Welcome to Pokemon Cupboard, a world for fans of all things Pokemon!

This is a world where I’ll be posting various things about the Pokemon franchise. Here I plan to talk about some of my favorite Pokemon, favorite locations in the games, perhaps reminisce about playing the games or my favorite episodes of the anime, and maybe much more.

About Me

I got into Pokemon during the mid to late nineties. At first didn’t want anything to do with Pokemon. Back then it was part of my nature to rebel against all things popular. But my opinion about Pokemon changed significantly after seeing the first four or five episodes of the anime. I got into the series and soon wanted to play the games. That Christmas I believe I had received a Gamboy Color and the Blue version of the Pokemon game.

Eventually I also played the Red and Yellow versions, mostly to see how they differed from Blue. I played the games that followed up until Ruby and Sapphire. At that point the anime had started to go downhill. I really didn’t like it when they replaced Misty with that girl May and her annoying little brother Max (god how I loath him). The games started to lose their appeal too. I didn’t like how Ruby and Sapphire didn’t have a lot of the Pokemon from previous games. Of course at the time I didn’t realize that they were going to do remakes of the first generation games.

Still, by that point I was no longer as into Pokemon as I once was. My focus had turned more to Yu-Gi-Oh! and other things. But I still keep tabs on the Pokemon franchise. I think that the anime is a lost cause, but I have read about the newer games, some of which actually look pretty good. I’m also currently working on a Pokemon Fan Fiction project. So in short I’m basically an old-school Pokemon fan.

Guest Posters

My interest in Pokemon ebbs every now and then. So to make things more fun and keep this world alive, I’m going to allow other Pokemon fans here on TheO to post things here. So like me you could post things about your favorite Pokemon or talk about your favorite anime episodes. But you can do so much more too.

  • If you play the games, you could use this world as sort of a journal and share your adventure with everyone. It doesn’t have to be the mainstream Pokemon games either; it could be Pokemon Conquest or one of the consol games.
  • Another use for this world could be to post Pokemon fanfics you may have created. Or perhaps share the profiles of your Pokemon OCs (if you have any).
  • Maybe you have some big Pokemon related art project you want to share. You could use this world to chronicle its creation.

You could do all that and much, much more. As long as it has to do with Pokemon, the sky’s the limit. So if you’re interested in becoming a guest poster, or maybe just have a few questions, please contact me via comment or PM and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Current Guest Posters

umchan649 * dfdfdfdf * xXShayde WolfXx * Ikemarth * Ritsuki * elricbrothersfan

X & Y News Update 1

We now know a little bit more about the upcoming Generation Six games. According to serebii.net, the names of the two mascot Legendary Pokemon had been revealed.

The deer Pokemon who seems to be the mascot for Pokemon X is called Xerneas (ZURR-nee-us).

And the condor/wyvern-like Pokemon who's the mascot for Pokemon Y is called Yveltal (ee-VELL-tall).

That's all that's known about these two Pokemon at the moment. There's been nothing revealed about the myths/legends behind them, or even what their types are. I do have a few theories about what their types are, but I'm going to keep them to myself to avoid creating any rumors. It's probably a safe bet though that Yveltal is a Flying-type and something else. Anyway, at least we know what to call them.


I'm not sure how many of you reading this already know, but the sixth generation of the Pokemon games is coming. Have a look at the trailer. ...

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Legendary PKMN of the Week 24

I know I’m a little late with this week’s post, sorry about that. I got a little side tracked this morning. Anyway, we now come to a pair of Legendary Pokemon who are two of the first Legendary Dragon Pokemon. I speak of course of th...

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attackdex 3rd

Hi everyone it has been a while I'm back and ready to post today's attackdex is a move everyone knows....actually a move and it's elemental types overall 4 attacks.Thats right today I will be doing HYPER BEAM!!!!! And just in case your wondering w...

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Legendary PKMN of the Week 23

You know, I can remember a time when there were only five Legendary Pokemon. But since that time there were a lot more added, especially during Generation Three. So it’s not surprising that from time to time a few of my favorites slip my m...

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