Legendary PKMN of the Week 27

It seems like it’s been ages since I did one of these Legendary Pokemon of the Week posts. The reason I stopped doing them was because I had originally covered all of my favorite Legendary Pokemon from the first five generations, and briefly covered my not-so-favorite Legendary Pokemon in a special post called And the Rest. I could’ve started this series up again when Pokemon X and Y came out, but with only a small amount of new Legendary Pokemon having been introduced at the time I didn’t really see the point in having such a short-lived return. Now that were getting closer to Generation 7 of the mainstream games though, I think it’s time that this series of posts to start making a comeback. To kick off this “new season” I’ve decided to cover the newest Mythical Pokemon of Generation 7.

I give you all one of the two big stars of the newest Pokemon movie from Japan, the ingenious Steel and Fairy-Type Pokemon known as Magearna.

The first time I saw images of Magearna online, the Pokemon reminded me of that mechanical owl from the original 1981 version of Clash of the Titans. Actually to be perfectly honest, I rather liked that mechanical owl. It was almost like an ancient Greek version of R2-D2. Anyway, due to its nature of being a mechanical Pokemon, it didn’t take long for Magearna to grow on me. Even though Magearna has yet to actually appear in any of the mainstream games, we already know a good deal about this Pokemon, partly from its recent film appearance.

As the story goes, Magearna is the creation of a scientist of “uncommon genius” about five hundred years ago. I’m guessing the term “uncommon genius” means that this scientist was probably half crazy (eccentric, as the rich call it) and light years ahead of his time. The description of this story on Bulbapedia mentions that this scientist also gathered together the life force of other Pokemon to give Magearna life, so I don’t know if this means that other Pokemon were sacrificed to make Magearna or something else. Magearna is capable of sensing the emotional states of other Pokemon. If it senses that another Pokemon is in pain, Magearna will do everything in its power to help that Pokemon out. In a way, Magearna could be seen as the anti-Mewtwo. Both Mewtwo and Magearna are Pokemon that were created by humans, but while Mewtwo turned out to be a ruthless and seemingly heartless monster in the games, Magearna is a kind and compassionate creature.

This would normally be the point in the post about where one could find Magearna in the games, but since Magearna is an event Legendary Pokemon or Mythical Pokemon, it has no in-game location. In Japan, the way to get Magearna in Sun and Moon is to scan a special QR code that was given out to everyone who came to the theater to see the new movie. At the moment, there’s no info on how Magearna is going to be released here in the U.S. Upon being received in the games, Magearna is at level fifty and knows the moves Flash Cannon, Lucky Chant, Helping Hand and a new Fairy-Type move called Fleur Cannon that I’ll talk about a little later in this post. Magearna also comes holding a new item called the Silver Bottle Cap, which seems to be something that can be used as a type of currency in the upcoming games.

Signature Ability: Magearna comes with a unique ability all its own called Soul Heart. When a Pokemon on the battlefield feints, Soul Heart causes Magearna’s special attack stat to go up. In a way it’s kind of a sinister ability, since it could be that Magearna’s ability works by absorbing the spent life force of that feinted Pokemon. Then again, this ability could just be Magearna feeling the pain of those fallen Pokemon and powering itself to help them out; but this ability seems to work when the opposing Pokemon feints too, which means that my life force absorbing theory might be spot on. The Soul Heart isn’t just the name of Magearna’s signature ability; it’s also the name of the device that’s the very core of Magearna’s being. If the Soul Heart is removed, Magearna’s body becomes nothing but a lifeless mechanical doll. I know this is kind of a spoiler, but in the new movie, the main villain tries to use the Soul Heart to power this ancient death ray that he uses to try and take over the world.

Signature Move: Magearna also has its own signature move in the form of an attack called Fleur Cannon. Fleur Cannon is a Fairy-Type move that seems to do some serious damage at the cost of lowering Magearna’s special attack stat by two stages. Of course with the Soul Heart ability boosting Magearna’s special attack every time another Pokemon feints, I’m guessing that the power loss from Fleur Cannon is fairly negligible. To those wondering just where Magearna is hiding such a powerful weapon, some of the recent screenshots from Sun and Moon reveal that the spike on Magearna’s right arm can extend forward and open up, turning the arm into a cannon barrel. For a Pokemon that senses the emotions of others, it sure seems to be packing some serious heat.

I think that about does it for this week’s post. Next week I’ll be covering Magearna’s costar from the recent movie. Until next time, keep cool everybody.