Beauty & The Beast

Included: Xio, Rosie, Lydia, Tanner, Fresia, Hon, Melody, and Kiki and mentions of Rikku.


Her treatment began with he hands gently massaging my scalp as she began to wash my hair. I admit I was still tense not just from my battle from earlier but being around this woman. Even though I was trying to relax in the warmth of the hot water and steam, so many things began to cross my mind as Rosie kept continuing her treatment on me. This was nothing new to me since I have had this handling many times as a child with girls swooning over me, which mainly contained Lydia’s idiotic friends…


“Awww you’re so cute…your hair is so precious.” One of the girls giggled.

“His hair is so soft.” Another pointed out.

“Xio you are so adorable!” Squealed the other.

“Bahhh…..” I groaned pushing my arm at them to knock it off, “I am anything but adorable!” I hated being called that when I was a child, it was an insult to my manly pride at the time. Honestly, what little boy wanted to be called that?






“NOT A CHANCE!” I growled as they continued giving me a bath.

“How about handsome?” Lydia asked as she entered the bathroom and sat down next the other girls who were surrounding the bathtub. “I think that works well for the prince.”

“Indeed it does, Xio our handsome prince Shinx.” Damn girls would always giggle but there was no arguing I could deal with that term.

“Handsome is better right?” I asked sweetly trying to pretend that I didn’t know what it meant and giving the girls the sweet kitty eye look. They are squealed and continued with their pampering. At least I didn’t have to do it, I suppose.

After sometime the girls left and there I was with Lydia massaging my shoulders and finishing up with my hair but from time to time she would pull it. It wasn’t very long at all, more like tall but she was clumsy for a Luxio.

“Lydia…I really don’t want to be a prince. I don’t mind being pampered like this but I rather live a normal life and have simple things.” I said as she brushed her nails through the tips of my hair. “This isn’t the life for me, I hate it. I detest the jewelry, the learning, the fancy outfits, and all the elaborate food which is disgusting.”

“You’ll manage Xio. Being royalty isn’t all that bad you know. There are good things that is why you are the most respected prodigy Shinx in our village. You will make a fine king someday.”

Not what I wanted at all, I don’t mind the benefits, but what I desired was power, but not for a village because I didn’t wish to be responsible for it. I just wanted to live my life my own way and not by what was chosen for me.

“Xio…?” I looked over my shoulder at her. She quickly wrapped her arms around my neck and sighed. “I love you Xio.”



A kiss? It woke me from my dreaming as I felt my cheek a bit surprised from what just happened. Rosie had just kissed my cheek.

“Miss Roselyn?” I asked her looking at her a bit staggered.

“Forgive me Xio, you looked troubled by something…” She said softly like a puppy with a tail between her legs. She tried giving a small smile but it was obvious she was regretting what she had done just now. “It was not my intention to interrupt your thoughts…I should probably be going now”

She quickly got up and began to exit. Why did she kiss me? I needed to know. I grabbed her arm quickly as I too stood up splashing water on the ground. “Wait!-”

This was not my objective but she quickly slipped on the water and the bar of soap that fell on the floor. That’s when everything started to go down hill, literally; to keep her from falling I tried to hold her up. Nevertheless, she began to panic and as I struggled to hold her up, the force of her falling ended with her on top of me in the tub, which I even admit, was awkward at the moment. Hell I am all for taking a bath with a woman, however with how this went down, this was rather irksome for me and not the best of experiences I had. I loath these circumstances and what she must come to conclusions in her head would be even more of a bother in the future because surely they would be wrong.

Okay I just have to cover this up and make her comfortable somehow. “I’m-” Yeah, this wasn’t going so well with her clumsy movements as she kept begging for forgiveness and she panic and began splashing the water everywhere. I was already irritated as she struggled and I tried getting her off my junk but she then would fall back and hit me. This bitch was killing my pride and joy and to top it off she fucking hits me in the face with her elbow. Damn it could she just calm down already? I can’t take it anymore with her stupid jabbering and struggling. I grabbed her shoulders firmly. “Please! Just stay still!”

Of course I am annoyed and ticked off at this point. Who wouldn’t be after being hit in the face, getting kicked in that place, and all the stupid rambling for forgiveness? I was looking her straight in the eyes now as her legs dangled over the edge of the tub. Oddly just looking at her was pleasing to me. She was turning red and it wasn’t from the warm water that much I am sure of. If it pleased her I was more then willing to let her have a peak too at me since there was no damage done to that area. Thank god. My eyes were soft as I said nothing to her but gently laid my head on her shoulder. Why was I acting like this with her? “Miss Rosie?”

“Y…ye….yes?” She replied flushed in the face and holding her hands up to her chest like shivering position. I lead my hand up her skirt a little bit in the water as she sat on my lap. I wanted to touch her so badly, no I wanted so much more from her right now.

“I’m really content thanks for doing that for me.” I’m at least honest because with what she did my muscles weren’t sore anymore and I could just hold her all day.

“Y..yo…you’re welcome.” She stumbled to say.

“I guess you should probably go change I presume?” She nodded and I gave her a push out of the tub and before I could say much more the door had slammed out of embarrassment. Women were so complex and yet they were such tools as well. They are really only good for one thing just like anyone else that surrounds me. They will be the instruments I need in my scheme. Nevertheless, it was time to get out of the tub and get going on with my day. I had spent enough time here getting my body back to normal.

Pushing myself up and squeezing my hair from any water took a bit more time then I thought. Climbing out of the tub I had noticed that my hair was longer then it used to be which was no big deal. It was the way I desired it and from Rosie’s expression she really loved it. Actually, throughout my travels many of my lady “friends” and I use that term loosely for them, admired my hair. I grabbed a second towel and wrapped it around my waist as I began to dry my hair, but that is when I saw it. Something from the corner of my eye twinkled at me from behind all her hair and make up products. As I moved them and dripped of water on the floor I found a ring on the self.

The ring itself was in pretty good condition, practically brand new and hardly worn. It looked very old though, and it has a family’s crescent on it with two roses intersecting each other with a sword in the middle that they both grew on, along with the name of the clan of which it came from. At that moment, I knew exactly what it was. This was rare, and only a certain type of person would have a ring with such fine details on it. This rather annoyed me because this was a reminder of my past and it seems like it was the same true for Rosie, or so I would find out.

I exited the bathroom with only a towel around my waist as I saw Rosie finishing tying up her green robe with pink flowers on it, typical for a girl to where flowers. Then again she was a tree hugger gijinka so whatever. Her robe appeared to be new which probably explained all the bags that were near the door. Funny? I don’t recall seeing those last night.

She had already placed her red and blue roses on the dresser near her bed. Once she noticed me she sat on the bed and smiled sweetly. I only leaned against the door in disgust from the item I just found.

“So Miss Rosie, I found this ring in your bathroom.” I looked at it in my hand and twisted it around as I examined it. “It's very unique, how come you never wear it?”

She blinked and then looked away from me. “It’s...its my family ring... I don’t use it since I left home.” That’s when her expression changed, a sad one at that.

Regardless of her expression I desire to know what it is. “Interesting. It does have a family emblem on it.” I was pacifying her as I closed an eye. “Such craftsmanship is very common among royal families you know? Am I right…princess?” My voice was a bit sarcastic at the end.

At this moment, her eyes widened with nervousness and surprise from what I had just said to her. Again her eyes saddened and she tried to give a small smile, “You know quite a lot about that... and yes, you are right Xio....I’m from a Royal family.”

“Hmmm, I make things such as that known to me, care to tell me more princess?” I had always suspected her for being high maintenance from the way she dressed and all the make up she wore. She was a typical female who desired to be noticed and complimented for her looks and beauty but she obviously lacked intelligence something her family must have overlooked or she only remained in remedial classes. Not anything I care about anyway, so it’s of no concern.

With a grunt and my arms crossed I walked over to her still in my towel as I waited for her to continue with her story. She quickly turned to the side which was getting to be quite entertaining since even the simplest of movements from me would make her blush. “I-I’m... from a royal family from Solaceon City... there’s nothing really special about it...”

“Is that so?” I asked lifting up my eyebrow as I placed an arm behind her and sat down. She was easy for me to read now and I believe it was about time I picked her apart. “I can tell when you are lying? I can see that something happened, a beautiful girl like you wouldn't give up the royal life just like that.”

Why would she? She looked the part so why would you give up such a life?

She smiled. “Well...lets say I didn’t agree with my some matters...So I left home... now, our relationship is not the best.” She let out a sigh.

“Why is that Miss Rosie?”

“Well.. he wanted me to marry a disgusting Roserade man to keep the family line... he was sooo disgusting…” Her eyes were full of anguish. It wasn’t surprising if you ask me, of course royal families make marriage arrangements for certain members who they believed would bare the most prevalent of children. Typical disgusting greedy royal trashes. “I-I just hated when he...sigh…well... whatever, I just didn’t like that man... after that my mom helped me to escape...”

It was now obvious why she was the way she was with such clumsy movements. Yet, I was concerned about her and what she had told me was actually rather sickening. “Miss Rosie, did he …..did he try to force himself on to you? Am I correct and you are obligated to marry him?”

“Yes, If I return home I have to marry that guy...that’s why I left...” The old fart did something like that too her, disgraceful.

“So you are engaged to him too? Is there any way for you to return or escape that judgment?” This was like what happened to her, to Lydia. It makes my blood boil. My fist clenched the bed in anger.

“I don’t think so... My dad won’t let me do so... But as long as I don’t return home I’ll be fine... My mom is taking care of me…” She was trying to hold her own tears back. She was struggling but I could at least give her credit for the valiant effort for not crying. “I don’t want to marry that guy actually... he is just so disgusting...that’s why no matter what I won’t return home.”

I sat there silent, remembering that day so long ago. That day that Lydia died in front of me. It was almost the same thing, but Rosie made it out with only bad memories of something that could have been worse were as Lydia, she was not as lucky.

“Do you want to know more about me? Or do I need to satisfy you more?” She murmured.

I smirked at that last statement. “Poor choice of words....” I wrapped arm around her shoulder and pulled her into my lap and chest. “Maybe I would like to know more about you?” I only smiled as she placed her hand on my abdomen.

“Is-Is that soo?... well, tell me then...” She smiled as she led her hand up my chest to my shoulder as she held herself up as I returned the smiled.

“So let me get this straight you left the royal realm to escape from being some old geezers woman? Seems to me, you will be running for quite some time Miss Rosie...” I embraced her tighter and started licking her neck just to tease her for fun. “Doesn't someone of your caliber need to marry a prince to escape your destiny?”

To my understanding this man was only rich and powerful but had no royal family bloodline. A princess of royal bloodlines could marry a prince of her choosing in some families or her parents would choose a suitor for her. As for me, a prince, I could marry any individual I desired, but I left that past a long time ago and preferred nothing more of that life.

“Well...that’s how I would love it to be Xio...But I haven’t found that prince yet…” She then gave me that smug look and a cocky smile. “Do you know one?”

Of course I know one, you’re looking at one. That was the past though. I placed my head next to hers as I looked forward to keep her from knowing my current knowledge. “I believe there are many royal families among these lands, maybe you will find him there. Since a peasant like myself am not worthy of you!”

“W-W...w-who ever said that you are not worthy?”

Looking her in the eyes as she sat on my lap. “What a poor peasant like myself is worthy?” I asked tilting my head to the side.

She then wrapped her arms around my neck and leaned in closer to my lips, which was really unexpected, but I was already turned on. “I do think you are completely worthy...”

“Thank you....” Well that as very honorable for me. It was sort of depressing for me at the same time. Here I was holding this woman in my arms that had escaped a past where I could possibly help her, but had no desires to do so and yet it resembled that fateful day of Lydia’s day that I had to bare witness too and could do nothing to help her.

“Why do you look so sad...Xio??” Her hand was on my cheek. “Did I say something wrong?”

“No you said nothing wrong my dear...” I smiled sweetly at her and placed her next to myself on the bed. Was it because she just made me feel wanted? I do not believe I fully understand this situation at all. I don’t want to get caught up in the moment besides, I only wanted one thing from her.

She tilted her head in confusion. “What happened then? Are you feeling bad?”

“No, it’s just that I don't want to vile late such beauty before me.” I flung my hair to the side since it was so long and in my face. She’s just too beautiful and clueless for me. “It should be saved for some time later....” I grinned at her as I got up and headed to the bathroom to change again. Oh how I love teasing a girl!!

She moaned as she continued to sit on the bed. “You-you always do know that right???... You tease me and then you say that... you don’t like me right?...Is that why you are avoiding me?....”

I stopped at the door with my hand on the ledge and turned my head over my shoulder. “Who said anything about liking you? You are assuming that I don't when you assumption could be wrong, didn't you learn proper manners my dear princess? It isn't nice to make an ass out of you and me.” I gave her devilish smile.

She sat down like a scolded little girl on the bed. “I-Im really sorry...Xio...”

My face was emotionless. “You should be....” I then entered the bathroom.

As the door shut I could hear her mumble to herself. “I-I... that wasn’t my intention...”

I was only in the bathroom for a few minutes because certainly I was getting hungry at this point so I only needed to get dressed and my hair braided. As I finished putting my last belt on my waist, I shook my jacket open and smelt the scent of lavender was coming from me. Bring my jacket up to my nose it was coming from me. Tch, I smelt so girly…I need some cologne or something. God why must I have to smell like this? She must have used Snuggies or something. Whatever. At least it’s clean that is all that matters and I appreciate that.

Holding the jacket in my left arm I returned to Rosie’s bedroom, which the scene that was before me was very, how to describe it, rather childish? There Rosie was all covered up by the blankets in her bed in a ball. Seriously? How old are we girl? 3-4?

“What are you doing?” I questioned as my ears twitched. How annoying…

Still under the covers I heard her utter, “Nothing... why do you ask?”

Placing my right hand on my forehead I only sighed and shook my head. “You are acting like a small child Miss Rosie.” I walked over to the bed and stared at the giant lump before me in the bed. Really? Honestly do I have to look at this, even for her this was embarrassing.

“I’m sorry... Is just well.... I’m sorry.” Why is she always apologizing? I hate that, stupid woman. “I didn’t want to make you feel bad...” I saw her move a bit under the covers.

At this point I couldn’t retain my own laughter as I boasted out loud dropping my jacket to the floor. “Hahahahaha….You really thought I was mad at you? If I was mad…I would do this..” Quickly I pulled the blankets up, throwing them to the side, and grabbed her foot pulling her towards myself at the end of the bed. Within a seconds time I grabbed her hands and placed them over her head as my body leaned over hers proving I was dominant over her. I straddled her in missionary position as I was on top of her. “I suppose I should give you your punishment. Do you like it fast or slow eh?” I asked her licking my lips and giving her that cunning smile. Let’s have some fun now shall we Xio?

Instantly, her face went red like she was going to have a fever or something. That look was just so much fun for me but I couldn’t resist this torture on her. “B-But... I thought you were mad at me... I-I...I...”

“You can’t move and I control your destiny. I’m going to over power you and have my way with you.” I chuckled as I began to suck her neck to leave my mark.

“Xio….I’m….I…not ready….Xio….ah….” She closed her eyes but there was no way for her to escape my grasp. I wasn’t done with her yet, my toying with her was just beginning.

Gingerly I moved my head up from her left side of her neck where I just left my hicky on her neck, I sadistically smiled at her with my eyes widen. “Now to face my wrath princess. I can assure you that I am not the gentle type. I lowered myself down her body as I began to run my wet tongue up her chest in a pleasuring movement. I would slowly caress her skin and she would give slight moans which was giving me approval that she liked it even when I did lick her between her breasts. I held her down with my right hand as I pulled my left from her head and ran my fingers up her side to tease her in other places. Rosie was not going to win this as I put more weight on her. As my fingers twirled against her luscious figure and gently squeezing her breast I found myself nose to nose with her as both of our breathing patterns were different. I wonder did she fear me? I was enjoying every moment of this.

Her nervous laugh came in as I opened my eyes to look at her with no smile. Just staring her straight in the eyes with anger. “Ahhh Xio!”

Alright that’s enough she’s as red as a strawberry. I gently kissed her forehead. “There....all is forgiven!” I then flipped myself to her right side and laid next to her on the bed smiling. That’s was the most excitement I had in awhile even though I didn’t get the homerun, I rather enjoyed it.

“Really?? Th…Thanks….AND…don’t tease me like that...” She stuttered.

I smirked. That wasn’t gonna happen at all. I enjoyed teasing. We both laid there in silence for a few minutes.

“Now Rosie,” I sat up and looked at her. “As punishment you must, and as much as I hate saying this, can you please braid my hair?” I am just too lazy at this moment to do it for myself.

Her facial expression was one of stunned and confusion. “Well, that’s not actually a punishment for me... but if it’ll be always like this, I like to be punished then...” Actually if she really wanted to be punished I would have obligated with no objections.

I never really cared for braiding my hair myself, but as I sat there with my legs crossed and waiting for her to finish, I had to admit, I did take pleasure in having her as company even if she was clumsy. She did have a lot of things going for her, good looks, big busted, playful, and she was caring. Then again, that probably made her weak.

“Say Xio... why are you always teasing me like that huh??” She asked as she continued to gently braid my hair. “What would you do If I’d do the same to you?”

“I suppose it wouldn't bother me....” Not like you could do that anyway.

“Really?” I felt her finish with my hair and place her arms around my neck as she hugged me from behind. I blinked as I remembered this was just like the moment in the tub when Lydia embraced me from behind. Shit irony always bites you in the ass. What the hell was Rosie even doing? “But this wouldn’t be fun would it?” She then began to lick my neck in a sexual way. Whoa just like that I was impressed with her but not enough to give her props. Suddenly she stopped. “…and then...just stop....don’t you think so?”

“Don't know? It just isn't satisfying if you ask me....” I gave her a smile. Her teasing was noob compared to what I did to her. She obviously just copied what I did to her to get her going. Everyone’s weakest point is there neck when you want a piece of action.

She puffed out her lips and groaned. “Awww... I’m sorry...” Again my eyes widen as I felt her gently bite on my ears. Suddenly my heart in my chest was beating faster and I could feel a bit red in the face. “I wont do it again.. “

What the hell was that feeling? I won’t deny I love when my ears are touched but damn that was just plain sexy. My tail wagged a bit as I kept my composure to keep her from seeing me blush. Geez, I can’t even believe she was able to do that to me.

It was probably time I should go, and with that I pushed myself up off the bed and chuckled. “You need practice my princess.” Picking my jacket off the ground I started to put it on

“Certainly, hope you can show me how to do it properly...” What was she insinuating?

I turned to her to figure that out but as I watched her get up and stretched out, again her clumsiness kicked in as she tripped over her god forsaken robes that were too long for her. She began to fall forward, the belt came off, and she fell right out of her outfit.

Unconscious I went to catch her. “Miss Rosie!” Made it just in time but to my sight there she was as I kneeled on one knee on the ground she was in her under garments. I mean I couldn’t help but look at her breasts in those yellow bra, they were pretty distracting to say the least as I got up in my arms. Do I dare say melons?

“Yes? Did something happen?” Sweat drop moment as she tried to play that one off.

“Cough cough…” Again my heart began to beat a bit faster as I looked at her, never have I felt like this even when I was with Kiki. This was rather perplexing for me and I was very vexed too. I could only stare into her eyes and say nothing. There was no words to say at this particular moment.

She was beginning to blush again. “Do you want to tell me something Xio???” She leaned in closer a bit more curious then before.

My actions were all on there own I wasn’t even thinking at this point. Just looking into her eyes, it was like staring at the stars outside. The wilderness is where I always found peace and a favorite hobby of mine was sleeping outside as I gazed at the stars but looking into her eyes I could see an entire new universe. Her eyes were not only beautiful but soft. Placing my hand on her cheek and slowly pulling her closer to embrace her, I felt her own warmth.

All I want….I hadn’t felt this way in years. Why now why so sudden? It was like a poison or something as I pulled her in and leaned down to her. But as my desires grew so did an oh so familiar pain did as well. The marks on my left hands appeared and I shifted backwards against the wall from the sharpness. “Ahh....” My fist was shaking from it as I tried to retain it.

“Xio...!?? Are you feeling ok???” She was worried, but I knew I couldn’t get close to her, I wasn’t allowed to do so. “What’s happening?..Do you want me to do something?”

My stupid disease was getting the best of me now, at the moment I was panting in front of her like a wounded animal. This was humiliating. “Nothing....nothing....I just....argh...” I grabbed her and pulled her in as I hugged her, I needed that comfort. Lydia wasn’t there for me anymore when I had these pains, she would always hold me and keep me safe but not now. Why was it happening now? Just make this atrocious pain stop. “’s just.....”

Softly looking at her, my hand gently lifted her chin and slowly pulled in close, “I…want…to kiss you…” I brought her lips to mine as I slowly began to passionately kiss her on the spot. My arms embraced her tighter as my kiss grew more intense with her, even with me doing that it had appeared the pain was diminishing.

Rosie did the same as well as I felt her tongue come into my mouth as we continued to make out right there with her arms wrapping around my neck. But suddenly she stopped right when the heat of the moment was getting so good. “Are you really feeling fine?”

“Just shut up...” I wanted only to kiss her and continue my actions. My passion for kissing was growing more intense and I could tell from her body language she was enjoying it as she took a step closer into me. My left hand went to her right leg and lifted it up around my leg as I forced her up holding my hand under her ass and pressing myself into her special area. God this was fucking hot. I just want to push her back on the bed and go all the way with her, shit. I would certainly unwrap her with some of my own moves and please her, oh how I yearned for that. All I had to do was undo her bra and pull down her panties and we could have some fun. But just tasting her kisses it was soothing me.

Wait what the hell was I doing?

After some time, I slowly backed away from her and let her ago. All that, I did it unconsciously and I have no understanding why my body did it. Then again, I liked it. “So that's what a princess tastes like?” I mocked licking my lips. “Thanks for quenching my thirst, but you need a bit more practice....” It was clear to me she had never really kissed someone before which was odd for someone of her beauty then again, princesses are pure and innocent I presume. “Now if you excuse me....I must be going....will I see you at the festival?” I took a few steps backwards towards the door.

As I awaited for an answer I could tell on her face she didn’t want me to go. Great, so now I made this situation more complex then it should have been. “I guess we will see at the festival... but won’t you be with Kiki-chan there?” She smiled.

“I am escorting her as her date but doesn't deny me the privilege to see you there does it? I would be pleased if I saw you looking like a princess that night and had a dance with you. So I shall you there, yes?” I was honest, I did desire to better understand what happened to me back there and why I was so interested in her and how she reminded me of Lydia. Maybe that is why I was so fixed on her.

“Yes, sure….Xio, do you really have to leave now?

Turning to her, “Do you want me to stay?” I asked lifting my eyebrow.

Rosie blushed and looked to the side “If you feel like staying...” ¬///o///¬

I smiled at her as gave a slight laugh under my breath. Then pointed at her, “As much as I would princess,” I bowed, “but you are in your underwear right now and as pleasing it is for me to see you like this, it isn't very lady like. Besides you should clean up. It was a pleasure leaving my mark and teasing you my rose princess....” I grabbed her hand and gave her a kiss like any gentleman would do for any woman even a princess.

She rubbed her neck where the hicky was and sighed.“Fine... I’m going to take a shower then....” She grabbed her pajamas and went into the bathroom.

I waited for her until I heard the door lock, then I too exited her room. Once done, I leaned up against the door and touched my lips.

“If I desired you as much as I have with others in the past, I would have poisoned you with my toxic.” I smirked. Rosie was a key link for my plan since she was of Nobel decent. This was getting more and more interesting by the moment. “tch, whatever that feeling was it meant nothing, it was just the heat of the moment.”

I tucked my hands in my pockets and walked off. Even recalling everything that just happened, that kiss, I felt fireworks and it pissed me off. Just the thought about everything was irritating and pathetic, that girl was only a pawn for the future nothing more. Whatever you felt, it was just memories and resemblances to the past. “I shouldn’t think anything of it.”

It was already noon and from the top of the steps I saw Tanner bring in a new woman through the door, appeared to be a Froslass. Very tall and very thin, not my type at all. Tch more worthless trash being let into this place. What a drag.

I waited a few moments for them to finish their conversation as he then escorted her through the hallways. All I really cared about was getting some food at this moment so the kitchen was were I was heading.

I saw Hon and Melody as the tables near the kitchen and jokingly mocked the cute couple as they ate together. He turned bright red out of embarrassment and the Mudkip only laughed. His entire face made me chuckle as I walked by them. As I entered the kitchen, I was pretty much alone. Not really in the mood and feeling of mixed emotions I grabbed the jug of milk out and grabbed a cereal from the cabinet. I ate some of it but my body began to feel weak and tired.

“This is strange and yet peculiar?” I muttered to myself as I stared at my hand that was shaking in front of my face. A few marks appeared just like it from before, then the sense of darkness was growing not because of what happened earlier but from someone else. Was that why I was reacting to it? Interesting, yet none of my business, I really could careless since it really didn’t do much for me anyway. “So I wonder who the poor sap is?” I scoffed but that’s when everything went black.


This wasn’t from my fight nor was it from my ordeals with Rosie, something odd was happening and I could sense it. It wasn’t that strong compared to what I have hidden, yet it was enough to make me black out. Damn it all.


I couldn’t wake up but I could hear screaming, or at least what sounded like screaming. Slowly my senses came back to me as I felt someone gently rubbing my shoulders. The yelling got softer which turned out it was more concerned then screaming, actually when I black out my hearing is the most sensitive. Opening my eyes as I gingerly sat up, the image before me was a bit blurring but I saw that person reaching over and holding my face up as they began to clean my face with a towel. Was it Rosie again? No, the scent was not her. Blinking a few times to clear up any fogginess I saw her, it was Kiki.

-To Be Continued…-

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