Anger Issues....

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Included: Xio, Rosie, Cain, Kiki, and Nyarth along with mentions of Lux, Sveran, Lydia, Lupe, and Gaia.


There she was kissing that man, a Charizard. Even from a distance I could see it was more then friends type of kiss. Sickening, really. After what happened this morning, I won’t deny there were sparks there, but she is my possession and belonged to me. Who ever this other man was, he made me sick looking at him, such trash.

“Xio?” Rosie called as she finally noticed me standing there.

Dropping my cigarette to the ground and twisting my foot over it to put it out I approached them with a smile as I rubbed the back of my head, “Oh sorry did I interrupt something?”

She looked embarrassed because obviously she didn’t want me to see what just occurred just now. “No not at all.” She stated sweetly trying to play the situation off, “I see you went shopping with Kiki I suppose right?”

“Yeah I did, but our date ended a bit early due to some unfortunate events that occurred.” I turned to the man standing next to her, he placed his arm around her waist and just smiled. “So who’s this?”

Caught off guard Rosie blinked and then introduced the giant gecko standing next to her, “This is Cain the Charizard he’s, well, a friend of mine.”

“Oh come on Rosie, you know that’s not true, you’re my girlfriend after all.” He chuckled and he grabbed her ass.

“Really?” I asked playing along. “Aren’t you lucky! I mean Miss Roselyn is a great woman after all.”

“Yeah I know she is.” He reminded me of those damn blonde surfer Wingulls who would use words like ‘dude’ and ‘totally’ and talk like he was a stupid buffoon. “I will be accompanying her to the festival right my angel?”

“Yes right.” She nodded. I looked to the ground irritated, just seeing her with this dumbass made me feel very awkward, how do I say this? It felt like someone’s claws were digging deep inside my chest. I do not understand what was happening but it was rather irksome.

“Rosie?” We both snapped out of our thoughts as Cain moved her hair from her neck to observe something there. Shit, I knew what he was looking at now. Not good. “What is this?” He questioned gently touching the hickey there. She jerked away and I stood there watching. “Who gave this to you? It’s pretty fresh and ever better looking then the ones I gave you in the past?”

I swear he was a bigger idiot then some of those people at the mansion, even bigger then that dolt Lux. This giant lizard’s appearance was setting me off, I am already pretty short on patience because of what Gaia did to me and now I have to deal with this fool who keeps examining Roselyn out. The only thing smart he has said the entire time was that I did a better job at giving her a hickey then he did, but when you kissed and fooled around with as many women as I have, of course I am good at it. I love sex and I love women, my two greatest desires and I won’t let anything get in my way to have what I want.

“Who gave this to you Rosie?” He asked her again.

She looked to me, as I stayed emotionless because I had no reason to answer to this guy. “I burnt my self with my curling iron Cain. It’s not a hickey.” She nervously laughed.

“Did you? I see,” He lifted his hand to her chin and kissed again and kissed down her neck. “I’ll make it all better….” He continued this tongue like massage.

“Tch, sickening…” I muttered rolling my eyes. “Well if you excuse me, I best be going before he starts sucking on your breasts in front of me too.”

“XIO!” Of course that was rude but damn it that was getting me even more pissed watching him to do that too her.

“Hey sorry man, I forgot you were standing there.” He laughed putting his hand out.

I just stared at it and gave a smile as I shook my head, “No you didn’t, you were just doing that to make me jealous. Nice job because it worked. But if you excuse me I have better things to do then watch a make out session process in front of me.”

I began to walk by them. “Wait Xio!?!” Rosie exclaimed. I turned to her with a rather annoyed look at her. “Is everything okay?”

“I’ve seen better days,” I assured her though I was this close to snapping on the gecko next to her. “Just not having a very good one. It was nice meeting you and have fun on your date.”

“Yo! You’re alright in my book Luxray!” The Charizard stated as he waved to me.

I gave a small salute as I turned and walked off. “Yeah I am glad since you did say you liked the hickey I gave her, later!”

They both stood there dumbfounded by that last remark. Ha! I thought it was great.

The best place for me was to disappear into an ally, my tolerance for the pain my body was beginning to disappear as some of my markings showed up on my arm. This was not good and catching my breath was getting harder as I began to gasp for air and lose control. I was already on my third cigarette, damn this addiction when I am stressed. This fucking day sucked, I get bitched at by a woman and left my date at the mall, Sevran shows up and keeps me from killing her, and now I get to see Roselyn with another man. How could this day get any worse?

“Xio please wait for me!” Her voice began to echo through the ally of the city as Rosie began to catch up to me. “Xio please...” I felt her grab my arm, “What’s wrong?”

“It’s none of your concern, I’m fine.” I said to her as I kept walking.

“Just stop, you aren’t okay, I can see it in your eyes. They are so sad and yet so irritable looking. PLUS you are smoking up a storm” She told me as she held onto me. “I didn't even know you smoked...Please tell me what’s going on.”

“It’s none of your business woman! Just leave me alone!” Hopefully now she would get the message that I did not wish for her to be around me.


I tossed my cigarette into a near by puddle. “ENOUGH! Are you stupid or something?” I shook my arm and pushed her against the wall and leaned over her. She let out a small moan from hitting the wall. She looked at me scared as I was glaring at her. “What part of leave me alone don’t you understand? Do I have to spell it out for you or something?”

“I…I….” She began to mutter.

“Just stop, I have not had a good day and that damn gecko boyfriend of yours just pissed me off more then I can chew. Okay? So beat it Miss Rosie…”

“I…I WON’T!” What? Why was she defying my direct orders to her? I was shocked by this and how she was standing up to me. She really must be stupid that damn tree hugger. “You are hurting on the inside, and I just want to apologize for what Cain said. He isn’t my boyfriend, I just didn’t wish to go to the festival alone.”

“So do you French kiss all men like that?” I was stern as I leaned back and looked at her.

“No, I…I don’t know why I kissed him like that. It was a long time ago and it just brought back old feelings we once had for the other.” So he really was her boyfriend, maybe not current but he did mean something to her. “Just tell me what’s going on?”

“Do you really want to know Rosie?” That was my first time calling her that; maybe I said it out of anger because at this point my patience was gone. “I will tell you, I do not approve of that giant gecko kissing you like that and making me look like a fool as I watch him caress your skin and basically make out with you in front of me. It makes you look cheap.”

“Ex…excuse me?”

“Oh did I offend you?" I began to be sarcastic, "I’m sorry Rosie, I didn’t want to ruin your time with that damn Charizard because obviously if you couldn’t tell I am jealous. But regardless, you made me look like an idiot as he did that to you and you did nothing but accept it. I see how you are. If that wasn’t enough, I had a horrid day with Kiki’s sister and basically was embarrassed in front of so many people. I wanted to kill her right there Rosie…” My marks showed on my face as my eyes were getting the thrill of wanting to kill, “And I could have but I was so nice and patient. Yet that woman kept nagging me and nagging me and then I see you making out with him! What do you expect me to feel ROSIE! HUH? Am I supposed to just ignore it? Am I?”

“Well no, but Xio I have feelings…”

“JUST SHUT UP! Shut your damn mouth because I don’t want to hear it anymore. I hope you have fun with him, really I do…” I started rubbing my face and shaking as I knocked over some trashcans, “ARGH! Damn it all, this is by far the worse fucking day of my life.” I hit my head against the wall in agony.

“Xio please stop I can heal you…” Her hand was on my shoulder and I felt a bit of her power enter my body but I only shrugged her off.

“Please don’t touch me.” I growled digging my nails into the side of the building.. But instead of listening to me I felt a warm embrace from behind, I dropped the bags on the ground for a few seconds as we stood there in silence.

“Let me help you…”

“I said….DON’T TOUCH ME!” I swung around and slapped her in the face and she went down. “You are my possession. I will tolerate it for now but I refuse to be second best to him. You got that?”

That’s when I realized her blood was on my hands, she looked at me with those sad eyes and I snapped out of my rage, “Oh god…” I cringed, I never once desired to hit her. “I…I...I...don’t follow me...”

I left her there as she began to cry in that dark ally.

-15 Minutes Later-

“Damn it, you fucking idiot Xio!” I screamed at myself as I stumbled through the dark allies, “I can’t believe I did that, more or less, to her OF all people! It should have been Gaia and here I fucking hit Miss Rosie. ARGH!!! DAMN IT DAMN IT DAMN IT!”

It probably was around 6 in the evening or something because I could see the sun was further in the west then it was earlier, but with so much anger, I don’t think the best thing was to return to the mansion without blowing off some steam. Lucky for me, that came to me quicker then I thought. Two strange men came surrounded my in the back allies of the city. I was looking down with my bags as they approached me.

“Alright, hands up where I can see them and tell me where your wallet is?” Said the ugly Parasect man.

“Back left pocket,” I exclaimed in a low town.

The other, looked like he was a Venonat grabbed the wallet out of my back pocket and began to laugh like a fat stupid oaf. “Damn we just hit the mother load! It’s our lucky day.”

“Not quite..” I mumbled with a smile.

The Parasect walked up gave me a confused look. “What that’s huh? We are robbing you pretty boy and there is nothing you can do ab-“

The Venonat stood there in horror as the head of his companion flew in the air and landed before his feet. The body fell straight to the ground as blood spilled all over. He was about to scream as I pushed him down onto the ground and leaned over him covering his mouth with the bloody hand I used to behead his friend.

“Sssshh hush, you see your friend is now in a better place. Just look…he is staring right at you.” I was delighted with the horror he was showing me as I kept him quit. “You see, today isn’t your lucky day. You just robbed a very unhappy Luxray, so do you know how you are going to fix that?”

He shook his head and made noises to tell me he was scared. “Oh well I will tell you, you see, I will start by digging my claws into your chest…” Slowly scratching his chest open he began to scream as I held him down with my power, “Then I will put my claws right around your heart…” I grasped it and began to squeeze and his heart began to beat faster and faster. “I’m sorry but you just picked the wrong person to robbed jackass, and I bet you want me to spare your life?”

Tears were running down his face as he began to cough up blood into my hand.

“Sorry, I am a bit greedy, see you in hell!” I laughed malevolently.


Standing up from the now dead corpse in front of me I tossed his heart into the garbage and walked off from the mess I just caused. That was rather enjoyable if I say so myself, and I feel much better blowing off some anger on those two. Even as I licked the blood off of my hands, I could tell you that my nerves were finally beginning to ease and I felt much more relaxed from the kills I just made. Well, I guess today wasn’t entirely that bad since I did have my blood lust.

Once I returned to the mansion, I headed upstairs and dropped off my things in my room and then also claimed my items from Lux’s room and tossed those back on the bed. I called the Electkids to put my things away because I had no desire to do so. I left them alone in my room as I headed down the hallway.

It was around 7 at night now and I had plenty of time to ponder my thoughts about the incident with Miss Rosie. I hurt her, and what made it worse was that I felt sick for hurting her. Such a disgrace, worthless, and I sank so low to hurt her. Someone who had fear in her eyes….that looked like Lydia. I regretted what I did to her.

I was tired and figured I could make it up to her later, but that is when I saw Kiki.

Uh…Xio…” Kiki said and fidget nervously. “I-I’m sorry about what happened. Are you feeling okay?”

I nodded, “Yes…I’m sorry for the way I had behaved.”

“Oh don’t bother. It wasn’t the first time that Gaia made someone snap.” Kiki rubbed the back of her neck nervously. “I still want to go to the festival with you.” She said with a sincere smile. “I don’t care what my sister thinks of you. I know you’re a good person Xio.”

This was the first time someone ever called me a good person, because it was entirely untrue. Or was it? I have my motives behind this, but I do not care for people who put down beautiful young woman…then again I did hurt Miss Rosie. “Thank you Kiki. You are a compassionate young lady.” Kiki….she really was naïve but very sweet. I think that is what I liked most about her.

“Aw thanks,” Kiki said bashfully twisting a strand of her hair.

Her sleeve came down and that’s when I noticed some new markings on her arms. I had never seen them before, was it possible Gaia hurt her after I left. “Kiki are those scars?”

“What?” Kiki blinked and tense when she saw her sleeve rolled up showing some of the pale white markings above her wrist. “Oh…ah…it’s getting late. Better hit the sack.” Kiki tried to walk quickly by me but I grabbed her just in time.

“Wait,” But oddly she snatched herself away quickly. Did she fear me or did something Gaia say cause this? Either way, this wasn’t good and wasn’t going according to my future plans.

Here I was confused, and Kiki looked away. “Sorry…I…I’ll explain later! Goodnight!” She ran off and left me standing there alone…

This was just way to long of a day for me and not the best but still there was some thrills at the very least. Tossing myself on the couch I fell asleep for sometime to just relax. Nevertheless, to my own dismay I was awakened about an hour and a half later by the oh so giddy cat boy.

"Wake up-nya! Please!” He kept shaking me in desperate need. What does a guy got to do around here to be alone for some time? Well I guess it was my fault for sleeping in the living room but geez. Damn kid.

I instantly broke into a scowl, even with my eyes close as I grumbled, “What is it… don’t you know better than to wake a man from his rest, kid?” I took a deep breath, stretched, and sat up on the sofa holding my head. “This had better be good…”

“I-I was shopping with Raine-san and on the way back she tripped and fell and I couldn’t catch her and she fell down and I fell down on top of her and our faces were so close and… and… and… If this is how it works with the ladies, it’s too scary!!! >/////./////<” Tch the kid was in panic mood, how annoying. “Please-nya!! I have to learn how to be a man to impress her and be strong to be able to catch her so that that doesn’t happen again-nya!!”

I was stunned at first, and then a little disgusted at the thought of this squirt not understanding what was happening to him. “Why do you need to have feelings towards her? She is clumsy and rather weak….you need someone better.”

“I don’t know what’s happening-nya, but she’s really…”

I interrupted him “Tch… find someone else,” I scoffed, and stood up to leave to find some actual peace around this place.

He stuttered, “H-her tail, I mean. It’s fluffy-nya…”

“Bad reason, kid.”

“You need to train me! Tonight-nya!! We both are cats so we can be up in the middle of the night and we can see in the dark,” he said anxiously. “Come on! You promised-nya!! What training do you have in mind for me?”

I stopped and turned to look at him. Apparently he really was determined and looking at him…he looked so much like me when I was a kid and how I wanted to protect Lydia. Obviously, he was much weaker then I was as a kid, he probably was like Lux. Whatever fine, I will train this runt. “Agility and attack would help you out best…”

“Good-nya!! I need to be able to run fast to get aw—I mean… nya…” He stopped himself and looked down. Damn that’s annoying.

“Speak.” I demanded as I sat down once again.

He sighed. “I… I wasn’t able to run fast enough to escape the bounty hunters, and I wasn’t strong enough to save my mama...So that’s why you gotta train me-nya!!”

He grabbed my hands and started pulled, reluctant as I was, I got up and followed him outside until we were in the middle of the woods. As cats, we see better at night and in the woods would be the perfect training to start him off. I took my battle stance, “Okay, let’s see what you can do.”

Nyarth nodded and began coming at me with Furry Swipes, sadly they were slow as I just took a step to the side and to the other and continued this routine. Not once did he hit me. Okay so he was a bit slow on attack.

Next we tried speed.

“Alright kid, I want you to run a 40 yard dash from that tree over there to this one next to me.” I pointed to him. He got down in a running and position like a track start and his form was flawless which was a positive there. Once I lowered my hand and he took off, I timed him. It took him almost 5.8 seconds to do a 40-yard dash.

FUCK! This kid is slow. He’s what 12 maybe 13 years old and he runs like he has a freaking load in his pants! He really is embarrassment to any cat gijinka.

“Umm Xio? You are rubbing your temples and looked annoyed nya…you okay?” He walked up with his hands tucked behind his back.

“Ah kid, that was pretty damn slow…” That when a great idea came to me, “So we gotta speed you up.”

He started moving his hands up and down in excitement, “Like tying a rocket to me or what? Maybe roller blades or running shoes??? “

“I got something better!” I smirked evilly at him. He gulped as I showed my claws to him, “I’m about to kill you kid because you are a disappointment to me and to all the Meowth species that came before you!”

“Ha..ha….ha nya…please tell me your joking?” He nervous laughed, but that’s when a scratch appeared on his cheek and began to bleed. He rubbed it and his eyes grew bigger.

“I’d say you better run because I ain’t joking with you kid.” I fumed as I showed him that I was dead serious.

“Ah ah AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” He bolted and this time his 40-yard dash was 4 seconds… It was like watching an anime with dust picking up very quickly as he ran for his dear life.

“HA HA HA! Wow so that got him going! That’s an improvement!” I lilted getting down to take off, “Well now this is going to be so much fun!!!”

I chased him and kept a small distance as he screamed and kept running from me. I was enjoying this and once I got close enough I swung my claws at him, destroying whatever was in my way. The first time I did so, I broke a rock in half, then I chopped a tree down, then caused the earth to shake.

“HA HA HA COME ON KID!!! NYA!!! THIS IS SO MUCH FUN!!!” I gloated as I chased him.

“NYA NYA NYA NOT FUN NOT FUN!!!!” He cried as he dodged my claws.

When he wasn’t looking I smirked, he was getting better when his life was in danger. His reflexes were better and his speed was great now. Now was the time to have some more fun, as I disappeared behind some trees, he stopped dead in his tracks.

“Nya? Xio-ni-sama? Where’d you go?” Silence was in the air as I watched him from a distance. His legs began to shake out of fear, “I’m scared where are you? This isn’t funny nya!!!”

“BOO!” I muttered behind him as he jumped at least 10 feet in the air. I lifted a hand and grabbed his tail, “Looks like team rocket is blasting off again!” I swung him around in a circle and tossed him in the air.

“AHHHHHHHHHH NYA!!!” He cried as he floated through the tops of the trees into the sky.

Putting a hand over my eyes as I looked up I laughed again, “Man this really is fun! Time to bring him down I guess….”

With all my power I jumped into the air, and caught him as he began to fell. He noticed we were falling and grabbed onto my shirt for dear life as I landed on my left hand and two legs with my right arm around him. He definitely was shivering from this training as I set him down.

We were by the lake so I walked to the shoreline and began to take my shirt off, “Is this more then you bargained for?” I asked tossing my shirt to the side.

Regaining his composure he muttered, “No I know it won’t be easy… but what are you doing and why are you taking your clothes off?” He asked tilting his head to the side.

Leaving my boxers and bandana on I stood there with my feet in the water and answered his absurd question with a demand. “Take everything off but your boxers, it’s time for your swimming lesson.”

“NYA!?! WHAT?! But…but…I hate the water….” He screech shivering once again.

“No excuses, you wanted me to train you and train you I will. I never said it was going to be easy. You probably think this is hell but this ain’t even close kid.” I spat putting both of my hands on my hips, “So get your ass out here before I decide to drown you. GOT IT?”

At that moment, waves of clothes came flying off and he scurried into the water. He was a bit red in the face as he stood there half undressed but I saw no reason since we were both guys, it wasn’t like he was undressed in front of a bunch of girls, or worse that peeping tomboy girl named Danielle who broke into the mansion a while back…she was stocking men’s underwear. If I recalled, Lupe caught her and sent her to therapy for her sad addiction to little boys.

Regardless, I walked through the water until it was up to my shoulders and looked at Nyarth he was still uneasy about the water.

“Why are we doing this Xio?” He questioned as he jumped over a wave that came at him. He really was scared of the water.

“You should know that the force and pressure of the water is much greater then when you are on land. You said you want to get stronger? Well with training in the water, you will get stronger because you are not only working the muscles required for the movement, but the kinetics involved will also have other muscles working for you which gives you a greater amount of force you are producing to gain muscle.” Hopefully I said it they way a kid would understand it, he didn’t look like he could understand more difficult words.

“Alright, I’m coming in.” He said as he began to walk forward.


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