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LOL I thought it was funny since Gil has been flirting with almost everything on two legs. Alright time for a post. I'm going to do this in first person for Xio for the very first time, lets see how I do... T^T

Included: Xio, Rosie, Abbie, Gil, & Shupple


After some time, the sun was coming through the window and the Zangoose gijinka did some healing on the Roselia girl. As time passed, I just stood against the wall watching him do his work and as soon as he was done, he asked me to watch over her. I did not have anything better to do so I agreed. It wasn't a wound that was a life or death situation but what was bothering me was she looked like she had been on a long journey and from the way she was dressed, she was no ordinary girl.

She reminded me of Lidia, as she sleep quietly there. Lidia, had such very beautiful hair when we were kids and had such a beautiful face and this girl was no exception, I was curious about her and....

"Argh...Not again...." Quickly grabbing my forehead and breathing heavily, the damn pain was returning and I could feel myself losing it as it began to run through my entire body. I shivered standing there against the wall, but suddenly I looked up and saw the girl moving around. I gained my ability to take control again so she wouldn't notice. As she sat up, the sun shined off her hair like a beautiful rose in the summer time in a light breeze.

She hadn't noticed me yet so I began to talk with her. “I see you are awake now” She jumped a bit out of her seat from surprise. “I’m sorry if I startled you, it wasn’t my intention…” I had no intentions of hurting her since she appeared to be already hurt, maybe she was weak or something. Regardless, I need to play this down.

“Where am I?” She asked as she turned towards me. I could easily see she was flustered and began to blush as she laid her eyes on me.“…could…could this be the mansion…full of gijinkas?”

“You’re not mistaken, this is the place” I replied as I pushed myself off the wall.

“Emm…Excuse me, I don’t want this to sound rude but, who might you be?”

“Just a Luxray that happened to found you in the forest” I walked by her tucking my hands in my pockets as I stood next to her.

“So, where you the one who saved me?” I nodded but deep down in side I was getting annoyed with all the damn questions. When will she shut up? The pain was building once again and I could feel my right hand getting the urge to kill.

“Oh my, Thank you so much! Really words are not enough to thank you-” I only looked at her and saw an innocent smile. She really was beautiful, whoever she was, but at the moment I needed to leave as soon as possible before it gets any worse.

“It’s fine. I’m glad a lovely lady like you wasn’t very harmed…” I smiled as I walked out the door. I could here her saying 'but' as I walked out. As soon as I was out of eye sight, I headed towards the nearest bathroom.

As I did that, I walked by many gijinka's. They were all doing their own things which lead me to wonder where the hell that Lux was? Not that I care, but I could sense he was still close by. Some of the others were frantic and still running around. Maybe it was due to not knowing where other were but there were some gaps in the roof proving there was a huge battle.

"Tch, they need to gain damn composure. It's not like the mansion was destroyed." I muttered under my breath as I entered the bathroom. Turning the facet on, I felt the struck of pain hit me again. Ever since I came here and found Lux, it's been acting up even more and apparently he has it too?

I stumbled and I wrapped my arms around my stomach and fell to my knee. I was getting light headed and everything around me was turning. I managed to pull myself up as I forced my face into the water to calm my nerves.

As the water overflowed in the sink, I kept my head in the water. So many things came to me, maybe I needed to see a doctor, the question was could I trust him? Not really but than again if he didn't keep it a secret I could merely kill him and easily hide it. After so many years of learning how to kill, I think this was manageable.

The water was cold and everything seemed back to normal. I washed my face with more water and as I looked up, I saw those markings again. It was very bothersome and old, without even realizing it, I punched the mirror shattering it into little pieces. Blood was dripping from my fist but my pain was gone. Turning the facet off and looking at my reflection in the water, I could tell I was better. I guess seeing a doctor wouldn't be such a bad idea even if I could take some of my anger out on him.

I headed back to that room where the Roselia girl was as I licked my fist and using my electricity to stop the bleeding. As I was about to enter, Gil was leaving and saluted me. I did the same for him with a smirk. Once he was gone I turned my attention back to her whom appeared to be even more red in the face.

“Are you feeling fine?” She asked tilting her head.

Clearly, I couldn't tell her the truth but a half lie won't hurt. “It’s just a headache…but I think I might look for the doctor…thought he was here…”

“He left some minutes ago saying something about going downstairs” That jackass returned? Damn, I missed him. Whatever, I guess he will need to be dealt with.

“Thank you…” I began once again to head towards the door.

“Humm, by the way, my name is Roselyn; nice to meet you…” That took me by surprise. I turned my head to her and she began to get out of the bed. I totally had forgotten she never introduced herself, not that I cared.

“The pleasure is mine; my name is Xio." Without saying another thing I left.

I really didn't wish to find the doctor, but maybe have some alone time. The roof was the best place and once arrived I noticed I wasn't alone. I walked over to see that the Absol was taking a nap I guess.

"Hmph..." I grunted as I walked over him and away from that kid.

I returned to the place I was earlier the night before and noticed something waiting for me. Lifting it up in my left hand, I was curious to say the least. It was a letter and from someone...not sure who.

I lifted my eyebrow as I opened to the letter to see it was from Shupple.

It had said something about cutting the bull crap about how I was acting and she wanted to meet with me. Wow, a guttsy woman to say the least.

"Hmm...interesting. Maybe this female will be worth my time." I chuckled as I burnt the letter with my own electricity and cracking my fingers. "I do hate to leave a lady waiting. Time to find her."

I jumped off the roof beginning my search for the Banette girl.


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I couldn't remeber what Shupple said in the letters so yeah...wasn't going to find it either since its so long ago. I remember it being along those lines.