The Gardener's Apprentice

Ivy's house, 1:43 PM. Harley Quinn arrives to find that Poison Ivy has gone, and left a note telling her to water her plants, but not to water, touch, or "even look at" the mimmitia. Harley accidentally pricks herself on it, anyway, and her blood produces a miniature Harley-Pod, which immediately jumps off and bites her ankle. She flings it against a wall, where it breaks into two pod-Harleys. As she continues to fight it, they continue to multiply, until after trying to get rid of them in the garbage disposal, she faces an army of tiny green Harleys. She finally threatens them with a vial of weedkiller, forcing them to choose between "the hard way... or the easy way."

Poison Ivy returns to find Harley and hundreds of little green Harley Clones sitting on the sofa and watching cartoons. Ivy declares that she doesn't want to know and walks right back out.