Lux's Memories PT 3 & Reunion

“Damn it we are surrounded.” Lux said as he put one arm to protect his Eevee companion.

“Just hand over the Eevee kid!” Sneered a Team Galactic Grunt.

They continued to approach the children. Estelle grabbed onto Lux’s arm and shivered. She was too young to be able to defeat them and was still a normal type, which wouldn’t do much against a robot where as lighting could. Lux knew this very well.

“Estelle-chan…” He whispered as he kept a stern eye on the enemy. “I want you to run when they attack us. Head deeper into the forest and hide.”

“But what about you?” She quivered. “You’ll be all alone.”

“I’ll be fine…I’ll just catch up to you is all. Besides it’s the Eterna Forest, you’ll be fine.” He whispered to her over his shoulder but at the moment the enemy forces attacked. “Estelle RUN!”

She jerked a bit but took off using a quick attack; Lux used a thunderbolt to block the enemy from getting any closer. A few had gotten passed his attack and he charged at them with using his own bite attack on the enemy’s bodies ripping out any hardware he could get his teeth on. He was suddenly grabbed and thrown to the grown and stepped on by another robot. But that wasn’t going to stop him, he used another thunderbolt frying the enemy and knocking the massive robot over. He quickly jumped back and whipped the small amount of blood from his lip and gave a chuckle.

“Is that all you got?” He asked getting down in a fighting position.

“For someone so young, who knew you would be so much trouble?” A voice said out of the distance. It appeared to be a man with blue hair that stood up on both sides. He was in a strange out fit, walking among some of the robots. He stood about 100 feet away from the Shinx boy and gave him a smirk. “My name is Saturn. It’s a pleasure to meet you, however, lets cut to the chase kid. You are powerful, I think you would be beneficial and should join us.”

Lux spat right at Saturn. “Like I would join your group. I’ll kill you for what you did to my village.” He growled charging up his power.

“Village?” Saturn asked placing his on hand on his chin. “That must have been done before I became a commander because I don’t recall that. It doesn’t matter. I think it is best that you join now.”

“I won’t not in my life!” Screamed Lux. “I will defeat you and your boss and-.”

“Not so fast kid. Are you sure you rather defeat us? Or would you rather save your friend?” Saturn asked with a cunning smile, waving one of his hands in the air. A robot lifted ups it hand and revealed Estelle struggling to get free.

“ESTELLE-CHAN!” Lux cried as he jumped forward. But before he could attack he was shot head on from Saturn, knocking Lux’s glasses off and causing him to fall over.

“LUX-KUN!” Screamed Estelle trying to break free. “Let me go you big butt hole! LET ME GO!” She began biting into the metal and hitting it with her hands. Nothing worked.

Lux struggled to get up as blood began to rush out of the scrape of the bullet. It gave him a flesh wound but his eye site was bad.

“Give it up kid. You are weak now. If you continue fighting you will die.” Saturn pointed out lowering his gun. “I don’t wish to waist a precious gift to my boss now would I. You are tough but I bel-“

“You sure talk a lot for a commander.” Lux snorted. “If I were you I would start planning on how you will defeat me because I ain’t done yet you fools.”

The air filled with laughter from many of the grunts and even Saturn laughed at Lux’s comment. “You defeat us? A mere Shinx? Not likely brat!”

“A Shinx you say?” He muttered under his breath. He rubbed his eyes and looked at Saturn with a glow of determination and glared at him. “I wasn’t planning on using this but since you put Estelle in danger, I have no choice since it is my last option. I hope you are ready you jerks.”

“What could a child do?” Laughed Saturn…but at soon as he said that. Lux began to glow with a bright light around his body. “Wait? What is going on?”

Estelle’s couldn’t believe what she was seeing. She had never seen this happen before and it was a different feeling all together. “He’s evolving?”

“DAMN IT! GET READY! PREPARE YOURSELVES!” Screamed Saturn as he ran back to take cover.

The light became stronger and his new form was taking shape. Lux’s hair grew longer on top and on the side and has a black tint to it instead of baby blue. He grew a bit taller with longer nails. His fangs grew sharper and his body composition was different. He was a little bit more muscular and he had two rings around his arms. He tail grew a longer as well. The glowing had stopped and to everyone’s surprise Lux had turned from a childish form to one of more mature features.

“What the hell? He’s just a kid how could he evolve.” Yelled a grunt as he prepared his attack on Lux but as he prepared he was stopped by a thunderbolt attack. “CRAP!” As his robot fell to the ground.

“Idiots. I could have evolved a long time ago.” Lux growled in a deeper voice. “I just kept myself from evolving for Estelle’s sake. But not that you put her life in danger, I will fight to protect her no matter what.”

Lux than disappeared and used a crunch attack on the arm of the robot holding Estelle causing it to let go. Swiftly he got underneath her and caught her and landed on his feet. The robots attacked and he jumped and ran towards them while Estelle screamed for her life. But as he got close he took out every robot with one thunderbolt attack. Saturn who was watching the massacre of his robots from afar was amazed by the ability of this boy and grabbed a remote out of his pocket and pressed a few bottoms. Within minutes all of the grunt’s robots were destroyed and many of Saturn’s minions were running from the scene as Lux held Estelle close. He gently placed her feet on the ground and looked at her softly.

“Are you alright Estelle-chan?” He asked looking at her. But to his surprise she smacked him. He began to rub his cheek. “Ouch what was that for?”

He stared at her with tears in her eyes. “Lux-kun why didn’t you evolve when you could have? Why hide it from me you jerk!”

“I…I….I just wanted to evolve with you was all Estelle-chan.” He whispered looking down. “I’m sorry for hurting you.”

He was than gripped with a big hug by Estelle. “You are such a terd Lux-kun!” She cried.

He wrapped both of his arms around her and kissed her forehead. “I love you Estelle.”

“I love you too.”

Suddenly he pushed her out of the way as an arm of another robot snatched him up. He looked down and saw Saturn holding a remote.

“Well well that was touching.” Saturn mocked as he took a few steps closer to the Eevee girl. “Change of plans my boy. We only want you and not the worthless Eevee. So be gone girl!”

“NO!” She screamed as she attacked Saturn with a headbutt but as she got close, Saturn only gave her a smirk and she was blindside by a punch of the robot. She was thrown in the air and landed head first into a rock. She didn’t move after that.

Lux was gripped hard and was unable to break lose. He tried using a thunderbolt but it wasn’t working. He struggled to break free. “ESTELLE!!!! ESTELLE!!! ESTELLEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!” Tears began to poor down his face at the sight of the blood on the rock and the lifeless child.

Saturn walked over to the girl and knelt down beside her. He grabbed a spray and used it on her. He put his hand on her neck for a few seconds and tossed the bottle into the bushes and walked back to his robot.

“You Bastard!” Lux growled at Saturn. You could see it in his eyes. Lux was in rage and wanted to kill Saturn.

“Shut up kid. You should really thank me.” Stated Saturn as he grabbed another spray from his pocket. “I just gave her a super potion so she will be fine and that bump on the head won’t kill her. She will live. But as for you, this will be your last time seeing her. So say good night.” He sprayed Lux in the face with a sleep powder.

“Estelle-chan? Estelle-chan…” He mumbled as he reached to her. He began to fall weak and fall asleep. “Estelle-cha-….” His eyes closed and his head and body dangled from the robots hand.

This is where the story would end for both Estelle and Lux. Estelle would awaken a few days later, with no memories of meeting Lux or of the battle that had happened. It was possibly for her to remember but only time would tell. Estelle would later meet Lupe in the Eterna forest, whereas for Lux, Team Galactic took him into confinement. Cyrus the head of Team Galactic due to Lux’s disobedience erased his memories. The legendary Pokémon Raikou would later rescue him within a month of his confinement and the rest is yet to be told. Only the memories of that year and a half with Estelle would be erased. Nothing more and nothing less. Years would pass by and the two would evolve to their final forms before they were to meet again, not knowing of their own past together.


“Open your eyes Lux.” The being said in a low tone.

I opened my eyes and I was standing a few feet away from him. The pain in my head was gone. Jus the surprise and the shock was overwhelming. I couldn’t believe everything that I saw but it was real.

“I see you made it. You are strong I give you that. I am glad you were able to survive it.” He said as he walked towards Lux.

“Yeah I guess. But I don’t care either way. So what I had a past with her, clearly her memories haven’t awaken either.” I replied looking straight at him.

“That is true. However, that will come in time. Now I think it would be best that you return to your friends.” He said as he began to open a portal.

“And what if I said no?” He asked crossing my arms in front of my body. I wasn’t convinced from his actions. How could I know he was trust worthy?

“Are you saying you do not wish to return to your friends?” He turned to me looking a bit puzzled.

“Possibly.” I sighed. “Its not like they need me. I don’t want to hurt anyone anymore if I return. I seem to only be a burden.”

“I think that is too late.”

I cocked my head and looked confused. “I don’t think I follow.”

The being disappeared and placed his hand on my shoulder behind me. “Because your lover Hoom already knows about your kiss with Estelle.”

I stood there dumbfounded and silent. He continued. “She was able to see it with the help of that Kadabra gijinka. She knows and her feelings are hurt. Do you think it would be wise not to tell her of your past?”

I chuckled. “Than she needs to just grow up. She is a big girl now.”

His grip tightens as I stood firm facing the other way. “What are you saying? Do you not care about her feelings?”

I shook my head. “I don’t.”

“Oh really? So you do not care about the others.”


I felt my body get forced to the ground by pressure as I turned to face him, I knew he was angry. I stood up and glared at him.

“So you don’t care about Hoom.” He asked me once again.

“I don’t. I only used her. She is weak.”

“What about Hon? Lupe? Faye? Mear? Chii? Melody?” He demanded.

“Pfft! Don’t make me laugh. Hon is a weakling, he relies way to much on his sister. He is a pest and gets in my way. I hate Lupe. She is a filthy little bitch who doesn’t know her place. Faye is fucking drama queen who doesn’t deserve to be here. As for Mear, he is worthless and can’t pull himself from his damn book. Chii…don’t get me started on that loser. He acts all high and mighty but he is just a player. Melody is know better, if she is scared she cries and hides. They are all trashes and mean nothing to me!”

“AND ESTELLE?” He yelled stomping his foot on the ground.


There was a moment of silence. The being’s pressure grew dull as time went on. I lowered my sparks as he looked at me.

“Those are all lies Lux. I can see it in your eyes.”

I only gulped and tightened my fist. “Don’t be stupid. I wasn’t-“

“Shut up!” He interrupted. “I understand now. However, you do care about them. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t have stuck up for Hoom at the restaurant and asked her to be your date. You wouldn’t have told her you loved her and held her the way you do. The same goes for the others. If you didn’t care about Hon, you wouldn’t have protected him and offered to play football with him. You wouldn’t act like a big brother to him. Lupe, HA! You care a lot about her. The only reason you both clash is because your personalities clash. You wouldn’t have been a gentleman to her at the dance if you didn’t care about her. As for Faye, you wouldn’t have chased after her and freeze in the cold if you didn’t care. You say he is a loser, Chii? I doubt you mean those words. If he was such a loser, would you have hooked him up with Lupe? You did both of them a favor and it seems they have feelings for each other because of your kind heart. If you weren’t friends with Mear, you wouldn’t have hugged him the way you did when you saw him alive. As for Melody, you wouldn’t have comforted her during the contests when Hon or Hoom got hurt. You wouldn’t have gave Hon a rose to give her. If that isn’t showing that you care than I don’t know what is. Lastly, if you didn’t care for Estelle why did you turn her back into a Gijinka?”

I lowered my head without saying a word. So he was able to read my mind this entire time? Obviously he knew the truth. I didn’t mean anything I said before. I loved Hoom and Estelle, I cared for the others and would do anything for them. He was completely right, I wouldn’t have done the things I did if I didn’t care. It was in my nature I guess.

“Lux, I know now why you wish not to return. Is it because you fear that if you get to close to them, destruction will befall them, just like your village?” He asked softly.

“Yes…that is why.” I replied continuing to look down.

“I see. Well, your greatest fear is just that, however, you can make that your greatest strength, no, it is one of your greatest strengths.” He smiled at me sincerely. For some odd reason, after seeing that I could trust him. “I feel it is best to send you back. Don’t change Lux. Remember what you seen and learned from this experience. All of you have learned something. I hope you continue to fight on.” He again opened the portal with one of his hands next to him, he turned to me and watched.

My mind was made up. I wanted to return. “Fine. I will do what you ask. Humph! You can bet I will fight on. I am a Luxray after all!” I laughed. “Thank you for returning my memories.”

“Good luck Lux.” He bowed is head and I walked into the portal. It wasn’t my body that was returning but my mind. As I went through the portal I didn’t hear the last words that the being had said. “You are going to need all the luck ever once he returns Lux. A memory of you past will soon meet with you soon so I hope from this experience you are strong enough to face him….”


My eyes fluttered open. I slowly came too, and turned my head to see that many of the others were around me. No one had noticed I was awake, that was fine. But as I sat up I noticed a bunch of portals opening. I saw Nina, Nyarth, Allie and a few others I hadn’t met before fall from the sky but all of whom landed on their feet. I sat up and looked around. There were so many new faces…wait? Another Houndoom? Oh I see it was Hon, he finally evolved huh? Never mind that I heard Lupe yell.

“OK EVERYONE IS HERE AND ACCOUNTED FOR RIGHT?” Lupe shouted raising one of her ears in the air. I couldn’t help but snicker at that.

“LUX-KUN!” I turned my attention to the voice. It was Estelle and I was quickly glomped by a hug. I didn’t even know how to react. “You okay? I was worried about you. What do you remember? Do you remember us?”

Her concern was flattering. “Whoa whoa whoa whoa Estelle. That is way to many questions. Yes I am fine but my head hurts to much.” I wasn’t sure what to tell her and I didn’t wish too right now.

“Oh sorry Lux-kun.” She let go and sat up. “You just seem different is all.”

Yeah I know I did. Many things were different now. I just didn’t know how to justify my memories or my actions. I just needed time to think.

“Estelle…don’t worry about me I’m fi-“

The ground began to shake and many of the gijinkas began t panic. I stood up and watched as the world around us began to collapse. I knew what was happening. I stood there unphased by everything and Estelle noticed it. I didn’t even need to say anything and Estelle got Lee’s attention. He knew what she wanted and he used clam mind on everyone. It was successful and everyone clamed down, however, the world still collapsed but the strange thing was, there were no after shocks. Within moments we were in total darkness. Than a small light appeared and the being was standing in front of all of us. Some of the gijinka’s grabbed one another, some were about to attack, and some were to scared to even more.

The being took one step forward. “It is time for your judgment.”


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