Ok this is my little poem corner.I hope you don't mind me saying this but it's true i am a poet.I may suck at times but i think i'm really good but if you waant i can post some of your poem's on my site.remeber i'm just like anyone else.
Anywho plz if you enjoy my poem's plz write a comment about it and if you didn't think much of it still write me a comment .Don't need to tell me why you didn't like it just tell me a few simple words such as "i didn't like your poem" and that's all.Don't go all out and be mean by saying something like "you suck" ok cause i won't like that at all.

I write about personal things on here and those are turned into poetry!!!!So i hope you enjoy.
Bye Bye and enjoy


The meaning of die.

D eath

I s

E verything

cry sweet angel

Let your tears fall to the ground
Let them give life
To those that are dead
Let them give life
To the land below

Love You Forever

To you i gave my heart
To you it will stay
For you I'll love forever
And i'll never go away
I thank you for loving me in return

Your pain

In my room
I lay on my bed
Around me a blood covered blade
Look at my face
All you see are tears
My eyes opened,clouded
A sundress I wear
White stained with red
my wrist slit
With a line of red
In my mind I think of you
Maybe now that i'm gone
Your pain will go away

he's here

I can fee it
His presence,it's here
That man,that man who hurt me
He took my life away from me
I'm no longer the girl i use to be
I'm no longer alive, outgoing, or happy
HE took it all away from me
My heart is filled with hatred towards him
It makes me feel less of a friend
It hurts me,what he did to me
He didn't break my heart,no,he took something
Something that can't be replaced
Something i had that allowed me to walk down an ally
Something that i could fight for
Something that i would save for my wedding day
But it's gone,gone forever because of him
He was family and he took away one thing
That one thing that a four year old girl should never give away
To anyone
It hurts still now to know that i don't have what other girls have
Now that it's gone i can't really smile
I cry in my room,in my dreams, in my mind
I know that even if he is far way I'm afraid
Afraid of remebering that day 10 years ago
That day i truly lost me.