Out cast

don't push her away

don't tell her she's ugly

don't say she's a follower

don't say she's a bitch

cause if she's all that you are too

you should be pushed away

you should be told you're ugly

you shold be told you're a follower

you should be told you're a bitch

cause that's what you are

She may be an outcast

But that will make you one too

I'm an outcast and i've lived her life

I'm here and alive

Every time i got puched down i got back up

Every time i was told i'm ugly i would say "fuck you"

Every time i was told i was a foloower i would say" So are you if you listen to the queen bee. I'm not a drone"

Evey time i was called a bitch i would say"Takes one to know one"

Everytime that would happen i would walk away with my head up high and be me

Every time no matter what

No one's words are gonna take me down no matter what

This is dedicated to those who killed themselves do to peer pressure.This is for those who bleed because their not popular. For those who lost themselves to a bunch of lies. To those who never new the real them. No matter who you are no matter what happens don't drop and don't cry.Get back up and say fuck you or don't say anything.

The person who tried to stoop low and hhurt you has no life no matter what. It's thier fault they feel no love. It's their faults their dones. They need someone to pick on cause the don't know what friendship is like. Be your self. No matter what

A.T. Died 2006 do to suicide in her home of massive over dose on anti-depressives. Killed do to peer pressure. Note saying she couldn't take it anymore. A.T. i'll pray for you now and for ever