Willing shadows,
Take my sorrow
Take my fear
Take my hatred
But leave a speck
Of what you taste

My world is full of pain
Take me some place safe
Away from this painful place
I call to you, weep for you
Yet you do not heed my call.
I sit in Darkness, alone
With all but myself as
I sit alone

What is that Light
Burning bright in
My black world
I shield my eyes
From the light that
Burns my world

A shadow casts itself over me
And I remove my hand from my eyes
And meet the gaze of a boy
With warm brown eyes and dark blond hair
His smile is a thousand words

I stare into his warm brown eyes.
He holds out his hand to me
“Come on. You don’t have to
Linger in this Darkness.
Its ok, don’t be afraid.”

I take this strange boys hand
And walk into the world of Light
Instead of the world of Darkness

Light is warm and caressing
Darkness is cold and still
But both worlds are beautiful