Dark Seduction

Included: Xio, Shupple and mentions of Mear & Lux.


This was interesting, when I arrived she was doing a handstand or something of the sort so I stood there watching her in the room with a smile. With one of my hands hanging on my side and the other on my hip she finally greeted me and I slowly approached her without saying a thing.

"I have invited you for mediation to help you with anything that might be hurting your heart."Shupple said as she stood keeping her eye on me as I continued to walk towards her. "I may even be able to help fix the darkness in your heart."

I stopped. "Let's just cut to the chase here shall we?" She looked surprised at me once I said that. "I read your letter. I am interested in you since you said 'lets cut the crap' so lets just do that my dear."

"Alright, I think you truly put on the perfect act as a gentleman. But I clearly can see there is something behind it and I don't like it." Shupple stated. "I want to help you if possible because I believe..."

"Who says I'm acting?" I interrupted as I took a step in front of her looking down at her. "And who says I need help? You? Ha! My dear dear Shupple, you shouldn't make such an assumption without getting your facts. You see, what you see is what I really am." I gave her a smile.

"I am not convinced," She began, "besides I can see your suffering inside. I can help you."

"Hmm, you wish to help me, you say?" I lifted my hand and smelt her hair. "Yes, I think I would like that."

She took a step back and swung her right hand at me, quickly I grabbed it with my left hand. "What's this? Were you just going to hint me?" Oh that urge was coming back. She was feisty and I liked it.

"How dare you? Let go of me." She said trying to break away. Oh that wasn't going to happen.

"Let me tell you something Shupple, I'm happy the way I am. I can see it in your eyes, you're scared of me. I like that, when a woman fears me. It just excites me so much." This enjoyment of teasing her and scaring her was something I couldn't resist. I tightened my grip around her wrist and pulled it down to her side as I took a step closer as our bodies touched each other. "Now, I'll take you up on that offer, why not leave that so called man of yours, was it Mear? You should be with someone more powerful and not so weak."

Her faced turned angry and my ears twitch, "Don't ever speak of Mear like that. SHADOW SNEAK!!!"

I heard it coming and dodged it and disappeared infront of her. "You dare challenge me like that?" I asked with a laugh from the shadows. "Did I hit a weak spot? Oh so sorry my dear Shupple."

"Stop that! Stop calling me dear!" She yelled as she fired a shadow ball into the darkness. "Come out and show your face you coward."

"Alright, if you say so." I appeared behind with my one arm wrapped around her waist and my claws to her neck. "You know nothing about me Shupple. It's none of your business what is in my heart nor do I care to share it with someone such as you..." I slide my claws across her neck slightly enough she could feel that I could kill her at any moment.

"What do you mean Xio?" Her voice was shaken, I got to her and I loved knowing I had that power over her.

"You see, I can smell it. Care to explain why your neck has a bandage.." I tore it off her as she flinched. I gently ran my hand over it and felt the holes in her neck. "Obviously you have been bitten. These aren't ordinary bite marks, these marks belong to a Luxray, do tell me did Lux bite you?"

"Like you said Xio, that's none of your business."

"True...But when it has to do with him, it IS my business. I don't care for him much..." I chuckled as I leaned my face against hers. She didn't answer me and kept her eyes set in front of her, and slowly I licked her wound on her neck. She shivered as I did so but than I slowly kissed her neck. "There, since I am not as cold as you make me out to be, I healed it." I continued to carass her neck.

"Maybe..." She muttered as I turned her to face me forcing her chin upwards as I looked into her.

"Such a beautiful face you have, I can see why Lux did what he did..." I pulled her chin upwards and put my lips to hers and began to kiss her. She actually was even more taken away when I did such a thing to her, hell I could treat her like a lady if needed even though she didn't look much for being the dark type. Sadly, I let my guard down.

"GET THE HELL OFF HER YOU BASTARD!!!" I felt the strong fist hit my face and I went flying as I slide across the floor. I sat up and whiped the blood from my lips and looked up and saw him standing in front of her.

"Why hello Lux..." I was pissed from letting my guard down but what was urking me more was that I was so careless that I didn't even sense him and I let him hit me like that. I slowly got up and brushed myself off standing at him. I turned and headed to the closest door. "Shupple..."

She flinched and looked passed Lux who was glaring me down. "...just remember what I said to you Shupple." I disappeared from the room leaving them alone.


Hope this was okay, wasn't so sure about Shupple's reactions sometimes so I left her quiet. Please feel free to follow up Anime :D