The Three Babes

Harley Quinn sits, bored, in a holding cell where Poison Ivy and Catwoman are both asleep. After failing to elicit a response from Catwoman, she bothers Poison Ivy for a story. She tries "Jack and The Beanstalk" but Poison Ivy responds she hates; then Harley tries "Sleeping Beauty" and "Princess in The Pea" but Poison Ivy dislikes those stories as well. In the end, they go with "Goldilocks".

Ivy tells the story of the "Three Babes" (herself, Harley and Catwoman) going on a walk to let their food cool while "Goldilocks" (Batgirl) invades their house. She discards Catwoman and Ivy's food in favor of Harley's, goes through a similar routine by sitting down in their chairs... and then Catwoman hurries her through the "bed" segment to the part where they catch her. Goldilocks tries to escape, but is dragged back and thoroughly beaten up by the Three Babes. She finally manages to flee the scene, and is never seen again.

Harley applauds the story, Catwoman is ambivalent, and Batgirl arrives at their cell to express her approval at "a happy ending."