Ok this is my little poem corner.I hope you don't mind me saying this but it's true i am a poet.I may suck at times but i think i'm really good but if you waant i can post some of your poem's on my site.remeber i'm just like anyone else.
Anywho plz if you enjoy my poem's plz write a comment about it and if you didn't think much of it still write me a comment .Don't need to tell me why you didn't like it just tell me a few simple words such as "i didn't like your poem" and that's all.Don't go all out and be mean by saying something like "you suck" ok cause i won't like that at all.

I write about personal things on here and those are turned into poetry!!!!So i hope you enjoy.
Bye Bye and enjoy

Bio poem

Hello this is a school bio poem hope ya like it.



Wishes to be able to make dreams come true

Dreams of meeting new people

Wants to help those who need her

Who wonders if the world can be saved

Who fears isolation.
Who is afraid of death

Who likes to draw anime

Who believes in true love

Who loves fruit
Who loves school, especially history
Who loves soccer
Who loves her friends

Who plans to be a famous artist
Who plans to travel the world
Who plans to wed

Whose final destination is happiness

I cut

As i cut
I saw blood fall to the ground bellow
Fear of god's hate towards me began to fill my head
Time passes and i hear a gentel voice
"dear child" it says
"why must you do such things to yourself"
"What others say of you should not Cloud your sight"
"Your sight of who you really are"
A slight kiss on my forehead
I a rise
I have been given yet another chance.
I am me, an imperfection
That is what makes me unique
He has taught me that



And so the breath of death
gives life.


Death defys all
Even those that are alreay dead

poem's life

words written never spoken
Songs composed never played
But life still grows even after my dying day