Ok this is my little poem corner.I hope you don't mind me saying this but it's true i am a poet.I may suck at times but i think i'm really good but if you waant i can post some of your poem's on my site.remeber i'm just like anyone else.
Anywho plz if you enjoy my poem's plz write a comment about it and if you didn't think much of it still write me a comment .Don't need to tell me why you didn't like it just tell me a few simple words such as "i didn't like your poem" and that's all.Don't go all out and be mean by saying something like "you suck" ok cause i won't like that at all.

I write about personal things on here and those are turned into poetry!!!!So i hope you enjoy.
Bye Bye and enjoy

Love is Non-Existent

Every nerve in my body tells me to push you away.
It says i should just close myself up again.
"Maybe i should" is what i always think.

But then when i see you my body begins to twitch
My lips quiver with anticipation
My mind goes blank as i look at you.
I wish to tell you everything.

My heart explodes with nothing but feelings.
Such emotion makes me feel so weak.
But i don't want to give in.
It hurts to push you away.

But i must,it'll be too dangerous not to.
I dont want to get hurt by anyone
I need to protect the heart i hold dear.

Dissapear and shed a tear

Can't really think things through

Heart was broken all for you
Kissing tears make me blue
Hame me now,forever true

Tell me what you really think
Then maybe my cheeks will turn rosey pink
But i can't trust

Even though i must
I dont recall you as the boy i knew
Like a bird,you flew

But for now i have to say
That although you were there, you may
No longer love me
So dissapeare and shed no tears.

Dance and sing

When i dance, the sounds of my heart beat mixes with the rythm of the drums.
When i sing, it's always my own song.
It's words heard only once,but it's impression forever.
Watch as i dance for eternity.

Love, a question not answered...

Why ask if not answered?

Why say if questioned?
It really doesnt make a difference,
does it?

I want to say how i feel,
but words wont utter silence
i want to let you know

My life torn by limbs
My soul drowning in tears
My heart pounding to rythm

Why ask if not answered?

Sestina #1

This is life.

It's world filled with innocence.

It's power energized by the sun.

The fragrance it gives is sweeter than a new born flower.

As we see it, it gives birth to human.

Which in turn gives herself a name, and dreams of a butterfly.

She heldthe butterfly.

It was her life.

It was about another human.

He didnt have any innocence.

He crushed her like a flower.

What he did burned her like the sun.

She couldn't feel the sun.

As it shone on her, she thought of pulling wings off the butterfly.

Poisoned thoughts of fear when she pulled the petals off the flower.

Her vision had dissapeared from life.

Her heart removed the innocence.

She was after all human.

It was a hated human .

Where she bloacjed out the sun.

She ruined the innocence.

She released the butterfly.

She saw it leave with her life.

As it fluttered,then rested on a flower.

Her life began to weep,making wilt the flower.

She didnt want to be human.

Love had left her with little life.

The moon engulfed the sun.

Soon down to the ground went the butterfly.

It withered away taking the innocence.

Saddened it was as childish innocence.

Forever dead the flower.

Forever dead the butterfly.

She was afterall human.

The moon had replaced the sun.

Death had whispered to life.

She lost her innocence because he was her butterfly.

Death enjoyed imprisoning life, its' beauty like a flower.

She was a human that longed to see the sun.