joker bio

the joker was once a mob enforcer working with Sal Valestra, Buzz Bronski, and Chuckie Sol. At one point early on, before his future accident, he and Bruce Wayne caught a glimpse of each other. One of his last jobs took place in Europe on the Mediterranean Coast. His target was Carl Beaumont, a businessman who had fled the states after the mob bosses discovered he'd embezzled a fortune. A few years later the man formed his own gang and staged their first robbery at the Ace Chemical Plant. It was during this heist that he first encountered Batman. since then he has bin one of history's most dangerous and intelligent psychopaths, his plans have little prejudice. his vics are some times a normal mild-mannered salaryman like Charlie Collins, & here is the tail: Charlie Collins, a nobody with an ordinary life, inadvertently cusses out the Joker when the latter's getaway car cuts him off on the highway after a particularly bad day. Joker runs him off the road and corners him. Desperate to save the lives of himself, his wife and son, he promises to do anything the Joker asks - a promise Joker decides not to put to use just yet. 3 Years later, Joker learns that Commissioner Gordon is to be given an award, and decides to pay Mr. Collins - whom he has kept tabs on all this time, even though Charlie has changed his name and moved to a new home - a visit. Charlie is terrified when Joker calls him, and drops a hint about his family's safety. Charlie has no choice but to travel to Gotham. When he arrives, Charlie is almost as surprised when he learns what the favor is to be: holding a door open for Harley Quinn when she wheels a cake into Gordon's testimonial dinner. Not knowing what Joker is planning, but desperate to avoid it, Charlie fashions an impromptu Bat-Signal, which is seen by Bruce Wayne as he is leaving the dinner. Just then, Charlie is called to do his favor: he opens the door for Harley, but then finds that his hand has been glued to the handle. Harley slips Charlie a gas mask, and dons one herself, before the candles on the tables release a gas that paralyzes everybody else in the room. As the guests watch, immobile and helpless, Joker enters and "congratulates" Gordon by pinning a miniature bomb on his lapel. Joker and Harley leave, explaining to Charlie's horror that Joker does intend to let him go home - just not alive. With only a few seconds left, Batman jumps down into the room. On Charlie's warning, he grabs the bomb and launches it outside with his grapple gun. Hearing an explosion from outside rather than in, Joker realizes trouble, but then sees that the bomb has blown up their getaway van. Batman frees Charlie from the glue, while Charlie explains that Joker called Charlie his "hobby," keeping watch on him and threatening his family. Batman pursues Joker through the building, dealing in turn with Harley and his two thugs. Joker manages to escape, however... then sees Charlie waiting for him in an alley. Joker laughs this off, but is surprised when Charlie belts him in the gut, knocking him into some garbage. In rage, Joker repeats his threat, but then Charlie holds up another one of Joker's bombs, saying that he'll protect his family by making sure they both go up. Joker screams for Batman's help. Believing that Charlie has lost it and feeling he has no other choice Joker gives up all the information he has on Charlie's family. After Joker gives the information away, Charlie tosses the bomb towards him. Joker screams and hides behind Batman, but the bomb is revealed to be a deliberate dud. "Gotcha." Charlie, free of Joker, finally gets to go home, looking forward to his "ordinary" life more than he ever has before.
or a official like Mayor Hill, this is the tail : Mayor Hill is giving a speech at a construction site, saying the new block of apartments being built will herald a new, safer Gotham City. The speech is rudely interrupted by a pair of criminals who crash their getaway car and then open fire on the police pursuing them. Batman appears and takes them down. Rising from the podium he ducked under, Hill resumes the thread of his speech, railing against men who act outside the law. When Summer Gleeson sardonically asks him if he includes Batman, Hill responds, absolutely: "He and criminals like the Joker are cut from the same cloth." Joker happens to be watching this in his hideout, and is outraged at the comparison. He gets an idea for revenge from Hill's next statement, promising to make the city "as safe as [his] own mansion."
That weekend, the mansion is the site of a birthday party for the mayor's son, Jordan. The party is more a political media event than a real celebration, and Jordan feels overlooked and unloved. Practicing magic tricks alone in his room, he is mad when his father barges in and demands that he come out and greet the cream of the city. Hill has a surprise for his son, though. In addition to the important guests, he's invited a clown: the exuberant Jekko the Magnificent. Jordan is awed by Jekko's act, and asks how he can become a magician like him. Jekko laughs and says the first necessary step is to run away. Then Mayor Hill insist that Jordan leave the clown and come and greet the new arrivals, including Bruce Wayne. Fed up, Jordan runs up to his room.
For his parting gift, Jekko plants a large sparkler candle on top of the birthday cake It doesn't take a genius to figure out that Jekko is really the Joker, and the candle is really a stick of dynamite, but no ones ever accused the average Gothamite of being brilliant. As he leaves the Mayor, he lets out one of his trademark laughs. Hearing it, Bruce looks around and sees the candle. Pushing his way through the crowd, he pretends to stumble with the large present he's carrying, knocking the cake into the pool, where the bomb detonates harmlessly underwater. Hill calls the police, who find the real Jekko the Clown tied up down the road from the mansion. As Hill demands answers, Bruce realizes, "where's Jordan?" The scene shifts to inside Joker's van, where Jordan pokes his head up. Joker returns to his hideout, an abandoned amusement park. He starts to remove his makeup, but Jordan appears, saying he followed "Jekko's" advice and wants to be a museum like him. Joker is initially enraged at having his hideout invaded, but laughs it off and says he's been thinking about a protégé. Reviewing a home video of the birthday party, Bruce notices "Jekko" mention the name of his mentor, the "Great Prosciutto" – who was a performer at the amusement park. Back at the park, Joker is teaching Jordan how to swallow a sword. His lesson is interrupted when Joker's security system sounds an alert. As he scans his cameras, he notices Batman skulking through the park. He proposes that he and Jordan play a little joke on the Dark Knight and Jordan, remembering that his father says Batman is no good, and not wanting to upset his new mentor, agrees. Jordan lures Batman into the park's funhouse, where Joker ambushes him with his razor-tipped playing cards. Batman easily evades the attack and chases after Joker, who flees to higher ground and then tosses his ace card at Batman. This card detonates into a cloud of knockout gas, and Batman falls to the ground. Joker uses a fortune telling machine which drops a card predicting Batman's fate. Joker reads it and laughs, "You're gonna love this!" When Batman wakens, he is upside down in a tank rapidly filling with water, bound by a straightjacket and shackles. Jordan is nervous, but Joker tells him to watch the "show." Jordan applauds when Batman manages to get free of the straightjacket, but then realizes that Batman really is drowning. He grabs an axe and strikes the side of the tank, but Joker plucks the ax away before he can strike again, and reveals his true identity. Jordan grabs a seltzer hose and sprays Joker in the face, distracting him long enough to run out. As Joker chases after him, Batman pushes with his legs on the crack Jordan made, and manages to shatter the tank. Recovering his breath, he grabs his utility belt. ("All right, Joker – get ready for a little Bat-magic!") As Joker searches the amusement park for Jordan, Batman runs to the park's control room and throws the power switches, turning on the park's lights and attractions, to distract Joker and illuminate the area.
Joker catches up with Jordan, hiding on one of the roller coasters, just as Batman sees them. Joker starts one of the coasters and he and Jordan roll away on it. Batman jumps on the second as it starts, slightly behind the first. As the cars speed around the track, Joker throws grenades (shaped like Kewpie dolls) at Batman's coaster. The third lands right in the seat of the lead car, and the coaster de-rails in the explosion. However, Batman has managed to jump onto the rear of Joker's coaster. Joker lunges into the back. As they wrestle, he tries to squirt Batman with his boutonniere, but Batman ducks and kicks Joker off the coaster, causing him to fall with a scream into a lake far below. Looking ahead, he sees the coaster is heading for a break in the track, while Jordan is still in the lead car. Batman yells for Jordan to take his hand. Jordan hesitates for a moment, scared of Batman, then reaches, and Batman swings them both away just before the coaster goes off the rails and crashes.
At the mayoral mansion, Hill is sadly toying with his son's magic tricks, when Jordan calls, "Dad!" and runs into his father's arms. Having learned a lesson about how truly important his son is, Hill shushes Jordan's apologies and gives him "the best birthday hug" he's ever had. Over his father's shoulder, Jordan sees Batman smile and give him a thumbs-up. Jordan smiles back and returns it. well even James Gordon & Detective Bullock, reporter Summer Gleeson can get stuck in one of joker's schemes & this is the tail: It's Christmas at Arkham Asylum, and all of the sociopaths are decorating and singing Christmas carols. The Joker is in the middle of the asylum choir, and naturally changes the words to "Jingle Bells"((singing) Jingle Bells, Batman smells. Robin laid an egg. The batmobile lost a wheel and the Joker got away! Crashing through the roof, in a one-horse open tree. Busting out I go, laughing all the whee! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!
)before making his escape on a rocket-powered Christmas tree. Meanwhile, back at the Batcave, Robin tries to convince Batman to kick back and relax as there's no need for them to go out on Christmas. Batman believes otherwise since Joker has escaped. Robin makes a deal with Batman: if they go out on patrol and find no sign of the Joker, then they'll return home and watch It's a Wonderful Life. Batman agrees and the duo heads out. All seems quiet in Gotham for a change and Robin is convinced they aren't needed. Batman is his usual self: seeing a man running after a rich old woman and believing that she's going to be robbed, he heads out after them. However, the man calls to the woman and tells her that she dropped a package a couple of blocks back and returns it to her the lady thanks him & gives him a kiss on the cheek. Robin asks to go home and Batman silently swings off. "He could give lessons to Scrooge." The dynamic duo returns to Wayne Manor for dinner and Batman finally relents and decides to give It's a Wonderful Life a try. As they settle in for the movie, However, they discover that It's a Wonderful Life isn't on. Instead they find that Joker has hijacked the television waves and has a "Special" for Batman. Joker shows a tank with a giant Santa Claus on top crashing through the city. The show is announced to be "Christmas with the Joker." Batman and Robin instantly work to find the Joker's location by checking power surges and head out to find him. Joker mentions that since he doesn't have a family of his own to spend Christmas with, he's stolen one: The Lawful Family, consisting of Gordon, Summer Gleeson, and Detective Bullock. Joker tells Batman that he can have them if he can find them by midnight. If he fails, they will die. However, before Batman and Robin can reach him, Joker reveals "Laughy" his own Christmas Elf. Laughy and Joker explain that they will blow up a rail bridge just in time for the 11:30 train to arrive. Summer becomes agitated and explains that her mother is on that train. The Batmobile pulls up alongside the train and Batman and Robin split up so Robin can uncouple the passenger cars and Batman can find the engineer. Robin manages to stop the cars with ease, and Batman crawls up to the engine, grabs the engine and dives off the train to safety. The train continues off the bridge and blows up in the valley. In retaliation for his latest prank being sent awry, Joker blows up his studio audience which are cardborad. Batman and Robin return to the Batmobile, where Batman reveals that he's isolated the Joker's broadcast signal, and that it's coming from Mount Gotham. They race towards the observatory and find a present by the radar antenna. Batman suspects a trap, and sure enough the present bursts open to reveal a Joker-style jack-in-the-box. While the duo is distracted by more of Joker's threats, the observatory telescope reveals itself to be a giant cannon and zeros in on Batman and Robin. They take off running as the cannon begins to fire, and the Joker cuts to a commercial.
We resume to find Batman and Robin still evading the cannon. This time they split up, with Robin heading inside the observatory. Batman causes the cannon to fire on the radar antenna, and Joker sends the cannon out of control, firing on Gotham City. Robin enters the observatory and finds a line of Joker dolls with machine-guns as hands. Robin rolls out of the way from the gunfire and dodges behind a pillar. Batman tells him to do "Operation Cause and Effect," which seems to consist of throwing a grenade at the cannon's control panel. Robin rejoins Batman outside of the observatory, and Batman admits he doesn't know what to do next. Back on Joker's show, Joker brings Summer over to open up her Christmas present. She opens it and pulls out a Betty Blooper doll. Joker reveals that the doll is going to be wound up and set loose on Gotham City, but this time he's overplayed his hand. Batman realizes that Betty Blooper dolls haven't been made since the Laffco Toy Factory shut down 10 years ago. They head to the abandoned factory. Joker's been waiting for them, however, and he starts "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies" blasting through the factory's loudspeakers and then automates three giant Nutcracker robots to attack Batman and Robin. The team quickly takes them out, Just then, the song switches to "the Russian Dance" and toy planes fly after the duo. Batman grabs up a baseball bat and smashes most of them while Robin catches the rest in an oil barrel. Just as the planes are finished off, but Donner and Blitzen show up on the catwalk to start shooting down at them. Batman and Robin evade their fire and duck behind a pile of teddy bears. The henchmen open fire on Batman's cape, but after they stop firing they realize they've been shooting one of the large bears and it falls off the catwalk,pinning them to the ground. With Joker's men and traps down, the duo sets out to find him but he reveals himself. along with his "Lawful" family, bound and gagged and hung over a vat of molten plastic He's poised to cut the rope, unless if Batman doesn't come and get his Christmas present. Expecting a trap, Batman takes the present and opens it to discover a spring-loaded pie inside. Joker has a laugh Batman wipes the pie loose and races after Joker, who cuts the rope. Batman jumps on top of the vat and catches the prisoners, then turns them over to Robin. He catches up with Joker, who escapes because Batman grabbed onto a pair of fake arms inside Joker's jacket. Joker races on to the catwalk and trips on a skate, narrowly falling into his own vat. Fortunately for him, Batman saves him and bids him a Merry Christmas. Joker simply says, "Bah humbug!" Back at Wayne Manor, Batman and Robin finish watching It's a Wonderful Life, and we see that Joker is back in his cell at Arkham, so all's well that ends well. even the good people of Gotham City are vics of his schemes, here is the tail : It's April Fool's Day in Gotham City, and the morning starts off bright and clear. However, the ominous sounding music lets us know that's not going to last for long. Sure enough, a trash barge passing beneath the Gotham River Bridge is emitting a foul green cloud that washes over the vehicles on the bridge. At the helm of the barge is a large clown, which means that the Joker is running this little scheme. One of the vehicles passing over the bridge is a Dinks security truck. The driver wrinkles his nose at the smell of the barge, and then suddenly starts laughing. In fact, he starts laughing so hard that he loses control of his truck, narrowly missing two painters who are repainting a section of the bridge. The painters yell after the truck driver, but then they start laughing as well. Meanwhile, the bridge is being raised for the passing barge, and the security driver is heading right for it. Before the truck goes over the edge, the driver bails out, and the empty truck sails into the river. At Wayne Manor, Bruce Wayne is getting ready to start his day, but obviously he had a rough night of crime fighting earlier, and he cuts himself shaving. Alfred tries to comfort his master by letting him know that he's drawn him a bath. When Bruce goes to the tub, however, he finds the tub empty. Alfred holds up a drawing of a bathtub, and wishes Bruce a April Fool's day. While Bruce is in the shower, he has Alfred turn on the radio so that he can catch up with the going-ons in Gotham City. Sure enough, there's trouble afoot. Traffic has stopped due to an overturned trailer of eggs, and there's been a series of near-fatal car accidents all along the river, since hundreds of Gothamites have just started laughing hysterically. Bruce quickly realizes that the Joker is at work here. Back at the river, we see a submarine beneath the trash barge watching the security truck sink to the bottom of the river. Two men in scuba gear leave the submarine and break open the back of the truck. Inside are numerous bags of money, which they begin grabbing. Inside the submarine, the Joker is primping himself in a mirror, getting ready to make his grand debut in Gotham. He has the news radio playing as well, and we hear that the laughing attacks are moving toward the financial district. The news gets cut short at that point, however, as the newscaster succumbs to the laughing gas. "That's my cue," says the Joker. On the streets of Gotham, an electronic banner warns that the stock market has fallen 20 points. Things are about to get worse, because the Joker's trash barge is pulling into dock. A panel opens up beneath the trash and Joker and his henchmen come out, pushing shopping carts. Everyone on the street is laughing, so the Joker's men have no trouble stealing their purses and wallets. The Joker stops by a Jewels "R" Us store and busts open a store window right in front of a cop, who offers no resistance. Meanwhile, Batman has sent out a small weather balloon to take a sampling of the gas. The Batcomputer quickly discovers that the gas is coming from the riverfront district, and determines that "lengthy exposure to the gas will result in permanent insanity." Batman doesn't like the sound of that, and the situation is about to get even worse. He calls for Alfred to bring him his hex key, but Alfred tells him to "fetch it himself." Batman thinks this is just another one of Alfred's poor excuses of an April Fool's joke, but suddenly he hears a sharp crash from upstairs. He races into the library to find Alfred smashing everything in sight. The windows are open, and the Joker's gas has been drifting inside. Batman quickly puts his gas mask on, but it's too late for Alfred, who falls to the floor after breaking a Ming vase. Batman tries to calm Alfred down, with the dooming analysis of the Batcomputer echoing in his mind. If he doesn't stop this attack soon, Alfred will be permanently insane! The Bat Boat races across the river, heading to the scene of the Joker's mayhem. Summer Gleeson is on hand, equipped with a gas mask, to report on the imminent collapse of the stock market. "The only things gaining now are the laughingstocks," Joker jests, but it seems he spoke too soon. The barge begins to shake violently, and Joker races over to his periscope. Taking a quick look around, he spots Batman, who punches the periscope, knocking Joker backwards. The Bat Boat now has the barge in tow and is leading it away from the city. Joker leads his men up to face off against the Batman. Batman has no trouble taking care of the first two of Joker's henchmen, but the Clown Prince of Crime has another trick up his sleeve. The third clown henchman - the huge barge helmsman - rips loose the tow cable, and the Bat Boat goes speeding off on its own. He then comes over to attack Batman. None of Batman's attacks have any effect, since Joker's Captain Clown is a robot! The Captain whirls Batman around, making him dizzy and disoriented and then drops him into a steel drum Joker wheels over. Once inside, Joker clamps the lid down, trapping Batman inside. He then pokes several holes into the drum with a dagger, narrowly missing Batman with each strike. Finally, Captain Clown picks up the drum and tosses it into the river. All the holes Joker made in it quickly start letting in water, and the drum sinks into the river. Joker sends the barge back towards Gotham while Batman continues to sink. Inside the drum, Batman has been completely submerged. He uses the homing beacon on his utility belt to call the Bat Boat to him, which submerses into the water to reach the drum. Once next to it, the Bat Boat unleashes its lasers to slice open the side of the drum, freeing Batman. The Joker has reached the Ace Disposal Plant, and he's refilling the barge with his toxic laughing gas. Batman arrives on the scene, and tosses a throwing star through the hoses, dousing Joker's henchmen instead. This time, when the henchmen leap at him, Batman rips their masks off, exposing them to the gas and removing them permanently from the fight. That won't work with Captain Clown, so Batman picks up a steel pole and bashes the clown with it. All it seems to do is slow him down, so Batman races up a trash heap towards the massive trash compactor. The robotic clown snags Batman's cape, forcing Batman to stop and bash him in the head with the pole some more. Batman finally rips his cape loose and gets on top of the compactor. As Captain Clown clambers up to join him, Batman smacks him with the pole again, breaking loose his clown mask to reveal the robot machinery beneath. Batman knocks the stunned android into the compactor, but he only has a moment's respite before Captain Clown begins to climb back out. Batman pulls the lever to start the compactor, crushing Captain Clown. "You killed Captain Clown. You killed Captain Clown!" Joker screams as a Captain Clown cube exits the compactor. Joker retaliates by dropping a load of junk onto Batman and then hops on top of the Captain Clown cube, which is riding the conveyer into the Disposal Plant. Batman gets out from beneath the junk and races after the Joker. Batman has almost caught up with the Joker when the clown grabs a hold of a hanging cable and swings away, while Batman is stuck with the cube, sliding towards a molten pit! Batman dives off the cube and grabs onto a bucket traversing the pit. He has barely climbed into the bucket when the Joker starts pushing massive crane hooks into it, trying to knock Batman loose. Batman leaps onto the second of these hooks, and swings back to Joker. Joker simply pulls a lever, which sends the hook - and Batman - hurtling back towards the molten pit. Batman jumps onto a nearby set of massive gears and rides them back up to the catwalk where Joker is. Or rather, was, because Joker's run off again. Batman spots him racing towards a trash tube and chases after him. Both leap into the tube, but Joker again grabs onto a cable at the end and swings to safety. Batman tries to slow himself down, but there's nothing to grab onto and so he goes flying off the edge, towards the incinerator below. Luckily, Batman spins around at the last moment and grabs onto the end of the tube. Joker presses a button to release a load of trash into the incinerator tube. Batman is struck by this garbage, knocking him loose from the tube, but he narrowly avoids a firey death by flinging a grappling hook up and around the catwalk Joker's on. Batman swings across the pit and confronts Joker, who tries to escape by flinging a razor-tipped playing card at Batman, who easily evades it. Joker backs away, but has secretly released another card from his sleeve. When he throws it this time, however, Batman simply catches it. Joker turns to run away, but trips himself on a cable and winds up dangling above the incinerator. Batman considers leaving him there for a moment, but then pulls the Joker up. Back at Wayne Manor, Bruce returns to the library after taking his eighth shower to wash away the smell of garbage. Alfred is back to normal, but is feeling bad about the destruction of that Ming vase. Bruce tells him, "It's okay, Alfred. I'll just take it out of your salary for the next couple of years." Alfred resigns himself to that, and then discovers that this is Bruce's own poor version of an April Fool's joke. there is one about the joker you must know his temper ! & here is the tail: An argument over the TV erupts in the rec room of Arkham Asylum between Poison Ivy and the Joker. The nearest guard, Irving, breaks it up and changes the channel at random, hitting on a news report about the opening of billionaire Cameron Kaiser's latest luxury casino outside Gotham City. The theme of the casino has been a carefully kept secret. Kaiser snips the ribbon, and everyone is shocked to see the new casino dubbed "Joker's Wild," complete with a laughing effigy of Joker's head on top. Kaiser laughs off the idea that he is honoring Joker, instead saying that he is paying tribute to the symbol's classic roots - "we can't help it if there's a passing resemblance to some criminal fruitcake..." at which an outraged Joker hurls Ivy's potted plant through the TV saying "How dare that smug prining fool try to cash in on my image". Joker fakes an illness to be taken to the infirmary, and quickly gives his guard the slip (although Irving is actually letting him go on purpose). He quickly escapes the asylum and grabs a passing truck. Bruce Wayne, a guest at the opening gala, quickly gives his date the push, and summons Alfred with a Batsuit. Bruce is suspicious of Kaiser's motives - despite his claim, the casino's resemblance to the Joker is all too obvious. Bruce looks beneath the decor of his room, and finds the Joker wallpaper hastily laid over a medieval theme. Infiltrating Kaiser's office as Batman, he sees a model of the proposed casino, where the Joker's head has been slipped over a building labeled "Camelot." Then he examines Kaiser's private files and sees massive construction bills for the casino, and a dossier on Joker. He is interrupted by Irving (actually one of Kaiser's security guards), who attacks him. Batman easily gives him the slip. Joker enters the casino(when joker saw the place he said Jumpin' Jiminy Christmas! It's an homage to me! I'm kind of sorry I have to blow it up. ), where he is mistaken for a dealer (they are all dressed as him). On a whim, he decides to spend a little time dealing at the blackjack tables. After he wins several rounds in a row, his players leave in disgust, but then Bruce happens by. To test whether it is really Joker, Bruce drops some casual comments about not liking the decor - "I'd be ready for the laughing academy if I had to stare at that ugly clown all day" - and to top things off, wins the round with a little sleight of hand. Joker can barely restrain his rage, giving himself away. Bruce slips out of the casino and is back almost instantly as Batman. But he grabs the wrong dealer at first, giving himself away and allowing Joker to run. He disappears into the crowd and grabs a Joker-themed roadster parked in the casino, driving it into a crash and disappearing. Kaiser watches on the video cameras as Joker rigs the basement of the casino with explosives. He prepares to leave, but Batman appears and confronts him. He's figured out that Kaiser bankrupted himself building his "Camelot" casino, so he altered it to invite the Joker's wrath, and allowing him to collect the insurance when it is destroyed. Kaiser admits it - then disables Batman with an electric device hidden in his desk. He calls Irving and another thug, and tells them to send Batman down to the basement. As soon as he arrives, Joker knocks him out. Batman comes around strapped to a giant roulette wheel, which Joker has rigged to detonate the explosives (Joker: Once I spin the wheel, you, the casino, and that strutting fool Kaiser will all be blown sky-high. Not bad, eh?
Batman: You won't get Kaiser. He's been playing you for a patsy.
Joker: Eh?
Batman: He's counting on you to blow this place up so he can collect the insurance. By the time you get clear, Kaiser will be miles away, laughing at you.
Joker: I hate it when you make sense. ). Batman explains that Kaiser is playing him for a fool, and Joker is outraged. With a change of plans, Joker disconnects the explosives and resolves to catch up with Kaiser before he flees the casino. Before leaving, however, he spins the wheel, and tosses a grenade onto it. Batman manages to escape the trap by shooting the grenade away with his grapple gun. Kaiser rushes to the helipad and boards his personal helicopter, which lifts off, then stops. Joker reveals himself to be piloting the chopper. He frankly congratulates Kaiser for the deviousness of his plot, then announces that he plans to kill Kaiser and run the casino from behind the scenes. They are interrupted by Batman, flying after the chopper in his Bat-Glider. Joker fires his pistol, which damages the glider, but Batman manages to grab the chopper. As he wrestles with Joker, the chopper dives toward the casino, and crashes through the front doors. Joker tries to run, but Batman floors him with a well-aimed kick, sending him crashing into a slot machine, which jackpots and covers him with quarters. Joker is returned to Arkham, where he watches Summer Gleeson's news report on his own arrest and Kaiser's downfall. He disgustedly changes the channel, but it's now three against one - Ivy, Mad Hatter, and Scarecrow. He changes the channel back, and mutters to himself. there thing you must know about joker his ego here is the tail : A man in a bizarre costume calling himself the "Condiment King" holds up an upscale restaurant. Though he is armed with nothing more than two hoses spraying ketchup and mustard, his manner is sufficiently bizarre and violent to persuade the patrons to hand over their money and valuables. Batman arrives, and easily subdues the man, who starts acting up and falls off the balcony onto the roof of an arriving police car. Renee Montoya removes the man's disguise and recognizes him as a famous TV comic, Buddy Standler. While Standler is still unconscious, his agent is interviewed on the TV news; he can't explain Standler's actions, but reports that his comedy show has been canceled and he is being sued by the restaurant's owners. Robin, a fan of Standler's, is equally baffled. The next day, Alfred is shopping at Mayfield's department store, which is invaded by another bizarre robber, dressed in a mouse costume and calling himself "The Packrat." He disregards jewelry and cash and takes only worthless items, but is armed with a real functioning submachine gun. Alfred calls the Batcave. Elsewhere, comedienne Lisa Lorraine is abducted from her apartment by a pizza guy ?. Batman and Robin arrive at Mayfield's and manage to subdue the Packrat. He swings a golf club at Batman that catches an electrical panel, shocking him unconscious. Robin takes off his costume and recognizes him as Harry Loomis, another famous TV comic. Batman notices a microchip affixed to his neck, and realizes that he is under mind control. The Dynamic Duo rushes to Arkham Asylum to see the Mad Hatter, but find that he has been affixed with one of his own chips, leaving him a staring vegetable. Obviously someone has stolen Hatter's technology. They return to the Batcave and Alfred gives them news of Lorraine's disappearance. They realize that the three comics act as the judges at Gotham's annual "Laugh-Off" stand-up comic competition. Robin taped last year's competition, and Alfred has cued the tape to something interesting: After the last comic had his turn on stage, and just before the judges announced their decision, a man calling himself "Shecky Rimshot" forced his way on stage and began his routine. He was given the hook and dragged off the stage, yelling that he was the greatest comic in Gotham and would get revenge on them all. The audience laughed, but Batman examines the man's face up close and realizes he is the Joker in disguise. That night, at the comedy competition, Joker takes control of the competition and announces himself the winner. As he prepares to toss Joker gas into the crowd, Batman arrives and knocks the bombs away. Joker introduces his latest "girl": Lorraine, acting under mind control and now calling herself "Mighty Mom." As Joker escapes carrying the trophy, Batman pursues, while Robin subdues Mighty Mom. On the roof, Joker jumps onto a clown-shaped balloon, which takes off into the sky. Batman and Robin follow and in the fight, Joker accidentally stabs the balloon with a knife, causing it to descend. Joker ends up falling off the balloon with the trophy stuck onto his head. Batman saves him by firing his grapple gun, catching Joker by the seat of his pants. For once in his career, Joker gets real laughs, but for something he'd rather forget ever happened: dangling upside down from Batman's cable with his head in the trophy and his pants around his ankles. As he is led to a police van, his pants fall and he trips, causing even more laughter. Humiliated, he hides his head in the trophy again as he is taken away. well one of joker's schemes was to kill the man of steel & this is the tail: During a stormy night in Gotham City, an antique dealer prepares to close his shop. As he is closing his door, a woman forces her way in. She is Harley Quinn and using a prank music box, she sprays the shop owner with laughing gas. As he laughs uncontrollably, the Joker enters. The Joker looks around and spots a statue of a green dragon. He steals it and heads out.
Later Detective Harvey Bullock looks over the crime scene. He is confused as to why the Joker would steal the statue and ignore the other valuables. Commissioner Gordon is also puzzled because word of the street is that the Joker is looking for cash. Batman arrives and agrees with the two policemen. He examines and later analyzes a bit of green residue that he finds on the statue's base. Batman discovers that the statue is emitting a low level of radiation. He tells Alfred that he is heading to Metropolis.
Sometime later, Lois Lane sits aboard Air Force One. Suddenly, the aircraft that is carrying the president is taken over by hijackers. Soon Superman arrives to save the day. He enters the plane and deals with the hijackers.
On the ground in Metropolis, the president thanks Superman. After the president leaves, Superman apologizes to Lois for shaking the plane up. Lois tells him that she is getting used to it. As Superman is about to leave, Lois tries to ask Superman out. Unfortunately, a bank robbery interrupts her and Superman heads off.
In his Penthouse apartment, Lex Luthor reads the newspaper and grows angry at the press's coverage of Superman. Luthor tells Mercy to prepare his limo. Just after she responds, she is knocked out by Harley Quinn. Luthor heads to the limo and discovers that it is being driven by Harley. She heads into the street and picks up the Joker. The Joker enters the car and tells Lex that he wants to make a deal. The Joker says that he will kill Superman for a billion dollars. Luthor laughs and asks the Joker how he expects to kill Superman when he can't even deal with Batman. The Joker reveals that he has an ace up his sleeve: a green statue made out of Kryptonite. Luthor agrees to the Joker's plan & shake hand. Later Lois and Clark await the arrival of billionaire Bruce Wayne at the Metropolis Airport. Bruce has come to Metropolis to oversee business negotiations with Lexcorp. When he steps out of the plane, Lois is struck by his good looks. Bruce steps up to her and begins a conversation. He offers her dinner and an interview. She accepts and Bruce heads to his limo. Some time later, the Joker confronts a mobster named Ceasar Carlini. The Joker tells Carlini that he needs a place to stay. Carlini orders the Joker killed, but Harley Quinn knocks out his gang. The Joker uses laughing gas on Carlini and throws him out. He tells Carlini's gang that they have a new leader.
In a hospital Superman sees Carlin in a laughing fit. He realizes that the Joker has come to town.
The next day, Bruce Wayne and Lex Luthor oversee a new robot prototype being tested in a canyon. Wayne wants the robots to be used for unmanned space travel. Lex on the other hand believes that the robots have potential military applications. Wayne disagrees and informs Lex that according to their deal, the robots cannot be used for anything without his approval. That evening, Bruce takes Lois out for dinner. They talk about Superman, but Lois tells him that she doesn't want to talk about Superman anymore. He agrees and the two dance. Sometime later, Clark Kent asks his contacts to keep an ear open for word on the Joker. At the same time at a dance club, Batman begins his own investigation. He confronts a former gangster named Binko. He tells Binko that he knows that his former boss Carlini has been replaced. Batman fights off a number of Binko's bodyguards. He grabs Binko and pushes him against the wall. He tells him that he wants to know the whereabouts of the Joker. Batman begins to press Binko, but Superman arrives and tells him to stop. Superman grabs Batman's arm, but using judo, Batman throws Superman across the room. Superman is surprised, but knocks Batman over. Using his X-ray vision, Superman discovers that Batman is Bruce Wayne. He tells Batman that he does not want vigilantes in Metropolis. Batman says that he'll leave after he finds the Joker. He tells Superman that the Joker is out to get him and that he has twenty pounds of Kryptonite. Before Superman can respond, Batman disappears. Superman heads home. He goes to his apartment and changes back into Clark Kent. He gets a phone call from Lois who tells him that she has a date with Bruce Wayne. As he chats, Clark notices a tracking device on his cape. Clark looks out the window and sees Batman watching him with binoculars. Now both of them know each other's secret identities. At the Daily Planet, Lois works on a story and is surprised by Bruce Wayne. When she walks off to talk to Perry, Bruce talks to Clark. He tells him that he has been unable to find the Joker. Clark tells him that he is concerned about his relationship with Lois. Bruce assures him that he is taking her quite seriously. Lois returns and the two head off.
Later after dinner, Bruce and Lois talk about Clark Kent when they are interrupted by the Joker. The Joker grabs Lois and knocks her out. The Joker's gang starts to shoot at Bruce who falls backward off a ledge. He lands on a window washer platform. The Jokers men shoot the platform out from under him. Bruce falls, but manages to grab a ledge. He looks up and sees the Joker escaping in a blimp.
Later Dan Turpin interviews Bruce Wayne. He tells Bruce that the SCU will recover Lois. After Turpin leaves, Bruce tells Superman that the Joker is using Lois as bait. Superman tells him that he will keep his eyes open and flies off.
Meanwhile, the Joker and Harley hold Lois captive. The Joker tells her about his Kryptonite statue and how he is going to use it to kill Superman.
In an airport hanger, Alfred watches as a Jumbo Jet opens revealing the Batwing. It flies off. At SCU headquarters, Dan Turpin and Superman receive a message from the Joker. The Joker tells Superman that he has Lois. He shows Superman a map to his location and tells him to come alone. Superman heads out to deal with the Joker by himself. Meanwhile, Batman observes Superman's flight in the Batwing.
Later, Superman arrives at a LexCorp laboratory wearing a suit designed to protect him from Kryptonite. Superman confronts the Joker and after a brief exchange, the Joker pulls out some Kryptonite. The suit protects Superman from any harmful effects and he takes the Joker prisoner. The Joker leads Superman to a room where they see Lois suspended from a hook high above the ground. The Joker bemoans the failure of his plan, but suddenly remembers the other half of it. He douses Superman with acid and tosses the Kryptonite at him. Superman falls and the Joker attacks him. As Superman lays dying, the Joker dances around in pleasure. He zaps Superman with electricity and taunts the helpless Lois.
In another part of the building Batman arrives. Unfortunately he is spotted by Harley Quinn. Harley tells the Joker that Batman has arrived. The Joker wishes Lois farewell and heads off.
After a short fight, Batman deals with the Joker's gang. He heads into the room with Superman and Lois. He grabs the Kryptonite, but when he turns to take it out of the room, the door locks. A television turns on revealing the Joker. He mocks Batman as the room begins to fill with Smilex gas. Batman examines the contents of the room. He sees that it contains hydrochloric acid. It is not enough to eat through the wall, but Superman tells him to use it on the Kryptonite. Batman pours the acid over the Kryptonite and it slowly dissolves away. Superman makes it to his feet. He grabs Lois and Batman and breaks through the door.
In the control room, Joker and Harley realize that Superman has escaped. Superman breaks into the control room, but the Joker throws a bag full of marble grenades to cover his escape. Superman, Batman, and Lois escape from the building and set down in a parking lot. Superman thanks Batman and Batman heads with the help of the Batwing.
After Batman leaves, Lois asks Superman whether Bruce Wayne is okay. Superman tells her that he is perfectly fine.
The next day, Lex Luthor is at the remains of the LexCorp building blown up by the Joker. He tells reporters that the explosion was not nuclear. He heads off with Mercy and whispers to her his dissatisfaction with the Joker. Clark using his super-hearing manages to overhear him. At their secret hideout, Harley tries to cheer up the Joker (Harley Quinn: (waving a gingerbread man around) Hello, Mr. J! I'm Batman! Eat me, eat me, eat me!
The Joker: I know you're trying to cheer me up, Harley, but you see, any time I blow a billion dollar deal... IT REALLY KILLS MY APPETITE!!
). Suddenly, they are attacked with machine gun fire. It is Lex and Mercy. The Joker tries to apologize to Luthor, but Luthor (angry that one of his laboratories was destroyed) grabs him. Joker calls to Harley and Luthor calls for Mercy. The two girls fight while Luthor and the Joker iron out their differences. The Joker tells Luthor that Batman ruined his plan. He tells Luthor that he still has half the statue and that he can finish the job. He demands more money to deal with both Superman and Batman, but Luthor refuses. The deal is still on, but the Joker is not going to get any more money. Luthor and Mercy leave after Luthor tells the Joker that he only has one more chance. Later at Lois's apartment, Clark Kent arrives and is invited in. He is surprised to find Bruce Wayne there. Clark tells Lois and Bruce that the Joker is working for Lex. That night in Lex's penthouse, Batman arrives asking for information. He asks about the Joker, but Luthor refuses to talk. Batman heads off when Luthor's security arrives. When the security men enter Luthor orders them to leave. Luthor tells Mercy to contact the Joker. He now wants to have Batman eliminated.
At the Daily Planet, Lois tells Clark that she is interested in transferring to Gotham City. Perry White arrives and tells them that the cruise ship Atlantis is giving off a distress signal two hundred miles off shore. As Lois sits down to check the information, Clark turns into Superman and heads off. Bruce Wayne is working out in his apartment when he spots the Joker's blimp. On the blimp is a sign that reads "Laff Night at Hobbs Bay". Bruce gets the message and using a power glider, he heads off to the bay.
Superman arrives at the cruise ship and asks the captain about the distress call. The captain doesn't know what he is talking about. Superman looks over the side of the ship and spots a small boat sending off a distress signal. The small explodes, blowing a hole in the side of the ship. Meanwhile, Batman arrives at the bay and is greeted by the Joker and a laser-equipped LexCorp Spider robot. Batman arrives via glider at Metropolis Harbor. He is met by the Joker and a LexCrop Spider Bot. Meanwhile, Superman uses a lifeboat to weld over the whole in the side of the cruise ship. At the harbor, Batman engages as Spider Bot. The Joker escapes while the robot pursues Batman into the streets Metropolis. Eventual Batman arrives at the Daily Planet looking for Clarke. He finds only Lois. The Spider Bot soon arrives and attacks Batman. Eventually, with the help of Lois, Batman sends the robot into a printing pres. Batman, however, is unmasked in the process. Lois sees that Batman is really Bruce Wayne. Before she can have words with him, the Spider Bot attack them again. Superman, however, arrives in time to save them. At LexCorp Headquarters, Luthor realizes that wreckage from the Spider Robot can be traced to him. He tells Mercy to arrange a final meeting with the Joker. At her apartment, Lois tends to Bruce's wounds. She expresses her frustration at him over his secret identity. As Lois heads out for some iodine, Superman arrives. Bruce thanks Superman for saving him. Bruce says that he can link the robot to Luthor. The two agree to a partnership. When Lois returns, Bruce is suiting up as Batman and is preparing to leave. He leaves before she can tell him to be careful.
Meanwhile at LexCorp, Joker and Luthor discuss business. Luthor wants Joker's Kryptonite. When Harley reveals that they brought it, Mercy pulls a gun on them. Luthor plans to pin the wrap wholly on the Joker. Unfortunately, the Joker turns the tables on him. He knocks Mercy out and Harley takes the gun. The Joker kidnaps Luthor and steals a powerful LexCorp flying wing. Superman and Batman arrive and enter Lex's building. The Joker activates several Spider Robots as a distraction. He sends them after Batman and Superman and takes off in the flying wing. After a short fight, Superman and Batman manage to dispose of the Spider Robots. They manage to free Mercy who was tied up to one of the machines. She tells them that the Joker has kidnapped Lex and that he wants to destroy everything that Lex has ever built. Superman is worried when he realizes that Lex built half of Metropolis. Batman heads off to stop the Joker while Superman stays behind to deal with the final spider robot. Meanwhile over the city, the Joker attacks LexCorp buildings throughout Metropolis. Eventually Batman arrives and engages them in the Batwing. Using the LexWing's missiles, the Joker shoots Batman out of the sky. Batman manages to escape and jumps onboard the LexWing.
At the same time, Superman fights off the Spider robot even after it exposes him to Kryptonite. Using a lead lined door Superman smashes the robot and sends it flying right out of the building. The Joker continues to attack the city when Batman attacks him and knocks him off of the controls. Harley takes over and begins to crash the aircraft. Superman arrives just in time to stop the ship from crashing. The Joker and Batman fight until the Joker reaches for his exploding marbles. He drops the bag causing small explosions all over the ship. Batman grabs Harley and Superman grabs Lex. The two of them escape the LexWing before it explodes. The Joker attempts to get a parachute. Unfortunately the LexWing tilts and knocks him to the ground. He sees the exploding marbles heading his way and he laughs hysterically. After a few moments, the LexWing explodes and crashes into the ocean. Superman flies over and grabs Batman and Harley. They head back to the city with Lex in tow. Later, Angela Chen reports that the Joker's body has not been found. She also reports that the D.A.'s office has been questioning Lex over his connection with the Joker's rampage. She also announces that Bruce Wayne has cancelled his partnership with LexCorp and that Harley is being taken back to Arkham Asylum (her words were i want a dr. a lawyer a grilled cheese sandwich, mercy watching news laughs & said now thats funney ). At the airport, Bruce and Lois talk. She tells him that she can't go with him and heads off. As he heads to the plane, Bruce runs into Clark. Bruce wishes him good luck with Lois and heads off. well if joker is alive or not that is another.