A Little Less Conversation

Included: Lux, Hoom, Shupple, Raine, Tanner, Aberius, Nyarth, Hon, and mentions of Gil, Xio, Melody, Lupe, and Estelle.

Man that is a lot of characters but I wanted to include many people so here goes. ALSO Val helped me with the part of Hoom so this first section between Lux and Hoom was teamwork process because I had no idea how to answer this for Val. So thank you Val you are the bestest!!!


There she was, already sitting next to me on the couch as she comforted me about the situation with Gil. Obviously, I was calmer now do to being with Raine and Shupple and to be honest, they really knew how to help me out, even with that terrifying Shupple death glare. But the moment of truth had come and Shupple and Raine left me with Hoom, all by myself. My heart was nervous I won’t deny, nevertheless, I had prepared myself with the worse outcome.

“Do you really love me?” Why would she even ask me that, I had told her 2 days ago that I did. Then again I think I need the same answer from her.

“I got the same question for you, because I honestly think you care more about Gil than me” I stared at her directly. I was neither mean nor sweet, just direct and to the point with her. No more games.

“I care about Gil and I won’t deny it, but you tell me; if I didn’t care for you and in your words, was only using you to keep a relationship, then why did I risk my life and jumped from a cliff in order to save you? To be honest, if I didn’t care about you I wouldn’t give a damn if you jumped or not from that cliff….Didn’t that mean something for you?”

Really Hoom? Regardless if you cared, you are the type to help a stranger in need. I know you too well. Friend or lover or even stranger you would have jumped some how to save the life of another.

“Hoom, that really meant a lot to me, believe me you can’t understand how important it was for me but still….” I was able to mutter.

“Still what?” Hoom asked.

“Still, I’ve always been bad with relationships since I was a child; I’ve never had a true friend or loved anyone…” Saying that was so hard for me because that was the truth. Being alone most of my life, how could I related to people.

“I’m confused, didn’t you mention before that Estelle was your friend? That you loved her? Then why could you love her before and you are having this much trouble now?” Hoom asked as she waited for a reply. Her eyes were cold and stern, never, not once, have I ever seen her look like this before.

"You're right on that point Hoom. I did love her and the reason for that is because we were children. After she was taken from me, my memories were erased so I have had no type of loving affection for over 12 years between a man and a women. “I answered as I leaned back. “I can't say that I understand love yet because I don't. But when I was with other women, none of them made me feel the way I do when I am with you."

“What about Estelle though? How is that any different then Gil?” She questioned again.

A long silence as the memories of what she did to me came back into my mind with her pulling the trigger to her head, the way she spoke to me and the scene in my bedroom. “Estelle means nothing to me anymore…I don’t love her.”

Hoom lowered her head a bit and looked down at the couch. I could see she was disappointed and something was wrong. “Then, what's wrong with us?”

Gil was the problem and that was my only reason, but if I mention him, she would get upset. "I....I...don't know Hoom. I just know that I am jealous of him...seeing you with him...it hurts...."

“Jealous? Why jealous? Because I talk to him?” It isn’t the way you talk to him, it’s about how you get flirty with him and never come to me. “I go to him because of things I can’t simply tell you?”

She never tells me anything, NEVER! My fist was shaking because I was already getting more tolerable just listening to this bullshit. “Why Hoom? Why can't you ever come to me? You never do...and when you do come to me you evade if anything was wrong.” I growled at her. “I hate that, I'm your boyfriend and yet you never open up to me. You either go to Hon, which I understand he is your brother, or Gil whom appears to be the better man for you since obviously I am not living up to your standards!” I slammed my hand on the wall because of the rage inside me.

“It's not like I don’t want to open to you; in fact I think you too haven’t open up to me; well not until now that I was finally able to understand better.” How could I open up to you Hoom if I couldn’t really trust you because you weren’t open with me. And I didn’t want to have someone stab me in the back. “Anyway I talk to Gil to ask for advice with things about you, how I’m I suppose to do so if I ask you? At least it doesn’t work for me like that...Besides, the one feeling she is not achieving your standards is me”

I suppose that makes sense since that would be odd, but still my point still remains. What is the real kicker is I don’t understand how she could feel that way? She is wonderful and when I first saw her, I knew I wanted her.

“Are you kidding me Hoom? Would I have fought your brothers if I didn't give a damn about you? Hell I even spoke to your mother and told her if she ever showed her face around the mansion that I would fight one on one with your dad. I wouldn't put myself out there if I didn't care damn it!” I was now literally pissed.

“Then why can't you understand you’re the only one for me? You don’t have to be jealous of anyone...” Hoom said lifting placing her hand on mine to calm me.

I saw her hand quiver as she kept it on mine. There was no denying it, I was still hurt and wanted to continue our relationship but at the very least we need to meet half way. I opened my hand and gently held onto hers as she looked me in the eyes. I sighed. “Then be open with me Hoom, come to me when you need a shoulder to cry on, to talk, or just need a hug. At least make me feel that you want to be with me because if you don't just tell me. I don't want to live through what Estelle did.”

Her gripped tighten around my hand as she placed the other on top of our grip. “Am I really making you feel like that? Because I’m really trying my best too you know?....and please don’t make me repeat again how much I care for you and how much do I want to be with you.....”

I could feel it, her words were sincere and from the heart.

Grabbing my forehead and looking down at our hands I continued. “I know...I know I am jealous, it’s part of my nature because....sigh....I never was included as a child so watching from the sidelines I envied everyone.” I turned to Hoom who kept her eyes on me, but they were shocked as some of my tears rand down my face. I have to own up and just tell her. “Hoom, I want more then anything to be with you, and I will work on my flaws and do my best to be a better Luxray for you, even if you could do better.”

Without much warning, I felt her warm finger go across my face as she whipped away the tears. Ironic no? This was something I did for her in the past and here she was doing the same for me. “I'll try my best to improve our communication, because I too want us to have the relationship we deserve....don’t you think so?” Hoom said.

“I do....” I whispered.

“I think we have arrived to an agreement then.” She stood up and walked in front of me. I just watched her as she placed her hands on her hips and smile. “I want you to be open with me too because I know you have been through a lot of things but still I'll be here for you, I wont stop loving you...never... but I’m not sure how else should I can prove those feelings toward you...”

“Just be yourself Hoom, that’s why I fell in love with you. I know every relationship will have battles, and this is no exception but I do want to grow stronger with you Hoom.” Lux just tell her what’s in your heart. You can’t hold it back anymore. “You are more important to me, you are the only family I have other then Shupple and even Xio for that matter. I honestly can't describe how much I care about you because words a lone are not enough. I just know this, I want to be with you, put a ring on your finger, have children with you, and eventually die with you after a long fulfilled life....”

She smiled at me lovingly. Just seeing that, even though I didn’t show it at the moment, really was making me feel better on the inside. “Then what you said applies for both of us; this is the first time I've ever felt like this towards someone...I too want to spend my life with you Lux...”

Hoom stopped as her lips quivered for a moment as she took a small breath in. “Lux, I desire the same things. I want to be married to you because you make my life so much more interesting and fun, I want to travel with you and be your wife, I want to have a baby with you, and I too don’t fear growing old anymore because I could be with you.”

Just hearing that I couldn’t help myself from smiling. Those were the words I wanted to hear for so very long. Someone who wanted to be with me, who wanted to share their life with me, and would love me. There was nothing more I desired except her and I would become a better man just to have her. “I'm glad.”

She quickly sat down on my lap and wrapped her arms around my neck as she kissed me on the forehead. Oddly I blushed and she began to smile once again but what took me away is she quickly came in and began to kiss me right there on spot with out any hesitation. Fireworks were going off, and I felt my own body get into it as my hand was on the back of her head and my other arm was around her waist.

Her kiss was even more delectable then before, and our tongues danced within our mouths. I couldn’t resist getting more intimate with her. I would grab her a bit tighter and I continued to kiss her more intensely. As the passion began to pick up, I would caress my tongue across her lips, I wasn’t forceful and what made it better is that Hoom had gotten better at this, and I could feel the love behind her kiss. I was a sculpture and she was my art, and Hoom’s kiss with me was just that.

We slowly backed away from the others faces, both of us red in the face. She was smiling at me as she put her head on top of mine and I gave a slight chuckle. I felt at peace once again.

Knock knock.

We slowly turned to the door as Hoom continued to stay on my lap as Shupple peaked her head in and Raine followed behind her.

“I hope I’m not interrupting anything.” Shupple said as she entered. Damn you Shupple, maybe I would have gotten a homerun or something right now. Tch, next time Lux.

“Nope you are fine Shupple. We just finished talking, “ Hoom smiled but turned to me quickly, “Even though you still owe Gil an apology.”

Wait what? I owe Gil an apology? Okay maybe I do, but not yet, he was just as guilty as I was. Fine, I admit I was selfish and didn’t think things through enough but still he was to blame but if it would help Hoom and I, then I must to it and be the greater man.

“Umm… Hoom, why don’t you join us for supper? Shupple and I are heading to the restaurant across the street and you should join us!” Raine said as she stood their smiling.

Hoom tilted her and then gave a giggle. “I would love too it sounds good.” Then she got up and walked over as Raine gave her a hug.

“Wait a blasted moment girls! What about me?” I asked pointing to myself. “I’m starving!”

Shupple stopped in her tracks all three girls looked at me, “Well have fun here! We are going to have a girls night.”

“WHAT? But Shupple….hahaha don’t be cruel, at least bring me something back.” I begged getting up with big kitty eyes.

“Nice try Lux, but those eyes won’t work on me.” She quickly gave me the death glare making me frozen in place again. Hoom and Raine stood there and giggled.

“Bye Lux!!!” All three said as the waved and walked out.

Shupple’s form of teasing was cruel and unusual punishment. No fair, I want real food not Jell-O anymore! Hmm since the girls were gone it meant I could take care of a few things for myself.

I walked over to the phone and down by the window as I began to dial the number of the mansion. I will certainly admit I was a bit afraid to see who would answer but that was a chance I was willing to take. It rang once, then again, then one again which seemed like forever but by the sixth ring someone answered.

“Hello?” It was a male voice to my ears, and very unfamiliar. It had been at least a few weeks since I was at the mansion so it was possible some new gijinkas joined I suppose.

“Ahh hello, could I speak to Hon please?” I asked the other guy on the other end as I adjusted myself to become more comfortable.

“Hon you say? Not sure who that is, but who are you is the better question?” He asked from the other line. What? I guess it wasn’t that big of a deal.

“Oh yes sorry, my name is Lux and I am a Luxray that lives at the mansion…” I started to say but he quickly entered the conversation.

“Wait you said Lux? So you are the man that Shupple was so worried about.” He gasped. “I do hope you are taking care of her and I hope she is alright.”

“Yes she is fine, she was a bit perplexed earlier but she is calm, but sir I did not get your name may I ask who I talking too and how do you know Shupple?” I asked because I was a bit uneasy talking to someone I didn’t know and more or less it was about Shupple.

“Hahaha, sorry about that, my name is Tanner and I am a Tangrowth here at the mansion and yup I am new here since I bet you were thinking about that my friend.” Tanner chuckled. Strange, he had like a sixth sense or something. “Anyway, I guess you could call me her brother!”

“Bro…brother?” I croaked.

“Yeah man! Now tell me since you are her boyfriend, isn’t she a doll? I mean she does have some of the best panties and a great figure so you should be good to her, ya hear?” He chuckled.

“WHAT?!” I blushed and turned red with a huge sweat drop. This was just an odd conversation. “I mean, I’m sorry but I am not Shupple’s boyfriend…”

“But you seem flustered Lux?” He pointed out on the other end of the phone.

“Gahhh, well yeah you were talking about panties and yes she does have a great figure but she and I are best friends nothing more. I would never force myself onto her, she is to genuine of a girl.”

“Haha I see, you know what, let me ask you something, a serious question, have you ever touched her butt? And tell me what was her reaction.” He asked.


Why was he asking me this? Why was I so red and so uncomfortable? “Well..hahaha…I did once and she smacked me across the face and hit my head but then gave a slight smile. Her butt was pretty juicy I guess…hahaha a good squeeze.”

There was a strange silence but then Tanner busted into laughter on the other end, which gave me a scared laugh on my end. “Hahaha, you know Lux I trust you with her, and you are a man just like me a pervert, sadly I hide it pretty well but I thought I would test it. I like you and I approve!”

“Haha well I am glad you think so I look forward to meeting you in the near future.” I chuckled with a sigh of relief. Since he was part of Shupple’s family, or at the least, the last of her family from what I knew, then I need to meet him and if he approves then that means something and it would appear we have some special qualities. But what he said next to me was certainly not expected.

“So Lux, you do know she wears teddy bear underwear right?” I could tell he had a slyful grin on the other side and was probably red in the face as I was.

“She wear’s….teddy bear…underwear….?” Boom picture Shupple in he undergarments and there went the sexy daydreaming….drool…god can’t help it that I am a pervert…

“Lux….who’s teddy bear underwear are you talking about and who are you talking too?” Shupple said at the door with her arms crossed and giving me that glare.

“ACK!” I jumped out of my seat looking at her. I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die, really do I gotta die now? T^T

“Oh crap is she right in front of you man?” Tanner asked from the other side.

“Mmmmmhmmmm….” Was the only thing I could muster out as she approached me. Please don’t hit me, please don’t hit me, oh please if she hits me don’t let it be in the face…

Shupple stopped and pushed the speakerphone button. “So Tanner you told him about that?”

“Oh hey Shupple dear!!!” He was busted and he knew it. We were dead. “You know what we just totally got off topic and were talking about girlfriend gifts and I had mentioned teddy bears and hahaha…somehow we got to undergarments….you know?”

He was just as terrified of her as I was. Her aurora was picking up, “Is that so? Is that why you asked him about my butt too and how it felt?”

“Shit you heard that too? Damn it Lux was she there the entire time?” Tanner cried.

“I didn’t know I didn’t feel her, she’s a ghost after all!” I too moaned and quickly Shupple turned to me and bonked me on the head with her fist. “OUCH! WHY?” I started with fakes tears…

“Because, just because Lux….” She smiled and began to pat me on the head, “You’re both perverts and I think you will get along well once you meet, I will introduce you both properly at the festival. And Tanner, when I come back, you will get your punishment.”

“Y…yes mam!” He groaned.

“Alright well I will let you get back to what you both were doing, but Tanner just wait a moment I am going to put you on hold…” She clicked the hold button and turned to me. “Lux why did you call him?”

Standing up rubbing my bonk from her I confessed, “Actually I was calling Hon but he answered, he’s a cool guy so far.”

“Did he say anything strange to you?” Shupple questioned.

“Well other then being a pervert and making me uncomfortable, he said he approved of me for some odd reason, not crystal clear why? “ I shrugged and after that was said she embraced me with a hug. “Wait is that good Shupple? I am confused?”

“It’s okay. He’s a sort of brother to me so if he approves then it is best.” She rubbed her head into my chest and then backed away. “So don’t worry about it!”

“So why did you come back as I held her arms in front of her?” I was still confused with this but if she was smiling like this then it must be okay.

She walked over and grabbed something off the table near the door and waved it at me. “I forgot my wallet! Now time to have a good dinner have fun with your male bonding on the phone, toddles!” Sticking her tongue out at me.

“YOU’RE TEASING IS NOT FUNNY SHUPPLE YOU GOT THAT GHOSTY!!!!” I yelled but she was gone. I went back to the phone and picked it up and clicked the hold button, “Sorry Tanner thanks for waiting.”

“Not a problem. I understand, but someone just walked by and once I said your name he said he would ‘love’ to talk to you.” Tanner said. “It was nice talking to you and I will see you at the festival right?”

“Sure no problem. So who is it?” I asked sitting back down.

“Oh can you just do me a favor man? Shupple hasn’t had a great past, and if you are as important to her and best friends with her, could you take her out on a date and go shopping for the festival? She needs something new for a special event.”

“Yeah no problem I think I can manage that for her. But you avoided my question, who is there?”

“It’s an Absol gijinka. So will let you guys go! Later Lux!” Oh crap it’s Aberius!

“Yo Lux…” Yup he is still mad at me. “So tell me what hospital you are at so I can break your legs for having you sorry ass land on me.” He growled.

“Hey Abs nice to talk to you too sprite!” I chuckled to keep things lively.

“You bastard, you are asking for it! I am really going to kick you ass for that Lux you hear me?

I sighed. Even if he was mad, the words from my mouth were going to be sincere. “I’m sorry Aberius…I really am.” There was a silence for some time, which was awkward. “Aberius? You still there?”

“Yes I am still here Lux….just get better okay cause things around here aren’t as interesting anymore.” Well was that his way of being nice? I’ll take it for now. “But when I see you, I am still owing you an pounding.”

“Alright, but Abs could you get me Hon?” I asked.

“Sure just give me a sometime so I can find him.” With that said he left, I waited silently for him on the coach in my room. As I looked out the window I noticed that the sky was clear and I could see the stars again, maybe this was a good sign for Hoom and I since for the moment we worked it out and things were going to get better.

“Nya LUX!” I heard a small cheer and my spirits went up instantly.

“NYARTH MY BUDDY!!!” I yelped with excitement. “How you doing sport? Keeping it tight with the ladies?”

“I’m doing well Lux and no….not tight with the ladies nya.” He moaned, “Lupe has been bossy and putting us all to work but we are almost done fixing this place. But how are you and where are you?”

Looks like he doesn’t know. “I’m just on a sort of vacation but I will see you at the festival soon right?”

“Yup nya! I am excited about that and eating so much cotton candy till I am full!” He giggled.

“Hehehe so you are going to have a sugar fix huh? Hey since I got you on the phone, I have a question for you? I have a friend here where I am at and he’s a bit sick but I wanted get him something since he is 6 but not sure what to get him so I thought that you are a smart kid, what should I get him?”

“Nya! Well you came to the right person,” He gloated. I couldn’t help but laugh a bit with his small arrogance. It was cute actually to me, he is a mini me. “Buy him a stuffed animal a cat one!”

“A cat one? Why not a teddy bear?” I asked.

“Because the cats are some of the most feared animals of all time and we like strong creatures so cats become lions, like you Lux! So get him something like that nya?”

I knew this kid was smart when I first met him and even with that compliment I like him even more, I will have to teach this kid how to fight someday, but right now let him enjoy his childhood. “Thanks Nyarth that helps a lot!”

“Yeppers and Hon is here so here you go! Bye Lux!” Nyarth said as he handed the phone over to Hon.

“Lux?” Hon seemed apprehensive when he answered. Pass Lux around on the phone this was the life nya? Haha, now he has got me saying it.

“Yo, just listen, I know last time I didn’t have the best behavior and I am sorry you had to witness what you did with Gil so I can hope you can forgive me kiddo.”

“It’s fine Lux…I mean better him then me right??” He joked half assed. I think he was trying to cheer me up.

“No that was uncalled for and it was rash so I just needed to man up and own it an apologize for it and because of it here I am in a hospital.” I mumbled. “I am not even sure why Hoom even took me back but you really have a good sister you know that right?”

“I knew that a long time ago, just take care of her or I will kick your ass.” Same old arrogant Hon but that was him being tough since it was his older sister so it made sense. He’s only 16 so he’s allowed to be a stupid teenager.

“Naw I just will squeeze her butt from time to time to piss you off bro!” I mocked at my side of the phone.

“WHAT?!” Hon roared.

“Haha what you never grabbed Melody’s butt? Kid I got to train you better.” I laughed.

“Ahhh….cough cough…” Hon seemed embarrassed. “How are you doing though?”

“Raine has been using her healing powers on me and it seems things have gotten better with that and I have healed too with my own doing but still a bit sore but I am expected to make a full recovery. So I will return once the festival.” I stated as I looked around to make sure what I was about to say wasn’t heard by the girls. It had been about 15 or so minutes on the phone but still. “Hon, I need you to watch over the mansion and make sure you help Lupe with whatever she wants. I also don’t want her to know where I am at and that includes Estelle too. Just make sure everything is peaceful and if they do ask, just say I am fine and leave it at that. Can you do that?”

“Yes I can do that for you Lux, I am the man around here. “ He snorted.

“Also, about your sister.” I could feel that he was concerned and her more then anything. “I think she will more then likely be staying here at the hospital with the other three girls so why not come pick her up tomorrow so she can at least have a good night sleep because I can still see she needs some good R’n R even though she hides it.” I told him, “So stop by around 1 or something to pick her up so she can get ready for the festival on Friday.”

“Alright, I will be there around 1:30.” Hon stated in agreement.

“Sweet, thanks man, then I will see you tomorrow! Later!”

“Lux, wait….” Hon said quickly.

“Hmm, something wrong?” I asked, this was unlike him.

“Nothing…nevermind….bye!” Click….

Odd. He obviously had something to say to me but was not able too, well I guess when he is good ready he can do it!.

Sometime later, the nurse brought me dinner, which didn’t look too bad, but it wasn’t so appetizing as what was at the restaurant across the street. Nevertheless, it’s either take it or leave it and I rather eat, but after I was done the dessert was wonderful and Oreo pie…..oh god my mouth watered and such a sweet taste. I watched some TV for a while as I relaxed and waited for the girls but they hadn’t come yet…geez having fun without me. Tch, how boring and I was already getting rather tired from everything. Maybe I should just sleep since that was my other favorite past time.

Knock knock.

I turned to the door to see my nurse standing there with a bag.

“Sir we are going around collecting dirty clothes do you happen to have any at this moment?” She asked standing there. “I have some fresh garments for you.”

“Well if you could wait outside I can put these on the chair so you can do a trade since I need to take a shower.” I exclaimed getting up.

“Sure I can wait.” She said as she slowly closed the door.

I grabbed my glasses out of my pocket and put them in the dresser near my bed and got undressed leaving my dirty garments on the chair as I got into the bathroom. As my door closer I could hear the nurse coming in an exchanging the clothes. “Alright sir I have taken your dirty ones and given you clean clothes. Thanks so much.”

“No thank you!” I said, and with that she was gone.

Turning on the shower I awaited the warm water. I faced the mirror and stared at myself. Maybe I should just wear my hair down and accept that I need to wear glasses but how much of a nerd would I be again. Would Hoom accept met for this look again or would she not? I guess I should just wait and see, but then she said she wants to be with me so should I be worried? I don’t think there is any reason to be concerned.

Getting into the shower felt refreshing as the warm steam filled the bathroom and the water hit my body, my injuries still burned a bit but it was rather soothing. I would flex my muscles to see how they felt with the water and they weren’t as tender and sore as they were before which meant there was improvement with my range of motion. I spent a lot of time in there and just having time to think for myself. After a good cleansing, I turned the shower off and stroked my fingers through my hair. I grabbed the towel from over head and placed it around my waist as I gingerly stepped out of the shower. Water dripped from my body to the ground as I rubbed my eyes.

Suddenly the door opened behind me and I heard a gasped. Lovely, here I was standing there naked with only a towel around my waist to cover my junk and I couldn’t defend myself, what if I got raped? Okay, if it were Hoom I would enjoy it but still…

A bit shocked and surprised I turned to see who came into the bathroom, please don’t let this end badly.


LONG POST I know 12 pages. I haven’t typed this much since Lux’s suicide…but I did it so I can get others back involved and get the story moving again!! :D So I hope it works and sorry if I didn’t get your characters right! I tried to include A LOT!!

And I wanted to do more but this is enough for now! I will let someone take over from there let it be Raine, Shupple, or even Hoom for that matter!! :3 Hope you enjoyed it!