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Included: Xio, Kiki, Gaia, Rally, Rosie, Cain, and a new character! :)


Ever since Kiki’s sister appeared, everything has been strange more or less Kiki’s behavior has taken a drop in character as she walks into doors and has a private conversation. I only watched on from behind with the kid brother. But as usual, the motherly bitch decided to order us around but for Kiki’s sake I took it.

We had sat down at the mall’s food court and Kiki was looking distressed, obviously it was something that she wasn’t telling me, but who am I to pry? It wasn’t any of my business, so I couldn’t careless. Not even 10 seconds of having the food in front of me, I was being interrogated by this woman.

“So Kiki…Xio,” Gaia said sitting across from both of us. I was sitting next to Kiki on her left as Rally and Gaia were next to each other. “How long have you too known each other?”

She was sitting right in front of me staring at me with those eyes as she placed both of her hands under her chin. So she is going to play this game? Fine I will take the bait. “I think we have been together for about 3-4 months now correct? I did meet Kiki about 6 months ago.”

“Oh so it’s still pretty premature, I see.” She smiled, “Tell me how old are you too?”

I chuckled and leaned back in my chair, “How old do you think I am?”

Her smile turned to a frown as she sat up straight. I saw out of the corner of my eye that I probably shouldn’t have joked like that since Kiki seemed a bit concerned, oh well, I guess this woman will be no fun after all.

“I will be asking the questions around here Xio.” She said directly.

“Ohhh feisty, I like that!” I answered sarcastically, “I’m 22, Miss Gaia.”

Shaking her head and taking a sip of her water she sighed, “See Kiki, he is 5 years older then you. He is the same age as me, this isn’t right for you to be with someone of his age right now. You are so vulnerable and underage. He probably has already done the deed as well.”

Nodding in amusement, “Done the deed you say? As in sex? Indeed I have done the naughty before.” I scoffed.

Kiki looked down, “Sorry Gaia…I…really am sorry…” Her hands were shaking and I slowly placed my hand over hers to calm her.

“There is no need to apologize. This isn’t your fault and I was young and dumb! It isn’t something you should being apologizing to her for.” Honestly I can now tell where Gaia was going with this.

“Please, your entire persona screams ‘player’ and I won’t allow someone that dresses and looks like you take advantage of my little sister.” My ears began to twitch and were becoming rather irritated with this woman.

While this was going on, the boy Rally kept eating his food without paying much attention to the situation at hand.

Letting go of Kiki’s hands and turning to Gaia with a bit of a glare I replied, “If I really wanted to take advantage of her I would have done so a long time ago. I respect Kiki enough to not force her into anything she isn’t comfortable with and I do not believe I have any reason to explain myself to you now Gaia.” This woman was making this entire situation annoying and irksome. I at the moment was already pretty irritated by this woman’s assumption and rude gestures.

That’s when I felt Kiki’s hand grab onto mine and held it tightly.

“I know what you are doing, you say that but you are only buying time, you are just worthless scum who is playing his cards to take advantage of a woman who isn’t smart enough to understand the difference between infatuation from love.” Gaia declared, “You are eating off of her ignorance.”

Kiki’s head dropped and she looked like she was about to cry. It took Gaia a second to realize what she said hurt Kiki more then how Gaia meant to say it.

“Seems to me Gaia that not only do you think your sister is immature and can’t tell what her heart feels, you are jealous of her because she has someone right now by her side while you don’t. Am I right?” I asked.


“Xio!” Kiki screeched as she lifted both of her hands up and quickly turned to Gaia who was across the table holding her left hand up. “Why did you slap him Gaia?”

“So rude! That does it, he isn’t right for you Kiki.” She huffed.

Kiki cringed and turned to me as she placed one of her hands on my shoulder, I slowly turned my face and rubbed my left cheek. “Are you okay Xio?”

I smiled with my eyes closed, “Oh yeah didn’t hurt to much.” I then opened my eyes to give Gaia a deathly stare, “That’s very unlady like. Do you hit everyone that speaks the truth?”

“You shut your mouth!”

“I could do that, but where’s the fun in that?” I grinned as I stood up, pushing myself from the table. This woman was giving me a headache now. “You see, your body language says you detest me because you are jealous of your sister. I don’t see why you should be though, you are very lovely behind that rough exterior.” She turned a bit red in the face as I turned to Kiki, “Let’s go dear, I need to find an outfit.” Extending my hand to hers.

“Yes…” She finally managed to say with a smile and I pulled her into my arms and embraced her.

Then I looked at Gaia again as I held Kiki in my arms, “With all do respects, I do care very much for your sister Gaia and you do have my word that I will protect her.” That much was true because until I figured out why I was so intrigued by this woman, why she kept bringing up my memories of Lydia, I was not going to let my possession get harmed. “It’s been real…”

It’s hard putting on a smile when a woman has insulted you so many times and just keeping calm was hardly being manageable. But this was what I had to do at the time, to keep from anything turning out for the worse, since I was in a public place.

“Wait one moment!” I heard Gaia exclaim behind us. Oh great, what does it take for a man to get away from dear old mommy there?

Sweat drop I guess and as Kiki turned, “What is it sister?” She asked but before she could react I felt a strong grip on the back of my braid.

I turned my head to see Gaia holding on my braid and Kiki was panicking. Rally was just finishing up all the food, what a glutton.

“Alright, fine..I changed my mind…if you want to be with my sister I will help you with your outfit.” Her voice was filled with excitement and I wasn’t sure what to make of it…but that’s when I felt my body on the ground and my braid was pulling me away on my head. “Alright you two see you in a bit, Xio and I will be back shortly.”

“WHAT?!?” This vile woman was touching my hair and pulling and now she is offering to help me. She needs a few lessons on her own beauty and now she insists on helping me? Thanks but no thanks you ugly broad.

I just slide by people on the ground at full pace because there was no point in trying to escape her grip because I did not care for my hair to have any spilt ends or be ruined. Within no time we were in some preppy jock store. So this was her taste in guys?

She let me go and then coughed. “Don’t get me wrong Xio, I still don’t like you but I won’t let my sister be seen with a player such as you.”

Brushing myself off and ignoring that last comment, “Unbelievable. One moment you are as dumb as an ox and the next you as sharp as a whip. Tch you are rather bothersome, and I don’t need nor do I want your help.” I growled as I adjusted my hair.

“I will ignore what you just said to me Xio, now let’s find your something good.” Gaia said walking past me.

“Tch….lousy woman…” I spat on the ground and followed.

As Gaia wondered her way up to the counter I decided to creep off into a different part of the store. Well at least from what I could see it wasn’t bad looking clothes, the smell of the store was not to bad either, it reminded me of an American Pidgeot which is where I usually went but this place was called Hollister which was mostly for water type Pokémon. So she wants me to look like those damn surfer gijinkas? Pathetic.

As I looked up and down the store I think Gaia saying something to me, but who was I to pay attention to someone as ugly as her? I was zoning out and had no interest in this place.

That’s when I felt a grab on my arm with force. “Come with me Xio…” Gaia demanded as she pulled me over to a changing room with already different types of rooms.

“Did you ever hear of personal space Miss Gaia?” How am I suppose to stay nice when she is dictating everything for me? Just stay calm and keep smiling Xio.

“Now go change into some of those outfits that I picked out for you. These are appropriate for my sister. I think you will look best in them.”

I deadpanned for a moment and stared at some of the clothes. And then shook my head, “Not happening, they are not my tastes.”

“Just do it if you want to go with Kiki.” She spat as she sat down.

“If it pleases you…fine…” I was gritting my teeth holding back all anger I already had for this woman.

I was not entirely happy about all the outfits she had in the room but I did as she asked to try and keep some peace with her and so Kiki and I could leave as soon as possible. I felt strange parading about in these outfits with someone I had met less then an hour ago. As I stepped out of the room, I felt really uncomfortable in her tastes but from the girls around me, it seemed this look was good. But Gaia would make a sneer comment and say “player” or “Man-whore” and what not. And let me make this clear SHE picked out the damn outfits.

I walked out after putting my own clothes on and tossed the rejects onto her, “Here take your disgusting tastes.” I said

“Imprison..” She whispered as a small screen surrounded the store.

“What’s the meaning of this?” I asked with a twitch in my eye.

“My tastes aren’t disgusting, the way you look in them scream those words. I guess it really just is you.” She was getting cocky, I can see now how she was able to over come a crime boss. Interesting but still boring at the same time. “I’ll tell you what, I will let you pick something out for your pants but I am going to choose your top. Of course you will pay.”

So was she bargaining with me? Apparently but she was up to something and I didn’t like it. I sighed and hoped this would get done quickly if I wanted to get back to Kiki. Gaia walked over to the top areas and grabbed this one sort jacket with a blue fluff around the neck and red lines on the edges. It looked okay because it had some blue and yellow stripes at the top and cut off at the armpits but it came with arm warmers, what the hell was that? It also had a light blue shirt underneath. For me, I found a pair of pants that looked like my current ones but they were black however instead of two belts there was one with a lightning bolt in the front along with a chain that hung down on my right side. I can also admit I was rather bored with my boots so I grabbed a pair of nice black dress shoes with a pair of black socks. Nothing to out of the ordinary. She gave me her outfit with a smile as I took it and changed once again.

Staring at myself in the mirror I felt rather ridiculous. Arm warmers? A t-shirt underneath this vest like jacket? I hate it. I stepped out once more and Gaia appeared pleased with her choice and told me to buy that one if I truly wanted to be with Kiki. I just did not care for this stupid outfit top, it was too damn warm, too damn preppy, and did not show enough skin. I was proud of my abs so hell why not show them off a bit.

“You know Gaia, you did say a top you picked right?” I smirked as I took the blue shirt off and tossed it to the side in front of everyone. “I think I might make an minor altercation.”

“Wh-what are you doing?” Her eyes were so shocked as everyone stared at me topless in the store. I didn’t care.

Putting the jacket on and looking at myself once again in the mirror, I was more pleased with this style then with the shirt. I liked having my chest exposed. I smirked and turned to her, “Since you agreed and I like it better this way, I guess this will do! Hope you don’t mind!” I chuckled going back into change.

“I DO MIND! That shirt was perfect for you. It made you look more proper and now with you dressed like that you look like a sex addict or something.” She stopped in embarrassment as people were looking at her.

I came out and walked right by her and paid for the outfit that I desired. I was still a bit not sure of it but whatever she approved it so I guess I will get more comfortable with it in time.

“You are a sly Luxray Xio.” She said as we exited the store as the crowds of other gijinkas walked by us. “I still do not like you and do not approve of you going with my sister.”

How many times is she going to bring this up? “I’m sorry you feel that way, I do wish to win your approval.” This was getting hard to even fake sincerity with this woman. Right now all I wanted to do was make her bleed with digging my sharp nails into her.

Thankfully Kiki and Rally were coming towards us. “Did you guys find anything?” Rally asked eating some cotton candy. Wow he sure eats a lot. He is a growing boy I guess but even I didn’t eat that much…maybe its his type?

“Well Kiki I am sorry I failed you. I found something but he decided to alter it because he didn’t feel comfortable.” Gaia moaned as she waved her hands to the side and shook her head.

My ears were twitching again.

“Really? Can I see it Xio?” Kiki smiled as she leaned over to look in my bag. I pulled it from her and poked her nose.

“You will have to wait till tomorrow to see it. So no peeking till tomorrow okay sweetie?” Giving her a small kiss on the forehead.


What the hell woman? Twice in one day?

“Gaia stop that! He didn’t do anything wrong.” Kiki said as I was bent over from this hit again.

“I will not tolerate any signs of affection in public either.” She yelled as she grabbed me as she pushed me up against a poll.

The time had come, no more mister nice guy. Slowly moving my eyes up to meet hers she saw the most evil eyes. She did not move nor speak, she was only glaring back but I think I took her off guard with my own stare, I felt her give a bit with her pushing because I know I struck fear into her.

“If you please, remove your hands from me Miss Gaia.” I asked sternly.

I do believe Kiki has never seen me act this way in front of her, so she looked amazed with how direct I was and probably how much of a 180 I did just in a moment of seconds. Gaia shivered and leaned back and took her filfty hands of me after at last 30 seconds.

“Now Kiki, do you want to get some ice cream or something?” I asked her grabbing her hand and began walking off. I reverted back to a kinder version to not have her fear me or anything.

“That sounds good, I would love ice cream.” She giggled. “What about you Rally?”

“ME TOO!!!” He jumped up and grabbed my other hand. I was a bit taken from this but I wasn’t exactly sure what to do so I let him hold my hand.

“Are you sure you really need it kid?” After he ate everything before at the food court, and he didn’t look any fatter and now he wants ice cream?

Well whatever I don’t care but again Gaia had to step in our conversation. “I don’t think that is best. Your clothes that you bought are an upgrade but a haircut is needed and-“ She took my bandana off my head, “And stop wearing this disgusting thing. I will just throw it away.”

She headed over to the garbage to toss it in there, but that moment she took it off of me, I snapped. In a blink of an eye I swiftly moved to her and grabbed her arm with a full grip ready to break her hand.

“How dare you? You have no right to tell me to cut my hair and have the nerve to throw away my bandana.” I started twisting her wrist with full intent to break it. Gaia eye grew scared as she was getting a small taste of what I could do. I liked seeing her suffer like this, “You see this bandana was given to me by someone special who died a long time ago.”

“Xio let her go please!” Kiki called me and I blinked and tossed Gaia on the ground but as I turned to Kiki a bit flustered, this Arbok guy ran up and quickly snatched her purse and began to run off. “AH MY PURSE! STOP!”

“DAMN IT!” If it weren’t the rotten bitch sister, now I got to deal with this guy. I dropped my bags and chased after him. “I AM NOT IN THE MOOD YOU FUCKING BASTARD!!!” He was ahead of me and already went down to the first level be elevator, not a big deal as I jumped over the railing above everyone. Some screamed but I landed on my left hand and my feet and bolted after the damn snake.

He kept running and ran into people, could tell he wasn’t the smart kind as I was catching up to him. But I wasn’t able to use any electrical attacks because there were way to many people in the building, lucky for me, I could use that to my advantage.

The thief quickly stopped in front of the fountain and looked both ways for me. Idiot, you think I wouldn’t use the crowd to my advantage. “Looking for someone?” He turned his head to the right as I gave him a quick left hook in the face and knocked him into the fountain as her purse flew upwards. I caught it as I hopped onto the fountain edge and glanced down at him who looked even more terrified. That look of fear was so enjoyable as I gave him an evil smirk, “You know the worse thing about being in the water?” I asked holding up a hand with electricity, “It conducts electricity, enjoy! Thunderbolt!”

He scream was so loud and so girly people grew quiet and stared at him. The joy of his pain couldn’t be refrained, I just laughed at it as the mall police and arrested him on the spot.

Kiki came running with Rally carrying my bags and Gaia not far behind. Kiki hugged me and I held her too. “Are you okay? Are you hurt?” She asked.

“No I am fine, he’s the one who is more in pain.” I shrugged it off. Strange I could have sworn I had seen him before, maybe it was my imagination. “Here.” I handed her the purse back. “Make sure everything is in there, I doubt he had a chance to a steal anything in it.”

The silence in the air was broken as someone’s clap could be heard. “Ah good show Xio my man, very good show! I knew you wouldn’t let me down, but you never do anyway.”

“Who’s that?” Kiki asked a bit confused.

That’s when HE stepped out, another snake, a Seviper that is, however a more dressed up formal one who was more a damn peacock then anything trying to impress the ladies.

“Tch, should have known you were behind this. I thought I recognized that guy, so you set him up for it?” I asked putting a hand in my pocket with a sneer.

“Oh don’t worry about him, I will bail him out later with my money and besides he was only a pawn, were you were my pride and joy.” The Seviper said with a smile.

Kiki latched on to my arm and tugged on my shirt, “Umm Xio, do you know this guy?”

“I guess you can say that, we worked together with many different affairs for his business a while back. But I am curious what are you doing here?” I turned to him.

“I’m looking for something and I do believe I found it.” He waved his hand in the air. “I needed a vacation from father’s company and heard of such a wonderful festival and so here I am!”

“Oh great, so you are looking for a woman again eh?”

“OF COURSE XIO!!!” He gloated.

“Typical…” What an idiot… “You haven’t changed have you, Sevran?”

“Haha, you are so serious? But that is why you are a favorite of mine at work.” He was so full of himself still too. “Now it’s a pleasure to meet you my lovely ladies, I am Sevran Stephan Serpentos VII.”

He took Kiki’s hand and then kissed it and then did the same to Gaia.

“You two know each other?” Kiki blushed from his kiss.

“Yeah…I guess you can say something like that.” My job with him was rather interesting, he made my life pretty entertaining since the job required me to be his hit man. He had his own mafia under ground and as a man who enjoys to kill and money, why would I say no to him. I was hired on about 4 years ago and Sevran and I have gone through a bit. His father hired me do to a recommendation from my master Zapdos and that is how we met.

Sevran worked with his own shady business and thus he was given the work to have people repay their money. Sevran and I did many things together, maybe it was because our personalities were such a like but yet so different. Regardless, Sevran gave me my business to kill and I did just that. I enjoyed it and the pay was definitely worth it. I was second only to Sevran, when something needed to be done. Sev would give me the call and I would fulfill my duties. But never mind that, I will explain more later.

“Yes yes, Xio used to work for me at a bakery!” I almost fell over.

“Really? No wonder you know how to cook Xio.” Kiki exclaimed.

“You own your own bakery?” Gaia asked Sevran.

“Oh yes I own my own business and so much more my dear.” He smiled sincerely. You lousy asshole, that’s because of daddy’s money.

I swear I wanted to kill the bastard. Okay, I learned how to cook as a kid and throughout my teen years, the bakery was a cover-up for the system that we work for. I guess I can deal with it, at least he didn’t tell them I was a hit man. I just let out a nervous laugh.

“That’s so cool, you will need to tell me more about this sometime Xio.” Kiki smiled holding my hand, “You haven’t told me much about your past.”

“Sure…I can do that.” Okay change of subject.

“Sevran, I have to admit you are a very charming man and have a great sense of style.” Gaia said as she began to walk around him too sizing him up like she did to me.

“Yes I do ha-ha! I am glad you noticed!” He laughed as a bumbling buffoon.

“Kiki, this is what you need a man like him. He has style, grace, and rich plus he isn’t a bad boy!” She pointed out to Kiki.

I bit my lip to hide myself from laughing, which was the furthest thing from the truth. I might have had my hand in the cookie jar a few times, but this guy was in bed with a different woman every night of the week.

“Xio, you really should take a few tips from me,” Sev insisted.

“Oh shut up!” I rolled my eyes. “I get along just fine the way I am.”

“You think you impressed me with that stunt with the purse Xio?” Gaia interrupted. “Well you didn’t, and I just do not see you and Kiki being a good couple and to be honest I just don’t want her to go with you.”

“Sister.” Kiki said trying to stop Gaia from her tangent.

“You won’t cut your hair, you wear that bandana like a biker boy, you have had sex, you are too old for her, your style is too dark, you are rude, conniving, and I just don’t like your eyes. Oh and did I mention that tattoo of yours is not attractive. You may treat her good but you are just trash and have nothing compared this man here. It’s like the prince and the popper and-”

“That’s enough Gaia! I am going with Xio….” Kiki yelled stepping in front of me.

“Ouch…” Sev mumbled under his breath.

Silence was in the air as I looked down trying to control my own tattoos from appearing. This damn virus was starting to kick in once again and it was hurting and it was all the fault of this cunt right in front of me.

I was shaking as I tried to hold everything back, but my voice was dark and rude. “I have been pleasant with you, I have tried being nice, I have done what you asked and yet you keep insulting me, keep cutting me down, and you find so many things wrong with me.” I growled taking a step towards her and pushing Kiki to the side. “The thing is you know nothing about me, and haven’t even tried and honestly I hate women like you. You don’t even take the time to look at what is wrong with you. You have so many ugly qualities Gaia and just looking at you is sickening to me. Maybe you should just be happy that I actually treat Kiki with respect and she is happy, but NOOO that isn’t good enough for you bitch.”

“How dare you talk to me like that!” She lifted her hand but I quickly grabbed her neck and held her in the air as I chocked her.

“Don’t like it do you? This is what you have done to me. You are lucky that I don’t hit women because I would owe you 3 blows right now.” I lowered her and whispered into her ear, “Because Gaia, I would have killed you on the first one.” I smiled at her.

“Okay Xio you have done enough, let her go.” Sevran pulled me away and I dropped her to the ground.

I wouldn’t look at Kiki, my eyes were glowing with intense hatred and I could sense the fear in Kiki. I just lowered my head in disgust.

“Sorry Kiki, that was not right of me and I am sincerely sorry but I am leaving now. I cannot be around her anymore. If you still want to go with me to the festival its up to you now. If not I understand, but I can say I will make it up to you. I just need to be left alone.” I told Kiki as I grabbed my stuff.

“Umm Xio…wait…” She grabbed my hand.

“Please let go, I am not in the mood right now. I need to clear my head so I am sorry to cut our date short but it is only going to escalate from here.” I turned to Sevran, “I assume I will see you tomorrow, so until then later.”

“Ha! Yes she will not be going with you.” Gaia laughed. “I told you I will protect her and I know what’s best, you hear me Xio?”

“Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn!” I told her walking off. “I’ll see you around.”

I left Kiki with the others and exited the mall. “That damn bitch, she is lucky that those three were there, more or less Sev, I would have hurt her and bruised her neck. Tch, such a drag….I haven’t been this upset and irritated since well it’s been a while. God damn her!”

Next best thing, I needed to calm down, needed to relax and gain some control over my anger.

I headed into a convenient store and bought a pack of cigarettes and exited. Shaking he pack and taking one, I used a spark to light my cigarette and enjoy my smoke. I don’t usually smoke only when I am extremely irritated and I am not able to release my anger by destruction or killing.

“Bitch, such an ugly woman.” I grumbled as I walked on holding my forehead. The sun was shining and looking at the clock outside in the city it was already around 4 in the afternoon.

I let out a breath of smoke as I held my cigarette in my left hand and my bags on my side and I leaned against a building. It was starting to sink in with relaxing and such as I took a few more breaths of the my drug but I was still a bit frustrated so I figured the best thing for me to do was head back home.

I headed into a park to clear my head but stopped as a familiar scent caught my nose, turning my head with my cigarette in my mouth I saw her. It was Roselyn, but she was accompanied by this Charizard guy. Who was that? However what I saw next, he leaned in and held her close as he began to kiss her and she returned the favor too.

My tattoos appeared as I grew angry from this scene and yet I became even more angry with this day. This has been such a rotten day.


What a horrible day for Xio? It just is not going well for him at all…and yay welcome Sevran to the PGR. Haha Elixer and I will make sure to give you folks more of the reason behind their background. xD

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