Yaoi!!! xD

Included: Hoom, Gil, Badrak, and mentions of Abbie, Xio, Shupple Hiro, and Hon.


Gosh, what a day? Honestly, I haven't been this tired since the day I stayed up 72 hours to watch some really sexy gijinka's give me a strip tease, but this was entirely different. But, the battle did make me feel better and being able to protect the mansion was the main goal which we, and when I say we I mean Gil, Abbie, myself and hate to say it but Xio, were strong enough to finish the rest of those hunters off. We did kick some major ass, but there were others who did some hard work in the background as well such as Hiro.

Hoom comforted me, even when she asked me so many questions like why her mother's scent was on me and Shupple's as well. I hate lying to her, but there was no way to say 'Oh hey Hoom, you mom was totally hitting on me and I went for it!' Oh yeah that will get me some high points in her book. Hon would kill me...don't want that happening. As for the Shupple thing, I have to admit, I loved the taste of her blood. Nevertheless, I wanted to see how she was doing so I decided it was best to look for her after our little meeting which I did.

Roaming the halls, the sunlight was peering through the holes in the ceiling which felt odd, I was so hooked on looking at that, I didn't bother to look were I was going. BUMP.

"Oops my bad, sorry." As I looked at the person I bumped into after being being distracted, it was Badrak.

"Naw, it's alright, it was my fault I wasn't paying attention. I was so fixed on how to repair the roof of the house I didn't even realize I walked into someone." He chuckled. Obviously, he was still a bit unsure of our relationships since hours before, I had beaten him to a pulp.

"Yeah, that makes two of us haha." We both laughed for a moment which lead to an strange silence. "Hey, how are you doing? I am sorry for doing what I did to you earlier and hope that maybe we could be friend again?"

Geez, how pathetic was that? Not typical for me but whatever, it needed to be done and I needed to man up for my mistake.

"I'm better, thanks. As for friends, I forgave you a long time ago."

"Soooo....we're cool?" I asked putting my hand out.

"We're cool." He said shaking my hand. We both smiled and nodded as we passed the other by. "By the way Lux..."

I paused and looked at him. "Hmm?"

"I ran into Xio earlier today, he had a woman with him who was wounded. He took her to the infirmatory. I don't think its anything to be alarmed of." He waved and walked off.

A woman? Xio? As a Luxray, I have my pride and loyalty to those I care about and will protect them with my life. Our village taught us that woman needed to be protected and valued. I have fought women before but have taken it easy on them due to the fact of our levels and power. Xio, on the other hand, well I doubt he has any self control. I saw that first hand during our battle, he enjoyed the blood splatter. Could he be the one to harm a woman? Probably not, and Zaishi would be able to determine that later.

Yawn...after yawn...I could feel my eyes getting heavy and my body slowing me down. The couch sounded reasonable and as I came to it, I saw some familiar ears standing up, they belonged to Gil.

A sly smile came to my face and I couldn't resist a bit of teasing...grabbing his ears I began to play with them as I got low behind him and changed my voice to something more girly...

"Oh my darling Gil, what beautiful ears you have...I just want to eat them up...." Just because I was a guy didn't mean I didn't know how to mock a sexy female's voice. It obviously worked as he opened his eyes looking up at me he jumped to the side with a gasp as I jumped over the back and sat next to him.

"You know Lux, that is a creepy talent that you have right there." He shivered sitting there with a disturbed look on his face.

I quickly grabbed his hand and leaned over him, "Don't be so shy my Gilly pooh...you and I could have so much fun together...hehe..."I walked my fingers up his chest. His look was freaking priceless. I began to tickle him just for shits and giggles.

"AH man...I don't lean that way...Lux knock it off!!!" He laughed at he hit me. I leaned back in my seat and he did as well. "Haha, dude that's so wrong in so many ways."

"Yeah, I know, besides, you're not my type anyway." I shrugged and he chuckled at that.

"So what do I have this great pleasure of you being here?" He asked and he made him self comfortable in the chair. "You do see I am trying to sleep right?"

"Yeah I see that, but I too needed a place to crash so here I sit." I yawned.

He covered his mouth as he yawned as well, I guess they really are contagious. "I see, well I won't argue with you. I am too tired to do that and to be blunt, I am too tired to kick your ass of this chair."

"Ha, like you could Gil." I was dozing off and before I did I heard him slightly snore under his breath.

He slept on the right side of the cough hanging his head back over the top and I lowered my shoulder and head into the arm seat next to me.

For now, I guess it was okay. I needed the rest. Tch, this was stupid but not sure why I slept next to him on the couch....man this was so gay....


Totally had no idea what to do so I will let Kro go with it from here. And someone dared me to do a Yaoi with these two...*is shot* SO yeah thats it...besides you know how good guy friends tease each other lol so that's wat Lux was doing. In a way, he was warming up to Gil!!! :D