A mysterious woman covers the headlines: the mysterious criminal Lady-X, who has systematically earned the ire of Harley Quinn (using a pie as a gimmick while taking the mayor's wife hostage), Catwoman (stealing the Cat's Paw Opal) and Poison Ivy (setting fire to the Cloyster Woods as a distraction). All concerned agree that she has to be stopped. Catwoman tracks her to the Tower Top Gym, Poison Ivy uses a set of seeds to grow a vine and bring them to the top floor, and Batgirl follows all three of them.

All five meet in a steam bath, where Lady-X briefly gives them a slip. They engage in a confused chase through the upper levels of the gym, until they finally corner their target in a weight room. A brief battle ensues, but working together, the four Gotham Girls manage defeat her, and the story of her capture appears on the front page of the Gotham Times.