Ok this is my little poem corner.I hope you don't mind me saying this but it's true i am a poet.I may suck at times but i think i'm really good but if you waant i can post some of your poem's on my site.remeber i'm just like anyone else.
Anywho plz if you enjoy my poem's plz write a comment about it and if you didn't think much of it still write me a comment .Don't need to tell me why you didn't like it just tell me a few simple words such as "i didn't like your poem" and that's all.Don't go all out and be mean by saying something like "you suck" ok cause i won't like that at all.

I write about personal things on here and those are turned into poetry!!!!So i hope you enjoy.
Bye Bye and enjoy


Always wanted to be me
I need to knowwhat i am
should i hate me
should i love me
i don't know

would you...

would you hurt yourself for her
Would you hurt me for her
would you
I don't understand
I don't understand why you love her
you should love me
you should love yourself
i'd never hurt you
i'd never make you hurt someone
would you destroy everything for her?

Save or Destroy

I am one person who can save the world
I am one person who can destroy the world
When the time comes i will have to choose

Are you one of them?

One person can kill eight people
Two can kill sixteen
Twenty can kill thousands
Are you one of those people?

Song #1

I couldn't believe
No, i couldn't believe
I should have told you so long ago
Oh how much i loved you so.Together we danced
We always held hands
In my dreams
When we hugged
Your heart told me
How much you loved me
But when i asked
You said no
Me and you were just friends
When i looked at you today
How my heart seems to flutter away

sooo what do you think sooo far?