however, dumps a large crate of silver dollars nearby, leaving him unable to discern which is his coin. Panicked and confused, Two-Face collapses sobbing on the club's floor.
The ending lies with Jim Gordon wondering whether there is hope for Harvey, and Batman, who says "wherever there is love, there's hope". As Harvey and Grace fade in the van to Arkham Asylum, Batman throws a coin in a nearby fountain that turns heads up, implying that Harvey Dent still has a chance to recover. but that chance is still a dream for both batman & Bruce. two-face all so teamed up with joker & penguin to buy info from one evil dr. strange & this is the tail well part of the tail , Dr. Strange calls up the Joker and tells him that he has something that would be interesting. Meanwhile, Bruce decides to take advantage of Dr. Strange's absence and examines his machine. Discovering a batch of tapes he finds Vargas' and watches it. The tape reveals that as a child she accidentally started the "Great Gotham Dock Fire" when she was playing with matches. Realizing the purpose of the machine, Bruce checks to see his tape but discovers that it's missing. Elsewhere, the Joker, Two-Face, and the Penguin arrive with some rather heavy bags. Alfred witnesses the trio entering into resort and discovers that the bags contain money. He calls Bruce, who's erasing the tapes, and warns him to escape. However, Dr. Strange and his thugs discover and kidnap him. Unaware of this, Bruce realizes that Dr. Strange is going to auction off his secret and decides to make a new tape just before he destroys the machine. Dr. Strange and his thugs arrive, but they're too late to save the machine. They capture Bruce, who's strangely apathetic and lock him up. With his enemy locked away, Dr. Strange starts his auction, which quickly reaches the millions, but Joker decides that they should "pool their assets." However, unbeknownst to Strange, Bruce has escaped. Batman connects a new link to the screen and the video shows Dr. Strange claiming that his plan was to imagine Batman to be anyone he wanted and Batman's enemies would believe it and pay a fortune. Enraged at this, the three villains attack Strange who tries to escape. However, the villains catch up with him at the airport and take him for an unfriendly ride. Desperate to save himself Strange tells the villains that Bruce Wayne is Batman but they don't believe him that goes with two face who said That's absurd. I know Bruce Wayne. If he's Batman I'm the king of England.
Joker: And people say I'm crazy! Ha ha ha ha ha! . The trio prepares to throw Dr. Strange out of the plane but Batman, who had climbed onto the bottom of the plane, cuts the fuel tubes forcing them to land. The villains attack Batman but he manages to disarm them and the police arrive taking the three into custody. Gordon reveals that Judge Vargas has confessed to her guilt but Batman points out that she had nothing to fear since it was an accident. Strange, however, isn't convinced that he's lost. He's already figured out that Batman imagined the fake tape and he knows Batman's true identity. However, much to Dr. Strange's surprise and dismay, Bruce Wayne walks up next to Batman. Batman then explains that he knew of Dr. Strange's scheme and had Bruce Wayne pretend to be Batman. Now confused over the accuracy of his original theory, Strange is taken away.
When everyone is gone, Bruce Wayne removes his mask reveling himself to be Dick Grayson wearing Bruce's clothes and leg extension braces to look taller. Batman then decides to go home, believing he's had enough vacation. once two face was this close to kill batman & this is the tail, Two-Face staged a robbery of the Gotham Mint for "$2,000,000 in two dollar bills." Batman, in an attempt to stop the heist, was overpowered by Two-Face's henchmen, the "Two-Ton Gang". Staying true to his personality disorder, Two-Face flipped his coin to see whether he would kill Batman or let him live, with a negative "tails" result. Batman lunged at him ineffectively, but was restrained by his henchmen, and Two-Face took Batman's utility belt, strapped him to a giant penny and placed it on a catapult: "The coin lands face down, you'll be squashed flat. It lands face up... it'll just break every bone in your body." In midair, Batman cut himself free of the ropes using Two-Face's own coin, which he had managed to steal, and apprehended the crooks. In return for apprehending Two-Face and his henchmen, and much to Two-Face's irritation, the Gotham Mint let Batman keep the giant penny. this all so how batman got the big penny . two face once tried to fram Commissioner Gordon , but thanks to batman & robin and their new pal batgirl them stop two face & his men . When the Arkham Inmates banded together to devise a plan to eliminate Batman, Two-Face simply wanted to kill him and end the ordeal. However, he lost the coin flip and instead served as the prosecution for the Trial & this is what happen , At her latest trial, Poison Ivy is sentenced to be returned to Arkham Asylum yet again. Gotham City's newest District Attorney, Janet Van Dorn, presses for life imprisonment, but the court's hands are tied by the fact that Ivy was apprehended by Batman instead of a regular police officer. As she leaves the courtroom, Janet is quoted on television as saying (again) that Batman is a disgrace; he is responsible for creating all the "supervillains" in his rogues’ gallery, and acts outside the law. She feels that Batman has made the city dependent on his myth, instead of facing the reality of what needs to be done to suppress crime. When Ivy is returned to Arkham, Harley greets her enthusiastically, confiding that the inmates will be throwing a party soon – courtesy of The Mad Hatter, who has planted his mind control chips on the guards. Ironically, Janet is also Bruce Wayne's latest girlfriend. He arrives at a restaurant to keep a dinner date with her, but she is called away by a phone call. A short time later, the Bat-Signal appears, and Batman receives a note from Gordon informing him that the kidnappers have Janet. He goes to the rendezvous, but is ambushed and knocked out. Batman awakens in a straitjacket in a cell in Arkham. Two-Face informs Janet that, true to her words on television, Batman is going to be put on trial – by them. And she will be his attorney. If she succeeds in defending him, they both go free; fail, and they both die. An impromptu courtroom is set up in the operating theater:
The Accused: Batman
Baliff: Ventriloquist & Scarface;
Prosecutor: Two-Face
Defense Attorney: Janet Van Dorn
Jury: Mad Hatter, Poison Ivy, Killer Croc, Scarecrow, Riddler, and Harley Quinn
Judge: Joker
The crime of which Batman is accused is "creating" each and every one of them: driving them to become criminals, freaks, and monsters. But Janet has studied the histories of the rogues thoroughly, and her defense is brilliant:
Mad Hatter claims he was a harmless scientist, but admits that he was driven mad with love for his young assistant, Alice;
Harley thanks Batman for creating her loyal "puddin'," which Janet undermines by revealing that the last time she escaped from Arkham, Joker ratted her out in hopes of reducing his own sentence;
Ivy says it is Batman's fault she is a criminal, since her only crime would have been trying to kill Harvey Dent (now Two-Face); but Janet goads her into admitting the depth and violence of her botano-phile sentiments;
Batman urges her to keep the farce going, while elsewhere the police follow the clues he has left. In her closing argument, Janet admits she was wrong: without Batman, the rogues would have turned out exactly the same way; in truth, they created him, not vice-versa. To her own astonishment, the jury feels it has no choice but to find Batman not guilty. Joker congratulates Janet, then merrily declares that they're going to execute them both anyway, being the rotten scum they are. Batman is dragged into one of the treatment rooms and strapped to the electroshock couch. Before the switch is thrown, Joker, who has swapped his judge's robes for a priest's cassock & said in a (bad Irish accent) And now the final confession, the secret you've kept hidden for so many years
, begins to unmask Batman. Just then, Janet remembers a batarang Batman left from an earlier encounter with the Dark Knight , and throws it at the ceiling light, plunging the room into darkness. The moment's confusion is all Batman needs to break them out.
As they make their way to the exit, the police storm in and hold the mob at bay. Joker pursues them outside, but is subdued after a brief fight.
As the new day dawns, Janet makes her peace with Batman, as they agree that what they both want most is a city that doesn't need him.
Bruce Wayne never gave up hope that Two-Face could once again return to normal society as his friend, Harvey Dent. He continuously paid for counseling to subdue the Two-Face persona. After some time, doctors agreed his therapy had been effective enough to stabilize Two-Face's mind,
which then allowed the opportunity for surgery upon Harvey's damaged side. When the surgery was about to begin, however, masked mobsters broke into the operating room. Stating only that their "boss" wanted to handle Dent personally, two cars split from the scene. One took Harvey to Stonegate, the current whereabouts of the Penguin, while the other vehicle was registered to Rupert Thorne. Both criminals had had histories of conflict with both Two-Face and Harvey Dent; however, neither claimed involvement to Batman and Robin. In truth, Two-Face kidnapped himself. Staging the break in, he arranged for his thugs to break him out of the operation and staged a two-pronged getaway, both to allude suspicion and to leave a trademark hint. Though Batman discovered the true kidnapper, he was unprepared for the ambush Two-Face had devised. Capturing the Dark Knight, Two-Face placed his life in the hands of the coin. During their earlier struggle, Batman switched the real coin with a trick one, designed to always land on its side. Two-Face, however, couldn't handle the indecision, and chased his coin on to a support beam overhanging Gotham. The coin fell off, and in a desperate gamble he managed to grab it, but fell off in the process and was unable to pull himself back up. Batman caught hold of Two-Face at the last second, but needed Two-Face to pull himself up. The coin, however, couldn't decide for him; the choice was up to Two-Face alone. The Harvey Dent persona resurged for a moment, and he dropped the coin, but Two-Face took control once more and sabotaged the effort. The villain plummeted, but Batman and Robin managed to save him and themselves in time. Two-Face was once again sent to Arkham Asylum for more psychiatric treatment. After Two-Face escaped, small time crook Shifty Drake stole chemicals from him. Drake skipped town, but left his son, Tim behind with a key to a locker at Gotham Airport. Two-Face took the key and planned to kill Tim, but Batman intervened. Meanwhile, Two-Face reacquired the chemicals, and held the entire city hostage, threatening to create a toxic gas unless he received twenty-two million dollars. The city, however, refused to pay, and after a two-minute warning Two-Face activated the chemicals. Batman and Batgirl arrived to stop them, and shortly thereafter Tim Drake arrived, dressed as Robin. The trio stopped the machine and apprehended Two-Face once more. two face all so deal with a ruthless vigilante who called himself the judge but that another bio.