Ok this is my little poem corner.I hope you don't mind me saying this but it's true i am a poet.I may suck at times but i think i'm really good but if you waant i can post some of your poem's on my site.remeber i'm just like anyone else.
Anywho plz if you enjoy my poem's plz write a comment about it and if you didn't think much of it still write me a comment .Don't need to tell me why you didn't like it just tell me a few simple words such as "i didn't like your poem" and that's all.Don't go all out and be mean by saying something like "you suck" ok cause i won't like that at all.

I write about personal things on here and those are turned into poetry!!!!So i hope you enjoy.
Bye Bye and enjoy

Haiku #1

I have a dream where
land has turned into a page,
and people are words

Sad little boxes

My home filled
to the brim with boxes
brown little boxes

so far all that is packed
are little knicknacks
interesting knicknacks

i wonder if it'll be like this again in a while...
how will i be able to face the new world
a new discrimination world

one who is too old fashioned
one that won't accept me and lives in racisim
a sad little town of racisim

i don't know how i'll face it
how will i tell my friends
my understanding friends

i am to move away
and i won't be able to come back until it's done
to my life is done

texas is a new home
a home of hate
such unhappy hate

it'll be incredibly painfully
i'll be gone forever
it'll be forever

i'm afraid to leave abraham
i told him to never leave me
and who's the first to go,me

i don't want to leave him when he needs me the most
a friend a brother
he is like a brother

i need him as a friend
he's been there for me in thick and thin
althought it was a year of thick and thin

i hate that i must leave everything behind
and save everything and start a new
something fack but new

i am nothing with out my truths
i will be a lie
a straight non homosexual 'A' student lie

So many questions

Dear Boyfriend,

i wanted to tell you i don't love you, i never did. Why?
Because you repulse me.Why?
beccause you are a man.You don't understand?

That's okay. you don't have to. you never need to see me again.Was it all a lie?
Yes it was,no matter how you look at it, it was all a lie. i can't love you. Why not?
Because you are a man.Not a good enough reason?

but i have no other one. i just cannot stand the touch of a man.But i've dated before?
Yes,that is true.Why not hate them?
i don't hate you,i hate the gender that repulses me so.And for previous relationships?
i'm not dating them now as you can see.then why you?

so i may not upset my parents,they wouldn'tt like to knw that i am gay.i'm gay?
Lesbian if you perfer,but yes i am. I'm not?
How would you know how i feel?You just do...?
how....stupid of you.why call you stupid?

because you don't know how i feel.you do?
Liar,then you'd beableto understand.is this a break up?
no, unless you wish to end the relatiopnship now. am i serious?
Yes, yes i am.

your girlfriend

ps:your ex-girlfriend?

lolipoppers(sugar stoppers)

pop the pills
make the bills

attack me whenever
but don't think i'm your savior

i've figured out my path
and your notin it

but tell me wat to do
to make me forget about you

i've never doubted love
till i could no longer feel it

sotell me why...
when i'm with you time flies by??

Daning To Days End

Dedicated to all those who lost their lives to serial killers that prey on women.

Lover sweet kisses
He hugs her warmly
Shot heard
She drops down, dead
He dumps the body

Then the next day he goes to a party
It looks like a medieval gothic ballroom
Everyone looks pale and dead
He puts on a mask and asks for a dance
Young girl dressed in purple gown

She dances with him and shows her skin
Pale as bone, but smooth, like silk
She kisses him
He puts his arm around her
He feels a hole

Doors slam shut
Masks come off
Girls he killed all stand there
And dance with his dying body
Eternity lives with him