Lux & Estelle's Memories Part 2

Again this is in third person to those who might be behind here is the link to the first memory installment. There will be one more before he awakens and joins the rest of the gang. I hope that is alright, I am only clearifying their past together. :D



Before they knew it a year had passed since the day they met. Lux and Estelle had grown together in height, smarts, and strength and yes Lux kept his word about teaching Estelle proper language. Nevertheless, they’re friendship blossomed over the year since both spared with the other to gain experience.

They had many experiences together such as swimming in the ocean, sitting under the stars, telling ghost stories at a fire in the woods, running away from their foes, but eventually they both tag teamed and beat their enemies. It was an adventure for them, as they traveled across the land. When in cities people would comment on how cute together but both insisted they were both friends. Estelle and Lux both looked out for each other, Lux was a older brother to Estelle and protected her when she couldn’t fight anymore, while the young Estelle who was 5 years below Lux, was very smart for her age and kept both of their styles of fashion in check. She also had the biggest heart and very playful, it was hard for Lux not to smile while he was around her.

In the park Lux and Estelle joined a bunch of children playing ball. It was a game of soccer, many of the children knew each other but except both the Eevee and the Shinx to play. Throughout the game both of them laughed and played their hardest, until Estelle was tripped by a Bellsprout girl, which caused Estelle to scrap her knee. She quickly gave out a screech and Lux ran to her to see if she was all right.

“Hey! That is tripping!” Lux exclaimed telling the Bellsprout girl. “You need to sit out for that, its only fair.”

“Why would I do that? I was aiming for the ball and she got in my way.” She laughed putting one of her hands on her hips. “Besides she’s just a big baby. She’s a normal type she is weak.”

The entire group of kids began to laugh at her and before Lux could even make a comeback, Estelle quickly got up and head butted the Bellsprout girl sending her flying.

“I…*hic*….am…*hic*…NOT WEAK!” She growled with anger. She stood up over the girl and she quickly ran off with many of the other kids. They left both Lux and Estelle behind.

The Shinx got up and stood up laughing with his arms behind his head. “I guess the game is over! Estelle you won!”

“I won?” She asked turning her attention towards him.

“Yup!” He smiled back at her. “Lets go, its almost time for supper!”

“OH I WANT FISH!!!” She cheered as she ran up to him.

“As long you are catching them. Hehehe you are better at it than I am.” He complimented her as they walked into the forest.

“Yeah I know right?” She chuckled.

Minutes later they arrived at a river and Estelle pulled up her pants and walked in the river. Lux gathered some sticks and started a fire with his electricity. He sat on a rock and before he knew it Estelle had already caught 6 fish for both of them. He put them on the sticks and fried them. As they waited for the fish, the night fell upon them.

“Estelle-Chan? Did you ever wonder what you would evolve into? Or do you know what you want to evolve into?” He asked looking at her with his arms crossed.

She sat there quietly and looked up at the stars. “Hmmm….I don’t know…I wouldn’t mind being a Flareon because fire is so spicy and hot…I am not much of a fan of the dark so probably not an Umbreon. I could picture myself as a Jolteon and kick your butt Lux.” She giggled hitting him with her elbow.

“Ha! Not likely!” He muttered back wrapping and arm around her neck and giving her a nuggie. “What about a Vaporeon, Leafeon, or Glaceon?”

“I thought about those too and I wouldn’t mind, but really I adore the light and the day.” Estelle said grabbing a fish that was finally done. “I think an Espeon is probably be more like me. Beautiful, smart, powerful and graceful.”

“Graceful? You? Not likely!” Lux scoffed as he bit into a fish, which was followed be a quick jab to the back of the head by Estelle. His fish fell to the ground and he stood up. “You know just for that, you are gonna become a Jolteon now!”

“WHAT? Don’t be a baka Lux-kun! You can’t do that!” Estelle yelled at him. But as she spoke Lux grabbed a strange rock of his pocket and smirked at her. “Is that a thunderstone?”

All Lux did was nod at her and had a cunning smile on his face. He quickly pounced her and tried putting the rock on her as she tried to fight him off. They rolled all over the dirt and struggled to keep the rock away. Lux tried with his might to put the rock on Estelle and she tried to have him dropped it. They rolled over again and Estelle got up and ran away. Lux followed shortly behind holding the thunderstone in front of her, but due to it being dark and his eyes being bad, Lux tripped over a tree root and fell on top of Estelle as the rock touched her back.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I DON’T WANNA BE A JOLTEON!” She cried and she hit her fists on the ground in a panic. As she panic the Shinx could only laugh under his breath. She finally came to realization…”Wait why is nothing happening?”

Lux held up the stone to show a rock with a hand drawn lighting bolt on it. He was rather proud of himself and just could not hold his laughter.

“YOU JERK!” Estelle screamed as she jumped him and again both started rolling over each other trying to beat the other up. But as they continued to roll over each other they got closer and closer to the water’s edge, suddenly they stopped at the edge before either one of them could fall in. Both looked at each other, Estelle was leaning over Lux and Lux was underneath Estelle while their noses were touching. Immediately both of them turned beat red, nor did either one of them move. It was indeed an awkward situation.

“Um….Estelle-Chan?” He managed to say.

“Hai?” She yelped sitting up quickly.

“You squishing my lungs and I can’t breath!” He chocked.

Her eyes grew big and she quickly flung her self to the side and lay next to him and he coughed and tried to manage to retain some air again. It wasn’t long before he was back to normal and both of them lay looking up at the stars.

It was silent between them for many minutes but they both just watched the stars shimmer in the sky. As he lay there, something came across Lux’s mind, however, he was interrupted by Estelle asking him something.

“Hey Lux-kun, do you think that your hopes and desires come true?” She asked as she turned her head towards him. Her ears wiggled a bit and she smiled at him.

He didn’t say anything at first, but after some time passed he had an answer. “No. Logically, you need to establish your own dreams and desire with hard work. No impractical wishes will make it come true.”

“I don’t agree with you Lux-kun. I mean I think some hard work is needed but if you dream on a sun...wish on a star... then hope on the moon.. this will make anything come true.” She smiled looking back up at the shimmering sky.

“What makes you say that?” He asked her with a sigh.

She gave a giggled after his last statement. He turned to her a bit puzzled as he sat up and saw that she was blushing once again. She too sat up and turned to him.

“Because Lux-kun, I did that the day before I met you. I wanted a friend like you, someone I could be myself with, learn from, be family with, and most importantly, I love you Lux-kun!” Her hand slowly grabbed his as she made herself comfortable as she leaned against his shoulder.

He didn’t know what to say. She was leaning against him and she just had confessed her love for him too. She was 5 and he was 10. No one had ever told him, other than his parents, that they loved him. Lux had tried confessing his crushes on some girls in his village, but was always turned down. This was new to him and his heart felt like it was going to come out of his chest.

His glasses fogged up and he held back his own tears because he was so happy to hear that someone loved him too. “Estelle-Chan?” He eventually mumbled as he tried to gain the courage to tell her.

“Hai?” She turned to him and smiled. Looking in her eyes, he seemed to calm down and relax. He returned a gentle smile towards her and gave her a huge hug. “I….I….love you too!” He gently gave her a quick peck on the lips and leaped away embarrassed. “I GOTTA PEE!” He dashed off into the forest to escape his whole body getting weak and his face being as red as a strawberry.

He leaned up against a tree huffing and puffing. He was far enough from her but near enough to see where they set up camp. The Shinx boy had finally done it and put both of his hands in front of him. The shaking in them began to disappear as excitement grew within his entire body. “I did it. I did it! YES I DID IT! I told Estelle-Chan that I liked her. It feels so much better and she accepted me too. I DID IT!!!!”

The little boy started to dance near the tree with sparks flying all around him. After his victory dance, the urge to use the bathroom came again and he ran to do his business in a near by bush.

But unbeknownst to him something was heading towards the camp. As he returned to camp, he noticed a bunches of flowers in a near by area and grabbed a single red rose for her. As he went to grab one he pricked his finger on a throne. He drew back his hand and whipped away a few tears from his eyes. Estelle was his everything, his first love and his best friend so a flower was the last he could give her. He was able to pick the red rose and carried it back to the camp where he saw Estelle playing with her hair and singing a song. He never knew she could sing, even though he sang to her many times to calm her over the last year. She had always liked his singing but this was the first time he heard her sing, he stood behind a tree hiding his presence because he was falling even in more love with her voice.

Estelle’s voice was like an angel and he couldn’t help but be impress with her.

“Out here in the quiet of the night
Beneath the stars, and moon
We both know we've got something' on our minds
We won't admit, but it's true

You look at me, I look away

I wanna tell you what I'm feeling,
But I don't know how to start
I wanna tell you, but now
I'm afraid that you might break my heart
Oh why should anything so easy ever
Be so hard to do
I wanna tell you what I'm feeling,
And to say that, I love you…”

At that moment, a huge explosion happened and a few trees fell down near Estelle, however, Estelle used a quick attack and dodge the trees as Lux ran to her side putting the rose in his back pocket under his shirt so she wouldn't see it. Suddenly, both young children were surrounded by a fire in the forest and were trapped.

“Lux-kun what is going on?” Estelle asked as she hugged his arm as there were being surrounded. He didn’t answer. “Lux-kun what are those things?”

“I….I…don’t know.” He shivered as huge beings surrounded both of them. He was unable to make them out in the darkness but as soon as one took a step into the light it became clear that those beings were giant robots, and they weren’t normal ones.

Lux and Estelle took a few steps back as one of the robots came towards them, as he watched, Lux saw was able to make out a symbol on the belly of the robot once it was close enough to them, it was a TG.

Lux’s anger instantly grew as he got down in an attack position and growled at the enemy. “Estelle-Chan, be ready to fight. It’s Team Galactic.”

“Oh ho! So the little brat knows who we are. Well it doesn’t matter, hand over the Eevee before you get hurt….to badly.” A strange voice said out of the robot before them. “At the very least, I will spare you your life Shinx boy, though I can’t promise it won’t hurt much. “

Clearly, they were surrounded and Estelle was scared and so was Lux but at the moment of seeing them, Lux lost his cool and was calculating a plan to defeat them. He had some tricks up his sleeve but didn’t want to involve Estelle. What should he do as they got closer to him and Estelle?


5 pages I guess. (1st post since berry count) Hope it was alright. The next one will be the last installment of Estelle and Lux’s past. Basically it doesn’t show everything but it pretty much sums it up! Comments are always appreciated. Thank you. *bows*