Lux's Memories Part 1

Just a note if you aren’t aware. Lux right now is unconscious from the dark being attacking him so what I am about to write are his memories of the past between him and Estelle. Yes the truth is to be revealed. So this post is going to start off in first person and quickly turn over to third person. Just fair warning my friend. Sorry about the length, but it needs to be done.

Enjoy! :D


Where am I? This place was unfamiliar. No. It was. Why? My head hurts…screaming…laughter…crying…smiles…loneliness…everything…it was coming back again. Why I don’t want to remember it if it hurts this much? Is that what he meant by how strong they will get. I can’t lose to them but this feeling its…argh…its overwhelming me. I see people. Than it goes dark. What is this?

“I hate being alone.” Said a small voice from behind me.

I quickly swirled around to turn to a small boy. It was a Shinx. Me? Suddenly, the pain came again in my head like a Beedrill had just stung me and everything began to hit my memory at once. I just looked at him, the younger version of me and he looked back.

“Don’t lose.” He cried. “You can’t. Estelle and Hoom both need you. They need you. They are the only ones who made you feel alive and needed. Don’t forget about them. You already lost you memories with Estelle, please fight and come out of this and defeat him. I’m scared.” He fell to his knees sobbing in terror. His glasses began to fog up and I pulled myself to him and gently touched his leg. He looked up in surprise.

I was shivering and trying to hold on to my life. I sweating really hard and panting, trying to catch my breath. “I won’t die kid. You know me well enough to know I won’t die. I will fight them and survive these memories. You got faith in me right?” He nodded still crying and by this time I was crying as well. “I love both Estelle and Hoom and I know they need me. I will come out of this alive. I promise!”

That is when I blacked out. I felt nothing at all. The memories took over.


Two years had passed since the destruction of his village. Lux, a young Shinx, roamed the wilderness to train himself and to find Team Galactic. Ever since his quest began, he has had little luck finding them, but nevertheless, he was able to live off the land and grow stronger as a Shinx. He was very skilled with catching things and using his electric attacks to get his prey. So there was no need for him to worry. He trained himself even against the strongest of enemies and gained experience even if he lost, however, one day he was able to even out smart a Geodude and gain some respect from the fellow Pokémon of the wilderness. He continued his journey along the rivers and flowers of the valley he was walking on.

“Wow the sun is so bright!” He smiled as he galloped on the edge of the river. “It is so hard to believe that it is made of plasma, almost entirely hydrogen and helium. Plus it takes 103 earths to go across the surface of it. It really is amazing! HA HA HA!!”

His laughter filled the clean air as he continued down the edge of the river. He was so carefree and happy it was like nothing bad had ever happened to him in the past. Though he enjoyed living in the moment, he was about to come across some trouble. Standing in his way was a group of Rattata and some Raticate. Lux quickly stopped in front of them and bowed.

“Excuse me, if it is okay my I pass you?” He asked sincerely.

They all just laughed at him and the leader, a larger Raticate took a step in front of Lux. “You hear that guys. He wants us to move.” He uttered with a laugh.

“Yes please sir.” Lux asked once again. “I am merely walking by and would appreciate if you would oblige.”

The Raticate boss stood there with a smile and grinded his teeth. “Well aren’t we a smart one. Bigs words from such a small kid. I don’t believe I will move. Actually, boys…get him.”

The Rattata and the Raticate all attacked him at once with hyper fangs.

“Sorry to disappoint you but even though I am 9 years old, I can defeat you easily. Please forgive me.” Lux sighed as he positioned himself.


“THUNDERBOLT!” Lux screamed as thunderbolts came from his body and electrocuted all of his enemies who were fried and smoked. Even the leader was in shock and ran off leaving his men behind. Lux stood there and brushed his hands together to get the dirt off. “Sorry guys, it was you own fault but I gave you a fare warning. I wasn’t so weak as you perceived.”

Lux walked off leaving his the group behind lying there in the dust. He continued on his way walking by others who were either afraid of him or just wanted nothing to do with him.

“I can’t believe a young boy like that took out the entire Rattata/cate clan.” Pointed out a Pigeotto from a nearby tree. “He looks like an everyday kid.”

“True but never judge a book by its cover, I’d say.” Commented a Wingull right next to it. “He may look weak, but there is more too him than what meets the eye.”

They watched Lux in his blue jeans, light blue t-shirt and glasses walked by heading towards a nearby town. As he approached it there was a sign that read “Flaroma Town.” He entered the city and found many gijinka wondering about. He went an explored the town and found a few quick jobs that he could do to make a small amount for food. Once they were complete he stopped at the local hamburger shop and got something to eat. As he ate, a newspaper caught his eye and he read it to himself. But when he opened it up to his surprise he found an article about Team Galactic who had been in a near by place called the Valley Works. He nearly spit up his food and headed straight there running into other gijinkas but apologizing as he headed towards that area. It took him a few hours before he got there but by the time he arrived it was dusk and the sun was setting. He sniffed around looking for any clues on Team Galactic.

“You’re too late.” Said a soft voice. Lux turned around to see a Driftloon floating in the air behind him. She smiled at him and floated in front of him. She was probably only a few years old than him but he could sense she meant him no harm. “Team Galactic is already gone. They packed up and left a few days ago after being defeated by a stranger.”

“Oh! I see. Drat that is a shame and here I thought I had found them.” Lux sighed shaking his fist next to his leg. “I really thought I had them this time!”

“I am sorry. I wish there is something I could do to help.” She mentioned, as she looked him up and down. “You are not from around here are you?”

“No ma’am I am not. Actually, I am from a small village that was located out of Sunnyshore City.” He said with a smile.

“Oh my word! You have come so far. I know, you can stay the night with me. My family would love some company.” She mentioned to him. “You have come here for nothing. At the very least, my family and I can tell you more about Team Galactic.”

“I don’t wish to intrude on your family and I appreciate your hospitality.” He replied waving his hands in shock. “I don’t wish to be a burden. Really I don’t mind sleeping under the stars.”

“I’m sure you don’t, but tonight it is going to rain and it is unsafe to be out here at night. Who knows what the Rattata and Raticate clan might do to you?”

“I remember that clan. I fought them earlier. I fried them and left them in the dust.” Lux chuckled as he walked up to the Driftloon. She floated there in disbelief and after a moment she caught herself and pushed him forward.

“That is exactly why you need to come to my house!” She muttered as she pushed him.

“Ok OK!” He yelled.

Nearby the valley works, Lux entered a small cave, which was home to many Driftloon. They invited him and ate among the table. The father of the young Driftloon gijinka was a fully evolved Drifblim. He had told Lux about Team Galactic who were at the Valley works conducting an experiment trying to gain the electricity there. Many electric gijinkas were used and died over the period of time and were thrown to waste. Even their own species had to hide from the horrid experiments. They had been there for a few months before a stranger came in and defeated them. They rushed out leaving many things behind. The Driftblim gave Lux a book that had some of the research and notes that the team had conducted. The man had said it was not of any use to them but maybe Lux could find a way to use it.

After dinner, the family gave Lux a bed to sleep on for the night since he had enjoyed a wonderful cook dinner. Lux agreed and stayed the night with them. Once morning came upon them, Lux thanked the family and was on his way once again. As he walked towards the direction, which the father told Lux that Team Galactic was going, he was caught up reading his book.

From this book, he read about the ideas of capturing some of the mightiest Pokémon, the secrets to defeating certain types and how to make use of their powers, it also contained the missions of villages that were destroyed and Pokémon that were captured to help aide in their world domination. His own village was listed in this book. His anger began to grow from the description he read. The reason why they attacked was to gain the power of the mighty lion Pokémon and gain the electric power from them since their power was not like any other electric type plus the Luxrays of the village had extraordinary eyesight which Team Galactic was very valuable since the species were so powerful they could see through most objects like x-ray vision. In the book, it stated that the Luxray and Luxio were vicious and very predatorial so capturing a young would be beneficial to capturing the parents and also they are able to communicate by the pulses from their claws which was something Team Galactic wanted there hands on. Lastly, another key factor for the invasion was that Shinx are able to light their bodies so bright that they can blind their enemies. This would have made it possible for Team Galactic to get away from any scenario that came and confronted them

Out of disgust, Lux closed the book and sat under a tree to collect his thoughts. He has just learned the truth about his own village. He had only read a small part in the book about the research that had been down. He sighed in disgust and looked the book examining it. He had noticed a small button on it and pushed it, which shrunk it down to the size of a coin. He pressed the button again and it returned to its normal size.

“Wow, this book is very abnormal. But regardless, I learned the reality behind my village’s destruction.” He yawned and he put the small book into his pocket after changing it once again. His eyes fluttered as he fell asleep underneath the tree. He didn’t even realize he fell asleep and many hours had pasted, but he was awoken to a horrid scream in the distance. Immediately he knew he had to help and dashed off in that direction.

The screaming was getting louder as he continued on and finally came to a ridged area of rocks and cliffs and heard the echo of the screams coming from within. He jumped from one rock edge to another and finally came to a cliff and hid behind a rock to see a heard of Machoke’s surrounding a female Pokémon he appeared to have passed out.

“An Eevee?” He whispered to himself slightly lifting his head over the rock and began spying on the Machokes.

“Alright boys so what do we do with this stupid little thing?” One said to the others.

“She is weak and to young to be any use.” Another pointed out.

“Worthless creature! She doesn’t know this is our territory.” A machoke in the back growled.

“I got to do something…” Lux said under his breath slowly and quietly getting closer to the crowd of Machokes and hiding behind rocks as he got closer.

Than all of a sudden the leader stood forward and looked down at the Eevee. “It is her own fault for talking back to us. Kill her!”

Quickly and silently Lux jumped over them and powered himself up. “GET AWAY FROM HER! THUNDERBOLT!!!” He screamed as he flew over them, they quickly turned to face him as he electrocuted them, and as soon as his thunderbolt was done, Lux landed on the ground, grabbed the Eevee underneath his arm and ran off.

“GET BACK HERE KID!” Roared some of the Machokes after they composed themselves. They followed behind and the chase was on. The long legs of the Machokes and their stamina were perfect against a small Shinx. How could Lux even compare to them.

“Darn it! Why did I get involved?” He groaned as he continued to run over cliffs and jumping from rock to rock dodging some rock throws and rock slides. However, he came to a cliff that was very high and a small river was done in the below and the other cliff was at least 100 feet away, too far for him to jump. He turned around and nearly dodged a rock that came at his head, but his glasses scratched in the process.

“You are surrounded kid.” The leader chuckled as he took a few steps forward, all of a sudden a bright light surrounded him and new arms grew out of him.

“Oh dear oh dear oh dear this is bad!” Shivered Lux holding the Eevee tighter. “He’s….he’s…evolving!”

A Machamp stood in front of him cracking his knuckles and smiling devilishly with his cohorts behind him ready to attack. Lux looked up and noticed a tall wall and found his only source of hope.

“Time to finish this Shinx. You will pay for that thunderbolt! ROCK SMASH!” He flung his arm down at Shinx.

“Sorry not today buddy I got things to do!” Quickly he threw the Eevee girl in the air really high and dodged the punch and kicked Machamp in the face and than flung himself onto his back and jumped on a few of the heads of the Machokes. He punched one after another as fast as he could and was able to hit the wall with both feet and ran up it bent his knees and used a thunder attack against it, causing a backlash throwing Lux over the cliff towards the other edge. Lux looked up and caught the Eevee girl and he flew across the canyon and managed to catch himself on the other side holding the girl and panting. He rolled over and looked at the site of Machokes and the Machamp stomping there feet and yelling and screaming. Lux only laughed, gave them the finger, and dashed off with the Eevee girl.

As he carried her beyond the cliffs into a grassy meadow the Eevee sort of came too. She felt his warm arm around her waist and panicked causing her to bite right into his left arm!

“AHHHHHHHHHH!” The young Shinx screamed throwing the girl to the ground and running in a circle. He turned to the girl with tears in his eyes. “WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO THAT FOR?” He screamed at her. But as he looked at her she was slowly coming too and had a blank stare at him.

“Wait, you’s not a Machoke?!” She gasped.

“CLEARLY YOU STUPID GIRL!!!” He yelled as he stood over her shaking his fist.

"You funnier looking with those glasses!" She laughed as she pointed at him.

He quickly punched her on the head. "SHUT UP DUMB GIRL! You're one to talk!"

She sniffed the air and began to cry. “I sowwy! I sowwy! I didn’t know. I sowwy for biting you!” She crawled to him and gently licked the part of his arm she bit.

Lux shivered and took a quick step back out of surprise. “Well forget about it, are you okay? Did those guys hurt you?”

She nodded. “I am otay. They beated me up badly but I otay.” Obviously she wasn’t okay and Lux knew that, but after looking at her injuries they weren’t life threatening and they weren’t anything a couple of berries couldn't heal. Then all of a sudden, her stomach growled. There as was a brief silence in the air.

“Umm…stay here…I will get something for you to eat, do you understand?” Lux sighed as he stood up and began to walk off.

“Hai!” She said lifting up a fist and sitting straight up.

Lux ran off to a few trees and used thunder shock on the berries to have them fall down to his level. In a matter of minutes he had collected enough berries to help her heal and reduce the hunger that they both were feeling in their stomachs. When he brought the berries she quickly scarffed them down, but soon enough her wounds and bruises had healed and she was as good as new.

“You look better and healthier.” Lux stated as he stood up. “I am glad you are okay and I wish you luck. I should be going. Later Eevee!”

Lux began to walk off but to his surprise he was jumped from behind by the Eevee who sat on his back, he pushed her off and began to walk off again. She grabbed onto his leg and clinged to him as he dragged her across the grass. After some time, he grew annoyed and began running causing her to bounce and hit her head some more on the ground but that only caused her grip to tighten.

“Ahhhh let go damn it!!!” He yelled as he stopped and shook his leg off vigorously.

“NO!” She screamed.

“YES!” He replied.

“NO!” She Cried.

“NO!” He yelled.

“YES!” She than let go, and Lux smirked and hurried off. It took her about a minute to figure it out. “Oh wait he tricked me!” She chased him.

He looked behind him and sighed. “Why are you following me? Leave me alone!”

“But but you saved me! You’s my hero!”

“You are a outlandish Eevee! You need to learn proper English! You’re my hero!” Lux panted as he continued to run as she ran by his side. “Besides your family would be worried! Go back to them!”

The Eevee stopped in her tracks. She again began to cry. “I don’t have a family.”

The Shinx boy stopped and looked at her. “You don’t have any family to go too?”

“No. I am all alone. You saved me, so that means you cared enough about me to protect me. That makes us family, right?” She asked sitting down with tears in her eyes.

Lux recognized this loneliness and knew how hard it was to live without a family. He for one didn’t have one for the last two years since the death of his village. He felt himself able to relate to her and so he sighed and walked over to her placing one of his hands on her head and while the other whipped away her tears.

“It doesn’t make us family, no. But it can make us friends if you need a friend.” He whispered into her ear. He than placed his head against hers holding back his own tears. “I could really use one too.” He leaned back and smiled at her as he patted her on the head.

Her frown turned to a smile in a matter of moments. “So can I come with you? I want to be friends.” She expressed. “I am scared of being alone.”

“Sure why not. But you have to do your fair share of the work, along with getting stronger. “ He boasted as he stood up looking at the sky. “Plus I will teach you how to talk correctly because how you pronounce some of your words is irksome.”

“Irksome?” She questioned tilting her head to one side.

“It means irritating or annoying.” He replied with a half smile.

“Otay!” She determinedly replied.

“Anyway, my name is Lux and as you can see I am a Shinx. I am 9 years old. What’s you name?” He asked smiling at her.

“I am 4 years old, and I am an Eevee and my name is Estelle!” She blushed looking down at the flowers underneath her.

“Estelle? Wow that is a beautiful name!” He chuckled as he put both arms behind his head. “It’s nice to meet you! We will be great friends I know it!”

Both of them smiled at each other in the meadow as the sun went down.

-END of Part 1-

YAY! 8 pages worth again…*is shot*…..I blame myself because KC told me I could never go back to short posts again…oh I will believe me…but anyway this is the first entry of Lux’s memories of Estelle. I am going to spilt them up so I am not sure how many there will be….probably three of them. Anyway comments are always good. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed. Please take care of Lux is the real world where he is sleeping haha!! :D Oh and Estelle is 4 so I made her English not so good on purpose!! :P Sowwy!!! lol