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Welcome Pokemon or Gijinka... or actually BOTH lovers to POKE GIJINKA REVOLUTION! This is a RP world filled with Gijinka Pokemon. Make a gijinka pokemon and take an adventure surviving the mischiefs of Pokemon Bounty Hunters, Drama, Battles and so much more. Enjoy!

Leader Board

Otomi Babii- Leader Lupe the Lopunny

Naomi Bear- Co LeaderEstelle the Espeon & Zaishi the Zangoose

Eneko- Vice Co Leader Nyarth The Meowth

Team Plasma N-Secretary- Lux the Luxray & Xio The Dark Luxray


Vdr-07- Hoom the Houndoom& Lunette the Lumineon

Animelover7310- Shupple the Banette & Tanner the Tangrowth

Kyouyarenge- Shola the Sharpedo

Dutch13- Hon the Houndoom

Bluesen12- Chii the Chinchou & Cheruu the Cherubi

Artgrrl- Kiki the Kirlia

Krokun- Roselyn the Roselia

Kitty K.O.- Aberius the Absol & Raine the Ralts

SaiKat- Arc the Arcanine

Dixiewings- Umbre the Umbreon

Kc Inoue- Ava the Altaria

xXShayde WolfXx- Moyasu the Shiny Flareon & Rikku the Dark Pikachu

Elix3r- Fresia The Froslass

Sacrificed908- Gale The Girafig

DeathApple3- Patrick the Pachirisu


Thyme Girl- Melody the Mudkip & Luis the Lucario

Animelgirl1981- Bella The Bellossom


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Lux & Estelle's Memories Part 2

Again this is in third person to those who might be behind here is the link to the first memory installment. There will be one more before he ...

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Lux's Memories Part 1

Just a note if you aren’t aware. Lux right now is unconscious from the dark being attacking him so what I am about to write are his memories of the past between him and Estelle. Yes the truth is to be revealed. So this post is going to start...

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We Really Missed You! :')

I was so relieved to see the Shinx girl (whom I still did not know the name of) was okay and alive and healthy. Well, except for a superficial [that means shallow] gash on the side of her head which was bleeding. Otherwise she was fine! I heard a gasp of shock behind me and when I turned, Nina had gone. I think she ran away.

The Shinx girl was thinking the same thing I was, for she asked why Nina had freaked out.

I pointed to her head. "You were bleeding a bit," I said softly, smiling slightly, though I knew not why.

I watched as she held her hand to her head and when she pulled away I saw the blood stretch a bit before detatching to her hand, which meant that it was drying. And that the bleeding had stopped. "Well never mind that," she said, standing up. "We need to get out of this place, and take as many gijinkas with us as possible."

Estelle and the other girl exchanged a look then, and they hugged fiercely. "I'm really glad we found you..." Estelle said, her voice muffled a bit. In the dim light I saw her cheeks glistening with the other girl's blood and her own tears. "We were really worried about you, Sheek."

So that was her name! Sheek. I stepped forward when they parted their embrace and grabbed both of their hands. "Let's go save some people," I said decisively.

We exited the room and walked down the hallway a bit. Since all of us were felines, we all stopped and held our breath at the same instant. We heard two figures talking around the corner. The Shinx girl--Sheek-- sneaked around the corner and after a bit she motioned to us.

It was Nina! And she was with yet another gijinka! I could barely discern what she was because she had a cloak on as well, but I could tell she was a Pikachu.

"Umm....hi?" Sheek said.
Continue? :)

What IS This Place?!

After our run-in with the poor, crazy Machop boy, Estelle, Nina, and I decided to try to rescue as many gijinkas out of this building as possible. Who could have the craziness to torture these poor people? It made me shudder even more. In the dim light I saw Nina pick up something from the floor. What was that?

We cautiously left the room, but the guard wasn't around anymore. He must've gone to check other hallways, hallways that might be housing even more gijinkas than we thought.

We kept walking slowly and quietly down the corridors, taking a left, and then we got to a fork. Go straight, or turn right? I sniffed, but it was hard to tell where the Shinx-girl went. The three of us stood perfectly still, not making any sound. Then I heard a faint voice say, as if verrrrry far away,

"Do you want to play a game....?"

That might be the girl we were rescuing! My ears swiveled to find the source of the noise, but Estelle was quicker. Nina, being a Nidoran and not a feline, didn't seem to hear the voice. Estelle pointed to the hallway in front of us, and Nina and I noiselessly followed. Only the tiny sound of Nina's shoes tapping the wet and dirty floor was heard.

After following Estelle down more corridors, and up two flights of even more dimly-lit stairs, she held out her hand in the universal sign for 'stop'. She stepped closer to a door on her right and listened intently. She looked back at us and nodded solemnly. The Shinx-girl was in there!

Whoever wants to continue! The story's getting juicy....

Knights in Furry Armour

I found the kind Espeon-girl, and she dressed the cut I got from a tree that scratched me. I hope I wasn't an inconvenience for her! I started to think that she didn't want me to follow her, but then she let me come with her to rescue the Shinx-lady. Then she told me that the Nidoran girl, Nina, had been following me. I asked her if she wanted to come.

She looked overjoyed. "Thanks!" She said.

We were in the small town, and only a few people were bustling forth on their duties. Running errands, shopping, eating-- then my stomach rumbled. Speaking of eating, I'm hungry. I unslung the poffin case from my shoulder and pulled out the bottom drawer. That's where I store my Poffins and Pokeblocks. I like sweet Pokeblocks, for the taste. But I make my Poffins dry and starchy because they give me lots of energy. I took out some Dry Poffins, blue, and started munching on them.

After a moment I realized I forgot about Estelle and Nina! They might be hungry too. I took the biggest Poffins out of the drawer and offered it to them.

Nina munched on them gratefully after murmuring a 'thanks' in my direction. Estelle had that soft look in her eyes as she took it and said, "Thank you so much." What was she thinking about? Maybe she was thinking about how happy she would feel once we rescued the Shinx.

After our pre-dawn breakfast, Estelle and I sat and digested, as all cats do, and Nina was content to just sit. When we started to see the sun peak his bright head over the horizon, the energy was building up in me. I felt strong. Estelle, Nina, and I would be the Shinx's knights in furry armour, coming to save her!

First, we bought some cloth capes to cover up our Pokemon-ears and tails. The better to hide from prospective bounty-hunters, and not end up in the same predicament as the Shinx. When we were satisfied, we sniffed around to find the girl's scent. It was a little harder to find than Estelle's scent, because it was a few days old. It led us to a dilapidated-looking building, and we cautiously went in.

I was not prepared for what it would be like in there. It was almost completely dark, with only a few small flickering lightbulbs sparsely lining the ceiling. It smelled musty, and it smelled of fear, hopelessness and death. There was always a dull humming, probably of machines. I could feel Nina trembling beside me, and I felt nervous too. Maybe we shouldn't do this. What if the Shinx is already...... I couldn't bring myself to think the word.

We entered from the lobby into a long, dark corridor. There were doors lining the walls, some of which crying or screaming noises emerged. I shivered. It was also cold in here.

We all froze as we heard footsteps. We looked frantically around for a hiding space, but it was light enough for someone to tell if anyone was standing around. Estelle pulled us into a room and closed the door.

Breathing rapidly because of fear, we didn't automatically hear or see what was in our hiding place. A growl made us whip around to see what or who was in the room with us. Our eyes widened in shock and we gasped in fear as we saw--

Whoo! That was a lot. I left the plot open so someone else can make up what's in the room with them! But I have to ask, please don't make it Sheek yet. Let's carry on this rescue mission a bit further. Have fun! I was on a roll here. I'm kinda shaking with fear now! Lol.